Monday, July 24 2006

Stories We Could Tell

    We really should have learned by now not to make promises.  Every time we promo some upcoming idea, it never comes to fruition.  Case in point, Mike and Joe’s plan to do remote recordings during their vacation.  You might have noticed that, despite our promises, nothing was uploaded last week.
    However, it appears something was recorded after all—although I know better now than to make any promises when this material might be published.
    Here’s what Joe sent me, upon his return.

Hey Mick.  The reason you didn’t see me send any more files is that it became apparent anything near 5MB was taking too much time.  And we also lost power and internet access for a bit with our big storm on Monday.  I gave up after that, but I do have some audio and video files to share.  I hope to burn them or stick them on my flash drive for Wednesday.

    Details to follow, most likely when we hash things out in this week’s show.
    I promise.

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Sunday, July 16 2006

Episode 9: this WEEK in GREG

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 12 2006, (9:00 PM - 10:45 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “A local news exclusive, Greg fills us in on the incredible events of last Thursday…all unfortunately at the expense of anything at all Buffett related.

    With not a lot of Buffett news to recap, the guys discussed their own news stories.  There’s not a lot to correct here, on the show notes page, since the original news story is below—and the corrections are part of this week’s podcast itself.  Greg brought his laptop, with which he showed scanned photos of the car wreck and the damage to his front porch and garage door.  Hopefully we’ll be able to post some of these photos here or in the FSGL photo gallery.
    Smithereens, according to a handy dictionary desktop widget, are “small pieces” and the word is believed to originate from the Irish smidirin.
    Mike and Schmoe are going away on vacation next week.  It sounds suspiciously Brokebackish but they swear their wives are going to.  We’re still uncertain how their absence will affect our podcasting schedule.  We definitely will not be recording at Big Al’s Wednesday, but plans are afoot to at least release something.
    Uncertain of the joke behind this week’s title?  Check here.

      >  Download Episode 9

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Saturday, July 8 2006

Buffett Listening Party #2

    As hinted in the last show notes, here’s some video from Saturday, July 1.  Mike offered to host our second Buffett listening party, where we could gather for Sirius’s presentation of the Jones Beach concert.  Schmoe was threatened by undersea monsters, and Mike’s wife Sarah, after one bottle of Twisted Tea, stole the show, singing her “Night Light” song and mistaking “conga lines” for “party lines”.

    (As before, the above is also available in QuickTime [with synched audio] through our podcast feed.)

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Friday, July 7 2006


    Yesterday, right before I left for work, I caught a news story about an old man who’d accidentally crashed his car into someone’s porch.  It had happened in Dearborn and I waited to find out on what street it had taken place.  Two of our podcasters live in Dearborn and I was wondering if this might have occurred near them.  No one in the house was hurt, since the residents were on vacation.  The old man however is in serious condition.  The reporter never did give a street name.
    The following day, just a moment ago, I got an e-mail from Joe.

    Greg is on vacation.  Houghton Lake or wherever he goes.  He calls me at 12:30pm yesterday on my cell.  He had just found out that, within the hour, his 92-year-old neighbor across the street came out of his driveway and rammed into Greg’s porch and garage at 55 miles per hour!  He’s lucky nobody was home.  I guess the fire department had to demolish Greg’s property more to get this guy out.  He was at the hospital and there were questions he would live.  Greg asked me to check it all out, although he had been in touch with a well-informed neighbor anyway.
    I jogged over there.  The porch is screwed up - some cement is crumbled and his landscaping stones/bricks are messed up.  Some glass is still there and a bunch of oil-dry.  The garage door is gone.  Completely.  They have put this ply-wood up (the city does this I guess) with hinges so barely—and I mean BARELY—a car may be able to fit through perfectly.  I know he has a car in there.  It is all locked up and a key is either being sent to him or is with the neighbor.
    Crazy.  Fox 2 was supposedly there.  I recorded most of the early Fox 2 News for him.  This is really why Greg contacted me.  To record his house on TV.

    Never did I expect that the poor sap who’d had his house driven into would be someone I know!  And you know him too, in a way, since Greg has been a frequent contributor to this here podcast.  He can be heard in episodes 2, 3, 6, and 7.
    Here’s what our NBC affiliate, WDIV, has to say:

    A car crashed into a house in a Dearborn neighborhood on Thursday morning.

    The motorist crashed his car into the front of a home on North Vernon Street just after 10 a.m., according to police.
It is believed the driver suffered a medical condition while backing out of his driveway across the street, Local 4 learned.
    The driver was seriously injured in the crash, according to Dearborn police.
    No other injuries were reported.

    And here’s ABC affiliate WXYZ’s coverage:

    An elderly man was hospitalized in serious condition, Thursday, after plowing his car into a neighbor’s Dearborn home.

    According to police, the 89-year-old man was backing into his own garage when he hit the wall.  He then put the car into drive and possibly panicked, hitting the gas and driving across the street and into his neighbor’s porch.
    The man, who was alone in the car, was taken to Henry Ford Hospital.  There was no one home at the neighbor’s house at the time of the accident.
    Neighbor Darlene Fisceri said a year and a half ago the man accidentally backed over his wife as she was taking something out of the trunk and broke both her legs.
    Police said the man does have a valid driver’s license.

    What’s also amazing is that the car came from across the street.  The video footage makes it look like the car came from next door, from the angle of the crash; but the car reportedly came up the driveway and then swerved at the last second.  You can barely see skidmarks on the driveway where the old man must have avoided hitting the garage.  The neighbor quoted in the WXYZ story added that after impact the driver was found on the floor of the car, with his legs under the steering wheel and his head under the glove compartment.  It’s unfortunate he may have sustained serious injuries in the accident, and we look forward to hearing of his improved recovery.  We’re also looking forward to hearing Greg’s side of the story.

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Episode 8: Brake Lights! Brake Lights!

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 7 2006, (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Just Mike and Mickey and Schmoe tonight discussing the last two concerts, with another ticket hunt story and an audio flashback to 1995.

    The show begins with a bit of remote field production, recorded Sunday night, June 24, at the Woodhaven softball fields.  We finally got the oft-mentioned Hud to make a cameo appearance.  Hopefully it’s the first of many.  The wrapper which threatens to drown him out is a package of Oreos and the show we’re talking about is of course Episode 2.
    Mike hosted a listening party at his house, Saturday (July 1), for the Jones Beach show.  As usual we were too busy eating and drinking and, in Schmoe’s case, napping, and never got around to recording anything.  And it didn’t help that after the concert the Buffett party quickly became another impromptu meeting of our unofficial Jenna Fischer fan club.  Some video footage of the day was shot too, which we hope to include here soon. 
    Visit Bill Payne’s own website.
    Mickey meant to say “one song more” not “one show more”; as well as “lord it over” not “laud it over”.  And he drank less than usual that night.
    Yes, we recorded at Big Al’s, as usual, despite the sound of children in the background.  For some reason there were a lot of kids there.  Bikers too, again, but they cleared out in time for weekly podcast session.
    The Homecoming Mickey mentions has nothing to do with high school or college football.  It’s the name of Dearborn’s city festival.
    Still looking for a chart for Buffett’s album sales.  Here’s one for peak chart position at least.  Buffett has sold 22.5 million albums, total, which ties him with The Police, Vince Gill, and Sade.
    Let’s put the boys out of their misery.  The year they’re thinking of is 1995.  Monday, August 14 1995, in fact, back during the Domino College tour.  A drive from Dearborn to Birmingham is around twenty miles, with another twenty-five miles northeast to get to Pine Knob.  As far as our ticket adventure goes, the boys forgot a few details.  A rare peek into Mickey’s private diary might fill in some blanks…

    [After a half-day of work, I arrived at Mike’s to find him “leashed to the phone”, waiting to hear from his mother-in-law.  But she happened to call soon afterward.]  She said the tickets were being held for us at the Pine Knob box office.  They were under the name of Ray Harris, to be given to Rhonda Doran [given to her by her father, a bigwig at Ford], and they belonged to a group of tickets from Steve Smith who apparently is Buffett’s manager.  [...]  Mike was rather dubious but I suggested he should at least call up the box office first.  He got the number through information.  [...]  Finally he was told that the tickets had already been picked up by a John French, who’d had a copy of Ray Harris’s ID.  Mike didn’t know what to think.  Had the tickets which had been intended for us been lifted?  He called up his mother-in-law, muttering that if he were ever to write a spy novel the villain’s name would be John French.  His mother-in-law, unfortunately, was not in now, so he left a message explaining the most recent developments.  We were running out of time, it was probably around three or three:thirty, so we decided to go out and run our errands [for tailgating supplies].
    [...]  When we got back Sarah had a message for us.  John French had picked up the tickets and dropped them off at the Birmingham theater.  Apparently John French had done our ‘dirty work’ for us, but why he’d chosen the Birmingham theater as a drop-off point is anybody’s guess.  It certainly wasn’t convenient and certainly was out-of-the-way.  We were to go to the Birmingham theater, go to office number 231, and the tickets would be waiting for us there; we could pick them up around five or six, and they’d be under the name Doran or Joe’s name.  We weren’t sure why Joe was suddenly a part of it, but in the end this meant he had to claim the tickets himself.
    I think we left around four or four:thirty [to meet up with Joe & Jackie].  I sat in the rear of their van, sweltering in the faintness of the air conditioning back there—and also getting more and more tense and aggravated.  This was all due to Jackie, who was a bundle of nerves riding next to her husband: she would jump, shriek, yell, stamp, and bitch at Joe’s every move.  “Joe!” she’d squawk, “Joe!  Brake lights!  What are you doing!  Look out!  Joe, he’s stopping!  You’re driving too fast!  Joe, stop it!  You’re going to get in an accident!”  I suppose it would’ve been laughable if it hadn’t been so maddening.
    I had predicted I-696 would be a huge jam-up but actually traffic moved fluidly and quickly.  We were soon driving past the Detroit Zoo and onward to Birmingham.  And soon we were approaching the theater.  Joe parked by it, a few doors down, and got out.  We kept an eye on him from the van as he walked back and forth outside the theater’s façade.  The marquee announced it was closed, and the windows were all soaped over.  Things did not look good.  Joe looked pretty lost so I hopped out to help him.  Just then he asked someone passing by and was directed to an old looking wood and glass door set off to the side of the theater entrance; its window bore the addresses of offices.  This looked promising so he went in and I returned to the van; but unfortunately Joe was right back on the sidewalk again.  Sarah got out and then Jackie.  [...]  Jackie seemed to set Joe straight: they found a second door on the other side of the theater entrance, on the left.  This corresponded with the office address he’d been given.  We waited for him in the van, watching for his reappearance.  The van was still running so we were able to keep cool.  Things actually were pretty tense; it might sound silly to say it but we were pretty anxious to find out what was going to happen.  It would all be decided in just a few seconds: either Joe came out with tickets or we were the victims of some senseless and pointless wild goose chase.
    “Here he comes,” we said; “he’s got nothing!” Mike shouted.  But in fact he did have an envelope in his hand.  He got into the van and we moved off.  By this time Jackie, by mutual consent, had switched seats with me so I was riding shotgun.  For the heck of it I bitched at Joe about his driving too, but mainly encouraged him to go faster.  As we progressed he told us what had happened.  The stairway had been pretty warm so he’d been sweating bullets as he’d walked up to the second floor.  His heart was pounding a mile a minute, he added.  He proceeded onward and found the 231 office easily (joking that it helped to have the office number actually correspond with the number he’d been given—he had to hand it to Jackie for remembering that).  It was an office for the Nederlander family [who own several Detroit theaters].  It was very quiet and the few people inside looked up as he entered.  He felt very self-conscious until he spotted an envelope on the counter.  It was tucked under a computer, and he could just make out “Doran” on it.  He could also see part of his own name.  Inside were four tickets for row J, a small cover-piece looking just like a ticket but with strange large abbreviations printed on it, and a hand-printed note.  Joe didn’t want to read the note but I did anyway.  It was pretty basic, just a hope that Rhonda would enjoy the concert; I assumed it came from Ray Harris.  It also mentioned that the tickets were fifty bucks each.  [Yes, we had to pay for these.  And we got to Pine Knob at five:thirty, with plenty of time to tailgate and unload our extra tickets.]

    The James Bond movie out then was Goldeneye.

      >  Download Episode 8

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Thursday, June 29 2006

Episode 7: Stranded on a Sandbar

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 28 2006, (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “A veritable Sargasso of a show, as our cast (Schmoe, Mike, Mickey, Greg, and Schmoe’s sons Jacob and Nate) struggle to find the Topics of Conversation: more Caseville, souvenirs, Uncle Warren, a shoutout to Jackson Quigley, and memories of Buckeye Lake ’93.

    We sensed this would be a sub-par show, only because there’s so little to talk about.  Jimmy would be back performing, but this would ne the day after our podcast.  Nevertheless, we talked for ninety minutes, mainly hashing out plans for the Caseville road trip (and still got to watch some of the NBA draft).  The references to Chicago are about some plans to see Roger Clyne in November.  Tickets will be only $8 [hear that Jimmy?], and it’s felt that attendance is inevitable now that Mike & Joe learned the opening act is called “Mike & Joe” and the place is called Joe’s Bar.  And as far as remembering the song lyrics to “Life is Just a Tire Swing”, Mike is correct and Mickey is wrong.
    Greg piqued the curiosity of fellow Big Al’s patron Mary, who dropped by our recording studio for a brief visit.  And if Schmoe seems a bit more loquacious tonight perhaps it’s because of his birthday shot of Cuervo.  Happy Birthday Schmoe!  Feel free to send him birthday greetings at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  [I think that’s the address he said.]
    Folliclephobia is not the accepted term for fear of hair.  According to the Phobia List, “chaetophobia” is.
    Culture references: The Chris Farley Show, a Weenologist business card, “three is a magic number”.  The book title Greg and Mickey can’t figure out is Invest Like Warren Buffett, Live Like Jimmy Buffett.  (And did you ever notice how people still misspell Jimmy’s last name but hardly ever Warren’s?)
    For those of you who keep confusing Jimmy and Warren, Stephen Colbert, American hero and host of The Colbert Report, has this handy reminder (from his March 10 show, where he took a look at Nebraska’s Second District—“the Fighting Second”):

    The venerable Jackson Quigley, also known by his nom de web “BUBBAFREAK” and whose website can be accessed here, is a vocal supporter of the podcast…and we hope he doesn’t mind a little good-natured ribbing now that we’ve mentioned him on the show.  His JimmyDotCom book is out-of-stock at and Barnes &, but you can still order an autographed copy here.  We’ve already ordered ours!
    P.S.: Greg’s first “Cowboy in the Jungle” attempt was in 1993.  He succeeded in hearing it in 1997.

      >  Download Episode 7

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Wednesday, June 28 2006

Episode 6: Ticketo Trauma

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 21 2006, (7:30 PM - 9:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Topics include our Ticketmaster misadventures, tailgating plans,
summer storms, the shortest longest day of the year, punchline races, Caseville cheeseburgers, and even jury duty. Greg joins the group and it turns out we don’t even really need Greg 2.0.

    Comments from Greg 2.0 were recorded but who needs them with Schmoe’s uncanny impersonation?  The Downriver area was beset with thunderstorms all day long, so this week’s gab session occurred much earlier than usual.  Mike was busy at work but still managed to show up for the recording (and was a bit peeved Schmoe and Mickey had discussed going on without him).  Our weekly technical problem was Low Battery once again.  We were able to edit around it, but the break in taping occurs around the halfway point of the show.
    Harmony House Records & Tapes was a chain of record stores and a popular source for Ticketmaster purchases.  But as and other online outlets became prominent, Harmony House was forced to close almost all their stores. 
    The Fluorescent Light story comes from when Hud used to live by a power tower, and Greg’s declaration one rainy evening that we could get a fluorescent bulb to light up if we went out and held it beneath the power tower sizzling in the rain.  Mickey sure he was risking sterility nevertheless volunteered for the experiment, declaiming “I HAVE THE POWER” as he held the bulb aloft.  It did not light up, unfortunately.  But Greg still swears the experiment should have worked, and blames the wind for spoiling the conditions. 
    Mickey’s friend’s music store was called Record Den.  For no real reason, here are links to Frenchtown Square Mall and Southland Mall
    Mike & Mickey shouldn’t be too concerned about their “LT9” tickets.  Similar seats are going for $195 to $270.
    And here’s Greg’s Fishfly Festival link.

      >  Download Episode 6

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