Friday, January 26 2007

Episode 29: Saucy!

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 24 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Schmoe is back, Mike brought a trivia book, Scott sings some songs, and Mickey nurses some beers.  Guest appearances by Jennifer and Lee.

    First, a commercial announcement.  Remember, our t-shirt contest ends with our next episode, on February 7!  Play along by telling us your least favorite of our podcasts.  E-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Skype us at northcoastcast, or leave voicemail at 1-774-221-7346!
    And now back to our show notes.  The Jim Mayer Time After Island Time interview is hosted at Buffett News.  The Fore-Skin Golf League site is at  The Neil Finn comment comes from his article in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  Here’s an HSUS press release on Jimmy’s announcement; and here’s some Canadian coverage of the story.  Once again, here’s’s page for their Turks & Caicos Café.  Here’s Mike’s story on the guy caught smuggling 500 parrots (although the story isn’t much longer than the headline).
    The Ark, which Schmoe mentions, is located in Ann Arbor MI.  The show he would be seeing was Joshua Radin on January 30.  While we recorded, the TVs were showing the NHL All-Star game, and Scott was transfixed by a 2nd intermission performance by The Wreckers.  Schmoe and Scott mention they are looking for suggestions on other artists to listen to.  They are quite serious.  If you want to pass some names onto them, write them at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Currently they get most of their leads from the I Am Fuel, You Are Friends site and similar MP3 blogs.
    Our proposed night out would have been “Parrotheads of the Caribbean” on January 26 [scroll to middle of page] at Uptown Dinner Theater in Southfield.
    You can blame the second half of the show on Mike’s trivia book [Amazon link].  By the way, Steve Zahn played “Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr” in Happy, Texas and October 4 1979 was a Thursday.
    You can blame the finale on Listener Roger.  Ben Folds tells a similar joke, ironically as part of an “anti-piracy” message.  And “Maeby Tonight” is a deliberate Arrested Development reference.

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Friday, January 19 2007

Episode 28: Can You Tell Me Some More, Mr Scott?

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 17 2007 (9:30 PM - 10:30 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Mike, Mickey, and Scott engage in a rambling conversation, reminiscing about last year’s concert, ticket sales, opening acts, and announcing our t-shirt giveaway!  (Guest appearance by Lee.)

    Schmoe is sick this week, but we carried on without him (over his objections, in fact).  Not only did his illness affect our podcast panel, the guys didn’t even play wallyball or racquetball beforehand.  Instead, Scott & Mike & Don just sat around drinking beer and eating pizza until I showed up.  I was contemplating making a show out of last week’s outtakes (since I cut almost an hour out of it), but I figured I could at least record a new intro.  Instead, we got a full show.  Not a lot of news, but, as usual, we still managed to talk far too much.
    With this show, we’re announcing our t-shirt giveaway.  Tell us your least favorite episode—and be honest (we can take it)—by e-mailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or voice mailing us at 1-774-221-7346 or Skyping us at northcoastcast [our new account] or using the Mobatalk interface to the lower right, and win a rare and handsome North Coast Cast t-shirt!
    The auction for Jimmy’s 1963 ford Falcon will be ending soon but you can still see the photo of it on Buffett News.
    We encourage you to listen to Time After Island Time on Radio Jimmy Dreamz.
    Our ticket adventures were already discussed in Episode 6, but now Scott gets to tell his side of the story.  I believe this is the concert he talks about, where Jimmy (and Fingers) started the show on a B-stage.  My records show the last time Jimmy had an opening act was in 1993.  The pronunciation of “Ne-vile” is deliberate.  The cable special I mentioned is available on DVD [Amazon link], but evidently my memory is sketchy and “Some White People (Can Dance)” was not performed.  I still have the feeling I heard the song before we saw it live in 1989.  The Ladyfingers Revue toured with Buffett in 1991.  The Zachary Richard concert at Sully’s in Dearborn was in 1990.
    Mike cut me off, but the end of my story involved the accordion guy begging so much to duet that Zachary Richard lost patience and only let the guy play an unmiked washboard.  And the guy was very ticked off.  It was funny to see him go from hero worship to resentment in only about fifteen minutes.  Reminds me of the time I saw Ringo Starr’s All-Star Band, the year John Entwistle toured…but that’s another story…    Later on, the guy had me take a photo of him and Zachary, using Mike’s camera, and then was irritated when I wouldn’t agree to see him perform in Detroit.  I wanted his address so I could just send him the photo but he insisted on my coming to one of his shows and dropping the photo off.  End result, the photo is still in Mike’s archives.  Why is my photo with Zachary Richard so horrible?  Because right before Mike took it, Zachary muttered the word “Orgasm”, which caught me offguard and resulted in some stupid expression frozen in time forever.
    We’ve been mentioning Schmoe a lot in the episode names, but this week we’ll give Scott a shout-out.  Alternate titles included: “And We’re Schmoeless, Baby”, “No Schmoe on Wednesday”, “No Schmoe, No Cry”, and “Trying to Reason with Cold & Flu Season”.
    P.S.: we’ve been giving our Skype name as shortfatguyonline but I decided to keep things all in the family and create a new username.  Our new Skype name is northcoastcast.  This should make things simpler.  Add us to your contacts and send us some voice mail—we’d love to hear from you and add you to the show!  (The previous name still works, so even if you use it you can still contact us.)

      >  Download Episode 28

    P.P.S.: Shall I tell you about my Internet outage?  We’d be warned about snow and ice storms over the weekend—that after a month in, Winter would finally be hitting the North Coast—and on Tuesday morning, shortly after 10 AM, I lost my Internet connection and cable TV.  I did not reach a Comcast representative in the time I had before work, but their recorded message explained how there were several outages and they had no idea when service would be restored.  I was extremely upset to find cable was still out when I got home that night, but at least I had enough stuff backed up on my DVR to occupy the time.  I was even more upset the following morning to find that cable was still out, twenty-four hours earlier!  This time when I called I stayed on the line until I could talk to someone…and found out there were no outages any more—despite their not having changed their recorded message—and that mine must be an isolated incident.  When the repairman showed up, we found that the cable leading to my house had been disconnected and was hanging on a neighor’s fence!  It turns out another neighbor had switched from Comcast to the Dish Network recently, and when Comcast had come out yesterday morning to disconnect him they’d disconnected me!  And I’d spent a whole day thinking the outage was weather related and would get fixed on its own!

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Friday, January 12 2007

Episode 27: Auld Land Shark

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 10 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Schmoe, Scott, Mike, and Mickey discuss the latest headlines and look back at 2006.  With special appearances by Hud, Jacob, Lee, Dino, and a bunch of vocal single women. (FYI: the Roger Clyne Podcast starts at 23:26.)

    And now a word from our sponsor.  “Southeast Michigan Singles is a group for active, educated singles in the Southeast Michigan area.”  Get to know them better at their website—especially if you’re hot (or don’t have a problem with lots of people speaking at once).
    Having trouble with the phrase “They’re dead to me!”?  Perhaps this definition from Urban can help: A phrase used to let someone know they’re dead to you.  That should settle it.  Note: you might find it helpful to practice the phrase on your own before using it in conversation (cf: “No time to lose!”).
    Mickey’s Encyclopedia Brown-like detective skills can be attributed to clues found on the St Barth’s Talk discussion boards.
    After we discovered the “Feeling Alright” link, Buffett News has found more You Tube links.
    The Landshark Lager webpage.
    Here’s the link to the Mustard/Muenster debate on the Buffett News boards.
    B Boomers is a bar on Southfield Rd in Allen Park.
    Here’s’s page for the Jackson/Strait/Buffett Live at Texas Stadium album.
    Once again you can read more about Roger Clyne here.  Is this the show Mike and Joe saw?
    Schmoe’s favorite Buffett moment of 2006 references to Episode 11.  Scott’s references to Episode 20.  Mike’s references Episode 17.  And Mickey’s references all of them.  The article Mickey mentions can be read here.
    That’s Lee singing in the background, at the end.  And that’s Little Drunken Schmoe departing, at the end, too.

      >  Download Episode 27

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Thursday, January 11 2007


    As requested, here are the recipes for the drinks appearing in our recent video.  We hope to add more to this list as we come up with them.

Christmas Tequila
1 fifth Blanco Tequila,
1-2 small boxes Raisins,
3-4 sticks Cinnamon Sticks,

Prepare at least three months before you plan on drinking (i.e. you may use Labor Day as a guide to concoct for Christmastime or Winter Solstice or New Year’s or Guys’ Shopping Night or any other of the appropriate December holidays).  Use your favorite brand of tequila.  Real tequila.  The 100% de Agave stuff.  Blanco.  Silver.  Whatever your brand calls it.
    Open the bottle and pour some out into a clean and worthy receptacle to be retrieved in a few moments.  Drop in the raisins and the cinnamon sticks.  Re-fill the Christmas Tequila bottle with whatever was poured out earlier.  If not all fits, it’s your lucky day!  Shoot it down in your favorite manner to celebrate the moment.  Date the bottle and even number it with the Julian date if you so desire.  Close, put in very back of liquor cabinet, and let it rest at least three months.  Plan party around the three month mark and share with friends.
    Terrific sipping neat, chilled from a shaker, or over ice.  Try rimming your glass of choice with cinnamon and sugar.  Fits into a Cinnamon Girl smartly.  Also goes great in egg nog, especially the farther down the bottle you go.  Try other variations.  What the heck?  It’s the Holidays!
{Credit for this idea goes to, since this is where I heard it first.}

Schmoe Nog
1½ oz. Christmas Tequila,
4 oz. Egg Nog (from dairy section of supermarket is fine),
½ oz. Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps (optional),

Pour egg nog into crystal cup.  Poor tequila into the egg nog and stir.  Enjoy this sweet treat.
Cinnamon Girl
2oz. Christmas Tequila,
1/2 oz. Orange Juice,
1 oz. Rose’s Lime Juice,
1/2 oz. Cointreau,
1 Cinnamon Stick,

Rim glass with cinnamon sugar
Place cinnamon stick in glass
{Credit for this recipe goes to the Cabo Wabo site}

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Tuesday, January 2 2007


    Happy New Year, everybody!  Thanks for subscribing and thanks for making us the #1 Jimmy Buffett podcast in 2006.
    The group met yesterday, and while eating chicken wings and watching U of M lose it was decided our next episode will be recorded January 10.  This took so much out of us we never got around to discusing actual show content, however.  That’s the day after Steve Jobs’s keynote at Macworld too, so be warned that Scott and I might wind up turning it into a big tech podcast. 
    In the meantime, even though the holiday parties might be over here is an important public service announcement, courtesy of Schmoe (and others).

    (Video originally from YouTube [link] and uploaded by starlightjen.)

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