Friday, October 27 2006

Episode 22: Best of Lists, Worst of Lists

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 25 2006, (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM) at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “The long awaited best/worst discussion; and fueled by pizza and beer (’Roni Rage?) the trio even pick fights with their listeners!

    The wait is over!  And oh is it worth it!
    Not our show of course.  I was actually practicing my announcing for when something good or of interest happens.  Until then, it’s just another episode of our podcast.  A little longer show than planned; but then again, we’re taking another break next week, so it can tide you over till November 8.  (Joe and Mike will be seeing Roger Clyne next week and I’ll be eating my Halloween candy.)
    By the way,  I created an iTunes iMix (yeah, I know; I’m a couple years behind) of the Buffett cover versions we sometimes discuss.  You can reach the page here, and of course you need iTunes to use it.

      >  Download Episode 22

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Tuesday, October 24 2006


    Over the last several days, you’ve probably encountered this —


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— rather than the usual blog template.  Evidently this site’s server host,, has been throttling SQL queries to 50,000, which I hear is quite low.  With the growing interest in our podcast and constant hits from searchbots and the usual phentermine spammers, the blog has been going offline every other day.  Often, I can catch this and repair it, but the more it happens the more irritating it gets.
    Thus, I have moved the blog to our other domain, hosted at  All the entries should be intact and all the comments should have been retained.  The blog also has a simpler URL than the old convoluted “” one from before.
    Hopefully waters should be less choppy here.

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Saturday, October 21 2006

Episode 21: The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 18 2006, (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) in the Zodiac Racquet Club parking lot in Southgate MI
    “Admittedly, this is not the show we intended. Two guys didn’t show and our recording studio was double-booked. We’re holding off on the best/worst lists we planned, and instead we’ll just stick with the usual crap.

    Like we said, Schmoe and Mike and I assembled at Zodiac in order to record a show, but our private room was occupied by a group of Hellenic gentlemen.  I can only assume they’re part of some Downriver Greek-American Club or the like.  They took their time in leaving and we ended up just recording the show elsewhere, in Schmoe’s Freestyle.  The audio might sound a little different, not only because we’re inside a vehicle.  Due to space restrictions I used my recorder’s built-in mics rather than stringing out my cool Core Sound mics.  —Oh, and I better not hear anything about us kidding Greeks.  I’m half-Greek and I was only one-eighth offended.
    Because Greg is in Chicago and Scott couldn’t make it, we decided to hold off in discussing our best/worst lists.  (And it has nothing to do with my failure to print out any of the listener submissions before going to the racquet club.)  This means there’s still time to send us your responses to the questions in the entry below.
    If I listened to radio, I would’ve known these are the Bud commercials Mike was talking about.  The Corona WAV probably came from the COB, Vault or maybe the old SOASOAS archive.  I can’t remember any more, as it was downloaded long ago in the olden days when people used 1.44 MB diskettes.
    Update: here’s a better copy of the song, in stereo:

    As with the last episode, we’re discussing the original versions of “Cinqo de Mayo in Memphis” by Guy Clark and “Wheel Inside the Wheel” by Mary Gauthier.
    Hopefully Schmoe can provide some images of his iPod Nano knockoff “MP4 Player”.  For now, it kind of looks like this one.  What is really galling is that the eBay auction was full of images right from Apple’s site and assurances that the item was “genuine”.  And this from a presumably trustworthy power seller.  Too bad Schmoe didn’t read this warning first.
    Just to help Schmoe schedule his physical violence, here’s a reminder for him (with most of the quote, in the comments).
    P.S.: Yes, I know my HDTV buying habits have little to do with Jimmy Buffett (though it will make watching the Wrigley Field concert even nicer), but I left the comment in to set up Mike’s joke.  By the way, this is the TV I might be getting.)

      >  Download Episode 21

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Friday, October 13 2006


    While waiting for our next show, why not play the Wastin’ Away on the North Coast Home Game?
    We drafted up a short list of topics for discussion and we’re eager to find out what your thoughts are too.

  1)  All time greatest Buffett song
  2)  All time greatest Buffett album
  3)  All time worst Buffett song
  4)  All time worst Buffett album

    We’re thinking an objective all-time best here—not necessarily your personal favorites.  What song or album do you think best represents Jimmy, or would be your one pick to win over a non-fan.  Send your ideas to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Tuesday, October 10 2006

New Album’s Out and I’m Fresh On iTunes

    I couldn’t wait for tomorrow and I bought the new album from iTunes.  Tipping the scales was the fact the iTMS version has a video I hadn’t heard about.  It’s not the “Here We Are” song; it’s a mini-doc on the making of “Party at the End of the World”.  And it culminates in some live footage reportedly shot at Pine Knob!
    If so, that means you can see me in this final shot.  I’m the one applauding…way at the back…in the dark spot.

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Friday, October 6 2006

Episode 20: Schmoe’s on Wednesday

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 4 2006, (7:30 PM - 9:30 PM) at Casa de Schmoe in Dearborn MI
    “Thanks to Radio Margaritaville, Sirius 31, we got to hear Jimmy’s new album ahead of its October 10 release date. Here are our pizza-and-tequila-fueled thoughts on the new material, from our listening party at Casa de Schmoe.

    Scott and I assembled at Schmoe’s house by six to listen to Radio Margaritaville’s preview of Take the Weather With You.  Mike showed up about a half hour late, due to his long commute from work.  Although scheduled for two hours, the preview lasted more like ninety minutes.  We started recording almost immediately afterward, sitting around Schmoe’s kitchen table.  Without wallyball or racquetball (or golf) preceding it, what we assumed would be a big night of podcasting actually ended earlier than our usual Wednesdays.
    The pizzas came from Benito’s.  The Coronas, margaritas, and Twisted Teas were Schmoe’s.
    If you’ve forgotten, Hud’s cameo starts off Episode 7.
    Here’s some “Free Bird” historyAnd here’s some “Curtis Lowe” history.
    Scott pictures Heather Dee Perry.
    Scott’s Brush with Greatness: Shock coach and former Piston Bill Laimbeer and former Lion coach Steve Mariucci.
    Upon further reflection, “Cinqo de Mayo in Memphis” reminds me even more of “Clichés” than “Cuban Crime of Passion”.  And I forgot to mention the presence of banjos in “Wheel Inside the Wheel”.  Is this the first appearance of banjos in a JB album?  [Update: once again Mickey has overlooked the License to Chill album, and its song “Piece of Work”.]
    The guys yelled at me for adding “Cha cha cha” intermittently to “Silver Wings”, during the Sirius show.
    Some of our research was helped by the fact the original versions of “Weather With You”, “Cinqo de Mayo in Memphis”, “Elvis Presley Blues”, “Wheel Inside the Wheel”, “Silver Wings” are available on iTunes. 
    Have fun listening to the album when it comes out!  See you in a couple weeks.  And, finally, how ’bout our new theme song!
    P.S.: so, did you hear the news?  Jimmy was arrested for injecting heroin in a Turkish airport.  ...Actually, French authorities insist they found Ecstasy during a baggage check.  Jimmy has stated that the pills were actually a vitamin supplement called Foltx, and that customs was confused by a heart shape imprinted on the pills.  Looks like Jimmy might be telling the truth.

      >  Download Episode 20

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