Thursday, December 21 2006

VIDEO: A Visit from St Nicshmolas

    As promised, Schmoe brought his Christmas tequila over for us to sample.  I got to see a matinee of Spamalot earlier in the day, but arrived well in time to record the taste testing session.  We included it in the feed as a special holiday bonus and also have it here as a Flash Video file.

    If we’ve been good little boys and girls, perhaps Schmoe will share his drink recipes.  And, if we’re lucky, maybe we can hear his clinking bottles in the air as he travels from house to house dispensing holiday cheer.

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Tuesday, December 19 2006

Digging Our Scene

    As of yesterday,, the popular news-sharing site, has started listing podcasts; and as of today, we’re part of that list.  You can see our page here.  They not only list each episode and give you the ability to view or watch it directly at the site, they also offer the ability to comment on each episode.  If you’re already a Digg member, we encourage you to post your feedback there (or here).  We love to see what you have to say.
    Happy Holidays.  New festive video coming soon (we hope).
    P.S.: I forgot to mention you have to be registered with Digg to see their beta Podcast section, but if you’re the kind of hip with-it netizen whom TIME would honor as Person of the Year this won’t be a problem.  Also you can seek us out at the new Plugg’d directory.

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Friday, December 15 2006

Episode 26: Christmas iLand

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 13 2006 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Mickey, Schmoe, and Mike learn the true meaning of Christmas Island, as they present their all-singing all-dancing holiday special. Guests include Debby Boone, Donny and Marie, Charo, and Rosey Grier.

    I forgot to mention performances by Lola Falana and Joey Heatherton.
    There’s a bit more background noise this week.  Our room was commandeered by a group of women right before we arrived.  Somehow they did not recognize it as our recording studio and just thought it was some non-smoking room.  Scott promised to attend, but family illnesses got in the way.  And I did find my CD of Christmas Island soon after the show.
    And now, onto the show notes:
    Not that it needs any more publicity, but in the interest of completeness this is the Taylor Hicks story to which Schmoe refers (via Buffett News).  Here’s Amazon’s link to Tennessee Christmas, Amy Grant’s own link to A Christmas Album (again: highly recommended), and Mike’s approved Amazon link to his favorite Mitch Miller album.  (By the way, I know Amy Grant is married to Vince Gill.  Gary Chapman was her husband from 1982 to 1999 during which time A Christmas Album was recorded.)  There were nine volumes in the Goodyear series of Christmas music compilations, 1961 through 1969, released through Columbia Records.  My personal favorite is Volume Five, 1965.  My old maxim was the only Christmas CDs you need are Amy’s A Christmas Album and Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas.  Sadly, I’m so sick of every Mannheim Steamroller CD sounding the same that I can no longer endorse my own words.
    You can learn more about Billy Idol’s Happy Holidays album here; and about the Who’s the Boss? there song here.  Schmoe found a link where the Andrews Sisters sing “Christmas Island”.
    Brian Wilson’s recording of “South American” is off his Imagination CD, released June 16 1998; and we saw Jimmy and him perform it in Cincinnati on July 25 1998.
   The ukulele on “Mele Kalikimaka” was played by Peter Mayer.  The “-buca” drink I was trying to think of was Sambuca.  And the reason I cite Harry Potter podcasts as the worst has nothing at all to do with the books themselves.  It’s just that almost everyone on PotterCast and MuggleCast annoys the crap out of me.
    Much the same reason I don’t listen to ours either.
    And speaking of goodwill to men: Happy Holidays everybody!

      >  Download Episode 26

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Friday, December 8 2006

Episode 25: Back to My Podcaster Friends

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 6 2006 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Back with another recording, back to doing album reviews. Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey discuss Floridays, with additional (pre-recorded) comments from Hud, Dave Attell, and Leonard Nimoy.

    We’re back from our Thanksgiving break.
    As you might have guessed, the bit was Hud was recorded the same night before we started the show proper.  Hud did not stick around to be on the panel, but he shared a few words before he left.  The Dave Attell comments are from his Skanks for the Memories CD.  His store is closed but you can order the CD here.
    My memory was slightly fuzzy in recalling “Creola”.  What was cut from the LP was actually the “Forget about mumbo jumbo / Hello to the world of gumbo” couplet.
    The comment about my personal “First Look” refers to a Windjammer trip to the Leeward Islands in 1998.
    I thought there was a “Hoodlum Drink” explanation on some JB FAQ somewhere, but the best I can find is a Hoodlum Drink recipe.
    I’m pleased searches for Run C&W show the CD is still available.  Here’s their story, from one of the band members.
    The last line of the show—“You want the pie?” / “Take it to your boys”—reminds me of a scene from The Godfather.

      >  Download Episode 25

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