Friday, September 29 2006

Episode 19: Playing Us Losers Again

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 27 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe review License to Chill, look back at the last concert, and look forward to the new album.

    I know the title is presumptuous, but it was the best I could do this late at night.  (Not that we’re losers—that you will play us [and then do so again].)
    This week’s episode kicks off with an immediate defection: Don, our resident Michael Bolton fan.
    I don’t remember when Emeril came to Michigan, but I guess it was some time in the late 90s.
    The only “occupational hazard” I found in 21 Jump Street is a chapter name of “The Narc” episode in the Season 3 DVD box set.  And The Doctor, a 1991 film starring William Hurt, was mentioned as “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw” plays a part in the story.
    My apologies for the audio dropouts during the JB interview.  It was recorded off the Sirius downstream feed.
    Jimmy’s new album features several covers.  We sought those out on iTunes and were planning to base the episode on our impressions of these songs—our attempt at a scoop.  But this also meant we’d be reviewing the same songs twice, once the new album is released.  It was Joe’s idea to review the most recent album instead, License to Chill.  Although I like the songs, I have a hard time remembering that this is in the discography.  I guess it’s because of all the guest stars; it feels more like a “various artists compilation” or tribute album more than a “Buffett album”.  License to Chill was released July 13 2004, the nineteenth anniversary of Live Aid.
    I was confused in my discussion of “Quietly Making Noise”.  We heard it July 4 1993, during the Chameleon Caravan tour.  The Fruitcakes tour I mentioned obviously followed the Fruitcakes album, in 1994.
    The Sports Illustrated CD-ROM can be seen here (bottom right).
    This is the e-mail Scott sent out, the morning the CD was released.

From: Scott
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 2:09 AM
To: All
Subject: License to Chill Review

    Well, jumped out of bed at 11:30 to hit Meijer’s CD department.  The kid working the aisle was moderately upset because he had chosen to start with the new Pistons DVD and did not really want to dig through the boxes of CD’s at that moment.  However I convinced him I was not in a hurry and would help him stock the pistons DVD that he chose to start with.  10 minutes later we were done and he went to find my CD, after another 10 minutes he came back with my $15 CD—which I thought was outrageous, but Jimmy needs the money!  At the register it rang up $9.98.  I was pleasently surprised!
    So I walked hastily to my car tearing off the plastic and having a reserved yet good feeling.  After all, this was supposed to be a Country album and my friends know Country scares me!  But, for Jimmy I would ride the tide and remain open-minded!!

Song One:  “Hey Good Lookin’” (Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and some more country people):  We all know the song and CMT has been playing the heck out of the video.  It’s an ok song it will be fun in concert.
Song Two:  “Boats to Build” with Alan Jackson:  Solid Buffett.  Easy to listen to.  This song will grow on me!  Well be fun to sing in concert!
Song Three:  “License to Chill”  with Kenny Chesney:  Same as above
Song Four:  “Coast of Carolina”:  Stopped on this one and listened to it twice!  Great Buffett!!  This is an outstanding song both lyrically and musically!  Thank you Jimmy—you still have got it!!
Song Five:  “Piece of Work” with Toby Keith:  This song is has interesting lyrics I’ll have to listen to it a couple of times to be sure but it seems good!
Song 6:  “Anything Anytime Anywhere”:  This song is going to have to grow on me.  My initial reaction is to put it at the end of my iPod “License to Chill” playlist!
Song 7:  “Trip around the Sun” with Martina McBride:  I like the two of them together.  I think they sound good!  It is pretty twangy but I won’t skip to the next song!
Song 8: “Simply Complicated”:  This song reminds me of “Math Suks”!  It’s fun but nothing you are going to be humming.  Put it at the end of your JB mix, next to “Math Suks”!
Song 9:  “Coastal Confessions”:  Once again Buffett reminds us of why we follow him!  Solid song!!
Song 10: “Sea of Heartbreak” with George Strait:  Very Country, but you can listen to it!
Song 11: “Conky Tonkin’”  with Clint Black:  (This was the original title of the Album according to my sources.)  This is classic country and to be honest I don’t like Clint Black at all.  It will be near the bottom of my playlist!
Song 12: “Playin’ the Loser Again” will Bill Withers:  Once again, very country but I enjoyed this one a little better then the last!  The song behind the country is a good song!  Bill Withers sounds good.  The second time around I enjoyed this song even more!  God, I hope I am not becoming a redneck!
Song 13:  “Window on the World”:  I enjoyed this song first time out.  Moved its way to #3 on the play list!
Song 14:  “Someone I Used to Love” with Nancy Griffith:  This does not sound like a Buffett song at all.  Not knowing Country I have never heard of Nanci Griffith, but they sound good together.  Damn, I think I am going to have to buy a beat-up pickup truck and a dog and start drinking beer!!
Song 15:  “Scarlet Begonias”:  This is a solid tune!  Great concert song!  This will move to #1 on the playlist!
Song 16:  “Back to the Island”:  Jimmy reminds us that he has not forgot his roots and will indeed return to the islands!

    All in all, a solid album and has this boy enjoying a short boat ride through the Country!  As long as it is a short ride I am willing to expand my horizon and I give this album an enthusiastic thumbs up!!
    2:08 AM!  That’s a wrap!!

    Incidentally, this is the first episode with our new logo artwork.  It was designed by my niece Heather, who runs Asteriou Designs.  As Joe said, it looks too professional for our little podcast, but we’ll use it anyway.

      >  Download Episode 19

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Friday, September 22 2006

Episode 18: Podcast to Send You

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 20 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey are at Zodiac, taking up Listener Ed’s suggestion to review A1A.”

    We got a late start, since some birthday party commandeered our room.  The recording session began with me selling my video iPod to Schmoe (paving the way for me to order one of the new 80GB iPods).
    Here’s Billboard’s track listHere’s Mailboat Records’.
    Our friends at COB,O.
    An unofficial Solid Gold fan site.
    Who is Alex Harvey?
    Buffett News says Jimmy performed “Dallas” in Austin at least.  (And, to answer my own question, the last time Jimmy was in California, at the Irvine show on April 22, he sang: “California hasn’t worn me too thin / It’s so nice to be in Irvine again.”)
    Yes, the John Sebastian who wrote “Stories We Could Tell” did write the theme song for Welcome Back Kotter. [iTunes link]
    Steve Eng’s biography, The Man from Margaritaville Revealed, might not be the best authority, but at least it was handy as I write this.  According to page 159, “Life is Just a Tire Swing” is more autobiographical than I thought.  “‘Are you ready for this amazing story?’ [Jimmy] asked a call-in listener during a 1989 interview on station WLUP-FM in Chicago.  He told how, on his way to a college concert in western Illinois with Steve Goodman, he passed a tire swing—and began working on the song.  Then, on their way to Peoria, he did fall asleep…and woke up in the field next to the tire swing!”  (No word on what kind of crash was the antecedent for his waking up, though.)  The book also suggests Buffett arrived in Key West in November 1971, before writing and recording Pink Crustacean; and it was during his stay in Montana, while he worked on the Rancho Deluxe movie, that he had so much time to craft the A1A songs.  By the way, here’s an example of Grant Wood faces.
    The “Pencil Thin Mustache” / “Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit” Ruling came up after the Detroit concert last week.  It was decided upon before we started recording, but we agreed Jimmy can do one of those songs during a show, but not both.
    Everyone probably has their own misheard or misinterpreted lyric; my biggest gaffe comes from “Migration”.  I heard Jimmy singing “And mobile homes, those Mother McKees—I hate those bastards so much.”  I have no idea where I got ‘Mother McKee’; I just assumed it was Southern slang for a mobile home.  And it wasn’t till years later, either paging through the songbooks or checking the lyric sites, that I finally got corrected.
    A few years ago, David Lee Roth sang an acoustic “Tin Cup Chalice” on WRIF-FM Detroit.  If interested, you can download my MP3 copy of this performance.
    Detroit country DJ Deano Day has his own website (i.e., page).
    And a different Deano provides our coda.
    See you next week for our pre-new-album show.  Plans are to discuss what we know about the album and, time permitting, possibly review License to Chill.
    P.S.: I almost forgot.  Here’s a funny thing I discovered in the iTunes Store.  If you click on Jimmy’s bio [iTunes link], you get a list of his Influences, including James Taylor.  And here’s a screen grab of Taylor’s bio

      >  Download Episode 18

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Sunday, September 17 2006

Scott’s Corner

    The time has come to reveal the spectacular wonderment that occurred the night of the concert.  I truly wished to immediately put pen to paper and construct brilliant prose to justly describe the night’s events, however my dad asked for permission to take on the task.  Feel free to send him comments (good ones) at polwonder [at]


    Some people meet God on their death bed where they repent and regret many of the things they did.  Others see Him in a dream where He gives them this week’s lottery numbers or tells them to blow up the abortion clinic that’s around the corner.  I have strong reservations about the validity of those “messages from Heaven”.  On the other hand, there’s our experience.  Most of those others can be explained through a simple explanation like mayonnaise that got too warm, or a bowl of chili that had a little too much “BAM!”  We were neither asleep nor near death, so there’s no other explanation other than the obvious one that’s left: Divine Intervention.
    To fully appreciate the story I’m about to relate, you have to be a Parrothead: a strange breed of creature who appear in their full and colorful regalia on a few occasions around the Western Hemisphere that seem to coincide with the appearances of their spiritual leader, Jimmy Buffett.  He can’t be pigeonholed into any particular genre.  He’s the occasional: redneck philosopher; party animal; drunk; musician; children’s author and one of the few adult authors who have had books on both the New York Times fiction and non-fiction best seller lists.  His followers often track the party-creating crusader across the country, and occasionally to treks out of the country to a variety of Caribbean destinations.  The followers cover the age spectrum from children to the card carrying members of AARP.  It’s in this atmosphere that God chose to show Himself to us; thus reaffirming that God is everywhere, even at a hedonistic semi-rock concert.
    To say you had to be there is an understatement.  After Buffett’s three year absence from the Detroit area, we did our duty, standing in line and getting a lucky number that would let us have a chance at getting tickets to the only concert of the year that counts for a Parrothead.  Then there were the months of anticipation and then finally the day of September 12.  A thick cloud of gloom crept into our minds, only equaled by the dense, dark clouds that filled the skies.  Unfortunately, the frequently wrong weather forecasters seemed to have hit this one on the head.  They had promised rain, and in some areas, heavy downpours.  On this night, Clarkston, Michigan would be one of those areas.
    After arriving in a light mist, we ate our dinner and began to absorb the atmosphere around Pine Knob (aka DTE Enery Music Theater) on the day of a Buffett concert.  Buffett music mixes with the sound of blenders humming throughout the parking lot as Parrotheads attempt to transform the DTE parking lot into Margaritaville.  Men in grass skirts trying in vain to outdo women in grass skirts suddenly become a normal sight.  A half-hour before the concert, the bad news begins to be delivered.  The clouds are the messengers God sends.  They open up and try to drown the excitement of the beach loving Buffett crowd.  It almost worked on us.  We later confessed that we all wondered if it was worth going inside to sit/stand on the hill with our lawn tickets.  Scott gave up first.  His saner side took over and he approached a man who was trying in vain to peddle a third row seat he had purchased for $350 for the “bargain price” of a hundred.  “Let me know when you get down to $60,” were Scott’s last words to him.  It wasn’t much later when the drenching rain drove the man to taking a big loss so he could go inside to enjoy the dryness of the pavilion.  We decided we’d share the ticket, taking turns to enjoy a respite from the downpour while actually seeing the concert.
    Scott went down to his seat and reported by phone that his seat was terrific. Only three rows from the front of the stage, it was a dream few Parrotheads ever realize. Meanwhile, Jeff and I, clad in our dollar plastic ponchos, slosh our way to the concert area. Walking uphill, waves of water wash over our shoes as if we were on a stroll at the beach. We settled on standing in front of the hill. Although we had no hope of sitting, we were standing on solid cement and the thought of sitting on a rain-soaked mix of mud and grass wasn’t very appealing.
    If you wear glasses and are trying to see something in a pouring rain, it’s not easy.  Glasses just don’t come with wipers—yet.  Seeing the stage clearly was a challenge.  Once again the gloom, disgust, and questions floating on the raindrops, ran through our minds.  Can this be possibly worth it?  No, was the honest answer, but there we stood.  I vowed to make the best of it.  Then, the cell phone rang.  Could that be God calling?
    As exciting as that could be, it wasn’t. B ut it was darn close—it was indeed news from God.  Scott was on the line.  The gregarious Scott began noticing empty seats in the row around him and began talking to a couple next to him. “Are you expecting some people to join you?”  It was then that Scott’s vision was drawn to the man’s shirt pocket where several tickets were peeking out.  The unexpected response was that the couple’s friends, obviously not true Parrotheads who deserve tickets to this sacred area, had canceled.  Weakened by rain, they sat home to watch some stale rerun of Diagnosis Murder.  When the gentleman responded that he had tried to sell the tickets outside, but finally gave up as the rain got harder, Scott made his move.  Many would have never made the inquiry, feeling that it would be sort of rude or brazen.  Having no shame, Scott uttered the words God had told him to say,  “I have two people who are standing in the rain who would love to come down here.”  The next thing was amazing.  The man gave him two tickets.  When I answered the phone and heard the words,  “I have tickets for you and Jeff,” I was sure that my approaching dementia was causing me to hear strangely.  Then he repeated it and seconds later he was in front of us with tickets in hand, leading us to the promised land where your permission to enter the next level is checked and rechecked every six steps.  There we were!  The land of milk and honey and at that time, more importantly, dryness.  It was hard to believe that only seconds earlier we had been standing in the downpour full of gloom.  It was deliverance; our glimpse of how the chosen ones enjoyed things on this night.
    Scott pointed out to me the couple who were our benefactors.  As I waddled in front of them, I was carefully trying not to brush up against them with my water-carrying poncho.  It was then that the prophetic words came to me.  Looking at the middle-aged, attractive lady,  I uttered, “So you’re the people God sent.”  I swear I don’t know what made me say that.  I had only a busy few minutes from the time I received the news to the time I said those words.  Her reaction was what finally sealed my belief.  A large warming smile came across her face.  That was it.  It was as if she said, “I’m glad you realize who sent me.”  She said nothing else.  Then, the house lights went down and the show started.  Those were to be my only words to her.  They departed with just a few songs left in the concert. I’m sure they left Pine Knob to go back to the wonderful, warm place whence they came.
    I now know how writers feel when they have a story inside them and nothing will stop it from coming out.  I really never had this feeling before.  Divine inspiration is nothing new.  Dante’s Inferno and Handel’s Messiah have no real explanation other than help from the big author in the sky.  I don’t begin to equate my effort to theirs, but for the little Polish kid from Fordson High, I figure this is as close as it gets.  After telling a friend this story, she cleverly responded with, “I’m glad He didn’t call you up and give you the tickets personally.”
    Me too.

Bubba from the third row

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Friday, September 15 2006

Episode 17: Wet Wet Wet

Show Notes:
Recorded Tuesday, September 12 2006, (11:00 PM - 12:30 AM) in Clarkston, MI
    “The North Coast boys, live in concert. Direct from the Pine Knob parking lot, where they tailgate and share their reactions to Jimmy’s first Michigan show in three years.

    Listener Barbara from Florida commented back in June how she could not “wait for the video cast of the official tailgate party”.  We knew ahead of time that, sadly, she was destined for disappointment.  We were never ones for elaborate tailgating, realizing early on that it’s more fun to devote the time to drinking and eating than in putting up decorations or putting on costumes.  And the last couple times, most of us haven’t even taking the day off from work.  I did, but spent most of the day in front of my computer, reading the live blogs on Apple’s latest announcement.  I actually hated to leave at two, since I was not able yet to see what the new iPods looked like.  I got to Joe’s at three, and was quick to use his son’s laptop to check out the online Apple Store.  Greg showed up soon afterward, and after packing up Schmoe’s vehicle we repeated the start of our Caseville trip to go pick up Mike at work.
    There was a Meijer’s nearby so we were able to get some extra supplies.  We packed most of the Coronas and Twisted Teas and tequila ahead of time, and we were able to get some food and some ice now.  I also made sure to buy some backup batteries for the podcast we planned for after the concert.

Picking up Mike from work, at 4:10 PM

Greg gets supplies from Meijer’s.

A sure sign we’ve gotten old: a case of water instead of beer.

    I think we got to Pine Knob at five.  It had been drizzling all day, but plenty of people were still dedicatedly partying.  We had the cover of Schmoe’s canopy, which he uses for U of M tailgating.  I had planned on trolling the parking lot for interviews, but that changed as the rain increased.  Scott was tailgating separately, with his family, but he stopped by at around six.

Cruising the parking lot

The Parrothead and Body combo

They misspelled “Pine Knob”

Our massive tailgating setup

A neighbor

Another neighbor

Scott and his brother stop by

The redneck grass skirt?   Grass toga?  Grass overalls?

Let the drinking begin: Schmoe has the mix…

...and Greg has the tequila.  (Incidentally the guy behind Greg is the one who says “She’s a keeper” during the episode.)

    Joe and Greg had lawn tickets and needed to go into the venue early.  We packed up and headed in at around seven.  Right around then, the rain turned into a deluge and it did not let up for most of the rest of the night.  Everyone was soaked to the skin and the lawn was a muddy mess.  I met up with Greg and Joe outside the men’s room, and they accompanied me to the souvenir stand where I bought a baseball cap.  We then split up so they could go to the lawn and I could meet up with Mike in the pavilion.
    The rain did not let up till right around the same time the concert ended.  Mike and I found Greg and Joe more easily and quickly than expected; we all wound up together at the same men’s room.  We started recording the show as soon as we got back to Joe’s vehicle.  I tried to limit the episode to being about tonight’s concert, but a few of our stories were worth keeping.  Since they didn’t necessarily fit, I include them here as a Show Notes Page bonus.

And this is a the setlist we discuss:

Singin’ in the Rain / Hot Hot Hot
1. Brown Eyed Girl
2. License to Chill
3. Pencil Thin Mustache
4. It’s 5:00 Somewhere
5. Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit
6. Come Monday
7. Floridays
8. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
9. Bama Breeze
10. Cheeseburger in Paradise
11. Why Don’t we Get Drunk
12. Party at the End of the World
13. One Particular Harbour
(No Intermission due to rain)
14. Peanut-Butter Conspiracy (with Mac & Fingers)
15. In the City
16. Knees of My Heart
17. Window on the World
18. Son of a Son of a Sailor (with Fingers)
19. Werewolves of London
20. Greenidge/Mayer solos - Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)
21. Dixie Chicken
22. Volcano
23. Margaritaville

First Encore:
24. Fins
25. Southern Cross

Second Encore:
26. A Pirate Looks at Forty (with Mac & Fingers)

      >  Download Episode 17

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Friday, September 8 2006

Episode 16: Season Premiere

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 6 2006, (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “A new set must mean a new season! Scott, Schmoe, Mike, and Mickey relocate from Big Al’s to their new recording studio at Zodiac Racquet Club, where they talk about the new video, review Far Side of the World, and plan for next week’s concert.

    In our continuing quest to steal the best from other podcasts, may I introduce “Wastin’ Away on the North Coast” Season 2.  (As suggested from “The Signal”, though we didn’t even take a break between our seasons.  And speaking of suggestions, go rent or buy Firefly and Serenity as soon as possible.)
    Just like when Mary moved into her new Minneapolis apartment, we have a new set and new supporting characters; so it must be a new season.  There are also some behind the scenes changes, such as the one I mentioned below, as well as the fact much of the show was edited at a remote, undisclosed location on my laptop. 
    I completely forgot the release of Far Side of the World, our discussion album this week, was delayed because of its cover.  The original release date was October 23 2001 and the original cover can be seen here.  Amazon alarmingly listed the title as canceled, but eventually the release date was rescheduled to March 19 2002.
    So what’s a Grey Goose Gimlet?
    Album Rundown: Know Your Songwriters:
          Peter Mayer & Roger Guth: “Blue Guitar”, from Romeo’s Garage (1999) and Scotch (2000) respectively
          Lennie Gallant: “Mademoiselle Voulez-Vous Danser”, from Open Window (1994)
          St Barth’s twins Henri & Leon Ledee, co-writers on “Autour du Rocher”, comprise the group Alerte 2B.  I couldn’t find much about them, apart from some write-ups in September and December 2002.  Similarly I can’t find anything for the other co-writers, Marcel Limodin and Jean-Jacques Kraif.
          Hugh Prestwood: “Savannah Fare You Well”, from Fate of Fireflies
          Bruce Cockburn: “All the Ways I Love You”, from Dart to the Heart (1994)
          Mac McAnally: “Last Man Standing”, from Semi-True Stories (2004)
          Charles Macak, Tafit Baker, Larry Laprise are listed as co-writers for “What If the Hokey-Poker is All It Really is About” because they are credited for writing the “Hokey-Pokey” itself in 1949—although whether they invented this participation-song is a matter of debate
          I’m not sure, but it’s possible the Wayne Jobson listed as co-writer for “Altered Boy” could be the same Wayne Jobson who is Program Director for XM’s reggae channel and/or host of the Reggae Smoke-In show.
          Sonny Landreth: “USS Zydecoldsmobile”, from Levee Town (2000)
    Here’s the link to Jackson’s Buffett News thread.  It’s buried on the third page now—but feel free to leave it blank.  We wouldn’t want to disturb it.  Here’s the link for the Buffett World thread too.
    Our two cameos tonight are from Leo and Jennifer.  Those albums I recommended are Zachary Richard’s Snake Bite Love [iTunes] and Buckwheat Zydeco’s On a Night Like This [iTunes].  For no one’s benefit, my desktop widget’s literal French translation of “I gotta take a shit” is “Je dois prendre une merde.”
    And on that note… that’s it for this week’s notes.  Let the Pine Knob concert countdown begin!

      >  Download Episode 16

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Episode 15: If We Could Just Get It On SD Flash

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 30 2006, (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Big Al’s in Browstown MI
    “Greg, Schmoe, Scott, Mickey, and Mike talk Somewhere Over China. With cameo appearances by Meredith, Joe, Laury, and Kevin.

Fig 1.1: Kermit Laugh.
Keeping mouth open, bob head vigorously up and down while turning head from side to side.

    It was the last night of the Fore Skins Golf League for 2006.  The boys feasted on steak sandwiches, Amber Bock, and several shots.  The podcast began later than usual, but at least things were lively and people were in a festive mood.  Some incriminating photos were taken as well, but we’ll get to that later…
    First, let’s discuss this week’s show.  It’s pretty funny how many name changes the new album has gone through.  I think it went through three in two days.  After all is said and done, this might end up being the cover.  (Of the four titles I’ve heard the one I don’t like is Paddlin’ Out ... but maybe that’s because it reminds me of visits to the school principal.)
    I guess this is the tattoo Scott mentions.
    And this is the map photo Greg mentions (on the left).
    Here’s a xylophone resource for Schmoe, and even a marimba to play; though personally I prefer this one.
    Schmoe’s uncanny knack at the Kermit Laugh™ came as a complete surprise.  It was definitely a “You Had To Be There” moment; and though it won’t translate at all via audio, maybe the included diagram might help explain.
    Many music fans will recognize “Mach schau!” as a reference to the Beatles’ days in Hamburg.  I was grossly in error when I said the Cavern Club, but it was the first night spot that came to mind.  What I meant was the Kaiserkeller, where Bruno Koschmeider would yell that phrase to keep his bands playing.
    The Who’s “Guitar and Pen” is from 1978’s Who are You.
    Frank Loesser’s “On a Slow Boat to China” was written in 1945.  This page tells the story of the song and the phrase.

      >  Download Episode 15

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Wednesday, September 6 2006

A Note from the Webmaster

    A few people expressed problems downloading our most recent show ... and in fact I had a hell of a time uploading it, as well as the second Caseville video.  Added to that, the downstreaming Flash videos were verging on being unplayable.  All our podcast files were hosted by Go Daddy, which I assumed would be a good and reliable service seeing as they pretty much manage the Internet.  I found out afterward—both in reviews and by the hard way—that while they might be a great way to buy domain names, their hosting services are extremely spotty.  I was seeing more and more evidence of this as the weeks went on.  The last weekend was my last straw.  I was annoyed and frustrated enough that I suddenly and perhaps impulsively arranged for another service.  Now our files are being served from, a host recommended to me by a fellow Detroit Podcaster.
    I even purchased a new domain name with them too: is already in use, by a Jimmy Buffett cover band.  ( (with a “g”) has also been purchased, but by one of those rotten “squatter” companies.  So no link for them!)  I was torn whether to go with “” or “” ... and I ended up getting both.  It will save us the trouble of over-explaining or of needing to spelli the name out during the shows.  ( is the domain with actual content however; just redirects you to this same page.)
    With and covered, I’m figuring is pretty much inevitable.
    All the files were moved over last night, so hopefully you’ll be enjoying faster download speeds now.  You might even have noticed the change, in that some podcatchers recognized the files as brand new today and tried to download them all over again when updated.  Sorry about that.  There’s no need to download everything over, if your podcatcher has a similar reaction.  The audio files are exactly the same, the only change was their location.
    I’m still at sea on what to do with our new site.  I’ve toyed with starting a new blog there or even a Wiki or discussion board.  But this might mean losing some of the features and probably some of the comments stored here.  The one thing I did get started is a photo gallery, which so far includes Greg’s Caseville photos and some pictures from Big Al’s.
    As for now, the aim is to offer speedier and more reliable delivery of our content.  Because, as I said somewhere else, downloading our shows should be no more painful than listening to them.

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