Saturday, May 27 2006

Episode 2: Low Battery

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 24 2006, (9:30-11 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Guests stars: Scott, Greg, Greg 2.0, and Patti.  Despite the tape trouble we still manage to talk too long about Buckeye Lake, Buffett parties of yesteryear, and, once again, Alpine Valley.

    The audio editing was finished Thursday morning, but not soon enough to upload it before the work shifts started.  Thus these notes are actually posted in advance of the podcast itself.
    It’s official, our emcee is now Greg 2.0, who begins every show by ridiculing us.  Not only are the core three speaking tonight, but we have two guest stars: Sublymonal Greg and Alpine Valley Patti.  It was a marathon session, but a large chunk of it was lost due to battery problems.  Only the first five minutes of the podcast survive from the first tape; the remainder of the cast comes from the forty minutes recorded on the second tape.  (And that constant squeaking noise is a ceiling fan.)
    What was missed: Schmoe is still obsessed with a Nicolette Larson concert CD, sled dogs, and confusing “T” with “P”.  And boy was that cat story hilarious!  [By the way, as Scott could tell you, if he cared enough to record something, the version of “Margaritaville” from the Nicolette Larson tribute is not available separately in iTunes.]  Plus, Mickey did extensive research on concert tickets.  Unlike usual, he verified the research before announcing it on the cast, in an attempt to not be so prominently corrected in these show notes; but since it did not recorded, it ends up in the show notes anyway.
    DTE Music Theatre had a two page ad in Sunday’s Free Press (2F-3F) which finally announced tickets for Jimmy Buffett’s September 12 concert go on sale June 19.

First local ad for 2006 show

The Palacenet website states lawn tickets cost $36.50 and pavilion seats are a whopping one hundred dollars more!  This makes it the most expensive concert in DTE’s summer line-up.  In comparison, Bruce Springsteen is only $92.50; Ozzfest is 86.50; Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls are $67.50; John Fogerty/Willie Nelson are $59.50.  The second most expensive show at Pine Knob?  $128.50 for Crosby Stills Nash & Young.
    Not only is Buffett’s $136.50 the most expensive show at Pine Knob, the Pine Knob show is almost the most expensive stop of this first leg of Buffett’s summer tour.  All the other shows are $126.50, but for some reason Jimmy has to add ten bucks when crossing the Ohio border.  Maybe this surcharge is the reason he hasn’t performed here for a few years.  The most expensive stop is New York’s Jones Beach, where the top ticket price is $156.00.  (By comparison Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s top price is an incredible $251!  And this isn’t just some high-priced New York thing, since the John Fogerty/Willie Nelson show is the same $59.50, and the Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls show is actually cheaper: $49.50.)  Remember, these aren’t packages or broker prices; these are face value.
    A quick look at Ticketmaster reveals pavilion seats are still available for Alpine Valley.  Mickey was able to reserve three seats, together, in row U of section 201; but, oddly, Mike and Patti were not interested    During Mike’s Bocephus story Schmoe and Mickey are look at a sheet with “the year on the back”.  The sheet is a print-out of a ticket for a 1975 Portland (OR) show.  The King Kong Trio was a mini-tour in the mid-80s of Jimmy, Mike Utley, and Robert Greenidge.  Mickey’s “cartography classes” jest is another Arrested Development reference.  Take it from us, it was much funnier on TV.  We advertently reported Greg’s leg was amputated following Episode 0.5.  This was printed in error.  The movie music comes from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory—but you already knew that.  And the robot’s name is Ralph.
    Jimmy will be on the Today show Friday morning.  Mike and Schmoe will be Cedar Point-bound and will miss it.  At his last appearance, Jimmy asked Katie to request what song he would play; conventional wisdom says she’ll point at the middle of the back cover of Songs You Know By Heart and will choose “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.  And then, a week later, Jimmy’s tour kicks off in Atlanta.
    As per request, here’s your chance to help decide details of our special remote podcast…
    [And, once again, hats off to 24cast, from whom we get our best ideas.]

      >  Download Episode 2

When should we record the special remote podcast?
June 2
June 9

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Saturday, May 20 2006

Episode 1: Mapped and Charted

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 17 2006, (9-10:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Almost down to twenty minutes!  This week: a few words with Greg 2.0, a chat with Mike, Mickey, and Schmoe; a shot with Scott; and a visit from Heidi.

    The gang wanted to watch end of the Pistons/Cavs game (which the Pistons lost, 86-84) so the recording session was delayed.  In the meantime, we recorded a segment with Scott, a few comments from Greg 2.0 (including the first of what assumedly will be many mentions of Schmoe’s Cat Story), and, as we repaired to the recording studio, a visit Big Al’s waitress Heidi.
    Our new theme song, courtesy of GarageBand, is called “Two Seater”.  Schmoe misses the date by only one full week.  Hopefully this won’t confuse people when next week’s show comes out.  Both Schmoe and Mickey came prepared with notes, determined to keep the conversation brief and on course.  As mentioned, Scott’s movie review was recorded ahead of time.  Mickey wants to point out his comment about it being “beautifully recorded” was supposed to be self-deprecating.  “At the time I was assuming the bar noise would be too loud.  It came out much better than expected, but we didn’t know this till we were all done.”  Incidentally, we returned to using the Core Sound mics this show.
    • Ebert & Roeper’s Hoot review
    • Turks & Caicos Margaritaville
    • Learn more about Tom Ball here and here
    • Roger Clyne’s Buffett quote [PDF]
    • Some gossip about Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills
    • [Beware searches for “one legged chick”]
    This is the Hoot auction to which Mickey refers.  A quick look at the Bid History shows that although the auction has ended, it did not end successfully.  Evidently the minimum value was not met and the auction has been closed.  Poor Jimmy, no wants to get in his pants anymore.
    • Mike’s brother Jim’s My Space page
    • Mike and Schmoe’s Dog/Ice/Winter Movie Picks:
                Disney’s 8 Below
                Disney’s Snow Dogs
    The mention of a “robot podcast” refers to this offering [iTunes link] from 24cast.
    The end title music is called “Greasy Wheels” and is also from GarageBand.  Post-production was much more elaborate this week, with contributions from Peak, GarageBand, iTunes, Final Cut, and Soundtrack Pro.  Still hearing spots that need a little bit more work—but it’s too late now: the file is up,

      >  Download Episode 1

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Monday, May 15 2006

“The Ship Can’t Take It, Captain!”

    After struggling all weekend to get this page to show up properly in Internet Explorer (while it displayed without a problem in other browsers), all I can say is:

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!

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Saturday, May 13 2006

Changing Tack

    I was going to label this “Picking Up Steam”, but that didn’t seem to fit with all these sailing references.
    There’s more news to share though, in the form of another new development with our feed.  I (without consulting the others) impulsively bought a domain for our podcast. and are already taken, but I came up with using NorthCoastCast as our new port of call.  Short, simple, and hopefully easy to remember.  It’s paid up for two years too, so those other WANC’ers better continue ’casting with me to get the most out of this investment.
    There won’t be any additional content there however, since, in fact, the new URL simply refers you back to this page.  Therefore, you needn’t bother trying the link now.  If you’re here, you’re here.  But the new URL might be a nice mnemonic to bookmark.
    Similarly, scrap all those e-mail changes too.  They’ll all still be active, but you might as well use our new address: podcast AT northcoastcast DOT com.
    P.S.: more changes.  I can’t say I’m surprised one of the podcatcher sites is displaying our title incorrectly.  The site is Yahoo! and the problem is that danged apostrophe.  Therefore, effective Sunday morning, our feed is now called “Wasting Away on the North Coast” (as opposed to the canonical “Wastin ”).
    Also, in the interest of cutting down on bandwidth usage, the downstreaming versions, playable on that cool iPod player—how ’bout that iPod player?!—have been downgraded to monaural 32kbps versions.  For the full-quality 96-160kbps stereo versions, you’ll have to subscribe.

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Friday, May 12 2006

Wind in Our Sails

    I was trying to spruce things up a bit last night, and I guess I broke the column display (for those using IE).  It took me all day today, but I figured out what the problem was; so the page should be looking proper now.  Also, I finally got our XML feed so that iTunes will display our (temporary) feed art.
    P.S.: Don’t forget you can drop us line at ladi34t AT shortfatguy DOT com.  (The “ladi34t” of course refers to the title Livin’ and Dyin’ in ¾ Time.)  Or you can Skype us at “shortfatguyonline”.  Or leave a message at our phone line: 774-221-7346.  That’s 774-221-S.F.G.O.
    We’re glad to have you along for the ride.
    P.S.: And how ’bout that new podcast player?!  (Thanks to Jeroen Wijering, “Eric”, and The Tyron Effect! [né “Where’s Your Tyron”] for help with setting it up.)
    P.P.S: scrap the e-mail information.  The address is still good, but to keep us from having to explain “ladi34t” every podcast, we’ve set up an easier address for your comments and criticisms: northcoast AT shortfatguy DOT com.  And, seriously, how ’bout that new podcast player?  Isn’t it cool?!

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Episode 0.5: Still Finding Our Sea Legs

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 10 2006, (9-10 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
Still theme song free!
    “Schmoe brings notes but the conversation still meanders. Topics include Hoot, Fingers Taylor, a theme song, Alpine Valley, last week’s show remembered, and a visit from the wacky neighbor!

    A sudden downpour at 7:30 sped up the start time to our get-together…but unexpected equipment failure delayed the start of the actual recording.  Scott was unable to participate because of that, but filling in for him was Greg.  Speaking of Scott, he sent in this comment, along with a theme song suggestion:

I was just listening
it lacks somthing that was really good in the first one, ME!!
How about Everybody Wants to be Jimmy Buffett Sometimes - Eric Stone Boatsongs Volume III!

Steps have already been taken to move away from DAT and record to an SD memory card.  We used new mics this week too, incidentally.  Last week’s show was recorded with Core Sound binaurals and this week’s with Innovative Specialist mics.  Do you hear a difference?  Let us know if you have a preference.
    Schmoe and Mickey both spent time doing some preliminary work for this week’s podcast.  Schmoe sketched out topics for discussion and Mickey saw Hoot.  Mickey adds the following to his movie review:

I’ve read that some conservative columnists are upset with Hoot because of its strong environmental stance.  They call it “soft core eco-terrorism”, but there’s something even more insidious at work.  What is more noticeable is the main character’s obsession with a boy named Mullet Fingers.  From the moment Roy sees the lithe blond Mullet running down the street, Roy feels an immediate and suspicious attraction which occupies much of the film.  This is the movie’s true liberal agenda.  Take your children to see this at your peril.  Tomorrow they’ll be voting yes on gay marriage!

    Mickey’s memory failed him last week, and his eyes fail him this week.  Greg “Fingers” Taylor does join in on two songs of the Hoot soundtrack: “Werewolves of London” and the “Floridays” remake.  A reunion so monumental we’re surprised Mickey was unaware of it.  Evidently the liner notes he says he checked were for the Fingers-less “Happy Ending” instrumental.
    And Schmoe sends in an addendum of his own.

Correction from podcast:  Memorial Day is May 29, Mike’s b-day, as always, is May 30, which is the next day.

    Additional links:
    • Alpine Valley Music Theater
    • A more detailed memoir of that ill-fated Alpine Valley road trip
    • DTE Music Theatre (née Pine Knob)
    • Greg “Fingers” Taylor
    • Club Trini
    • Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine
    • Why is rum called rum?
    • Buckeye Lake State Park
    • Verizon Wireless Music Center (née Deer Creek Music Center)

    Late breaking news: our podcast is now on iTunes!

      >  Download Episode 0.5

Should Schmoe refer to the podcast as WANC ?
Yeah, why not
God, no!

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Saturday, May 6 2006

Episode 0: The Prequel

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 3 (9-11 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Wherein Schmoe, Mike, Scott, and Mickey decide what to call the podcast, what format to use, what artwork to use, and who has to pay for the pitchers.  ...Oh yeah, and some stuff about Buffett too.

    With golf scores tallied and league affairs out of the way, the team of Schmoe, Mike, Scott, and Mickey get down to the business of hashing out podcast details.  Mere moments after Dan leaves, a name is decided ... yet we still keep talking for another hour!  Our waitress Meredith’s socks have “JB” on them, but this really refers to “Joe Boxer”.
    Buffett has indeed pledged to back a Jamaican Iditaod team.  According to Margaritaville Jamaica: “On December 8, 2005, Jimmy Buffett, international recording artist and namesake of the popular Margaritaville chain, announced his intent to sponsor the Jamaican Dogsled Team at a press conference held at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios.”
    The appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning (with Kelly and guest co-host Sam Champion), was also just an interview.
    JB is indeed playing May 6 at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, on the Acura Stage between 5:25 and 6:55 PM.  This marks his final date of the Spring tour.  (And Hoot does have 12 tracks.)
    Mickey is a giant nerd who against his better judgment cannot stop referencing fantasy and science fiction movies in conversations with women.  The snazzy embroidered SFG baseball cap sold originally for $15.  (Mike’s cap was damaged at the Dearborn Homecoming during the fireworks display.)  TV references work better, but only within the group: “Great Scott!” comes from the “Valentine’s Day” episode of The Office (US) originally aired February 9 2006.  “Big Gay Al’s” comes from South Park, but you already knew that.  Schmoe mentions the “Mr Plow” Simpsons episode, Mickey makes a lame Lost numbers joke, Mike reportedly imitates some SNL character.  And in regards to Arrested Development, Fox sucks!
    Mickey’s minimal research fails him.  Buffett’s last Michigan appearance was actually June 24 2003 (although Mickey did get the November 12 2001 date right). has a thread about the 2003 concert—which Mickey should have known about since he commented about it!  Jimmy’s next performance will be May 26 on the Today show, and the Party at the End of the World Tour resumes June 2. 
    Big Al’s is not west of Allen, but east.  We could excuse Mickey since he was facing south when he said this, but Big Al’s isn’t on Allen Rd anyway—it’s on Fort St.  And Mickey listed artwork and chapter markers as characteristics of enhanced AAC files, but never got around to mention the third: embedded hyperlinks.
    Here’s the Hoot page on IMDb.  And this is the documentary Buffett is producing.
    Schmoe and Mike’s musical suggestions: The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and KT Tunstall.  Foreigner 4 was released in 1981 (with Double Vision in 1978), Asia and Diver Down were released in 1982, Hang On for Your Life was 1981, Somewere Over China in 1981, and One Particular Harbour in 1983.

      >  Download Episode 0

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