Friday, February 23 2007


North Coast Concoction of the Week

2 oz. Best Damn Tequila You Own (Patron is good),
1 oz. Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice, chilled,

Pour tequila into a cabillito.  Top with chilled lime juice.  Drink.  Have another.  It is even better if the tequila is chilled.  Quick.  Easy.  Smooth.  Effective.  Starts the night out right.  Enjoy before entering a concert or movie.

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Episode 31: Multivacillic Cabalitschmoes

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 21 2007 (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Schmoe, Mickey, and Mike talk about the new video and tour rumors.  Appearances by Hud, Jacob, Don, Jennifer, and Lee.  With a pre-taped appearance from Brett.  (The Roger Clyne podcast starts at approximately 14:42.)

    Birthday wishes can be given at Schmoe’s son’s MySpace page.
    A Day Away Design’s website can be found here.
    As you probably already know, you can get Jimmy’s Sports Illustrated video from iTunes [iTunes link].
    Jimmy’s AFC Pro Bowl play was mentioned in this USA Today article.
    Paczkis?  Here’s what has to say and what Wikipedia has to say about these tasty and filling treats.
    Here’s the Detroit Free Press’s brief mention of Buckwheat Zydeco’s bus accident.
    Roger Clyne’s album, No More Beautiful World, is out March 20, but with these e-cards you can preview the three songs we talked about.
    It was Listener Barbara who told us to listen to Pat Green and Robert Earl Keen.
    Our Michael Scott reference is from the “A Benihana Christmas” episode of The Office.
    Choose Your Own David Wilcox Adventure: click here or go Canadian.  (Hint: the second link is the one Scott used.)

      >  Download Episode 31

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Wednesday, February 14 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day

    Following up on the last episode, here are a couple more selections for favorite Buffett love songs, to help shape the soundtrack for tonight.

Schmoe says:
“Steamer”.  But since he didn’t write it, I will add “Come Monday” as my #2.  “Lady I Can’t Explain” is #3.

Mike says:
“Come Monday” is still the greatest.  “Survive” off of Volcano is my runner up.

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Friday, February 9 2007

Episode 30: 8° and the Super Bowl’s On

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 7 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at the Zodiac Racquet Club in Southgate MI
    “Scott, Schmoe, Mike, and Mickey are joined by newcomer Brett, for our first ever weather, Super Bowl, Steve Jobs, BNL, Prince, Elizabeth Mitchell, Roger Clyne, contest giveaway, and Jimmy Buffett podcast.  (Appearances by Jennifer and Lee.)

    I know we just quoted “Boat Drinks” in a recent title, but we just couldn’t resist.
    Scott has already quashed the whole windchill debate in the comments below, so there’s no point in prolonging it.  (And here I thought he was saying “windshield” the whole time.)  The day after we recorded, Jimmy explained the whole Sports Illustrated video in his pre-show interview with Savannah on Radio Margaritaville.  He wrote the song with Mac, the video was shot in St Barths, and it will be available on iTunes on February 13.
    [Update: iTunes link to “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2007” page.  iTunes link to Jimmy’s videoSI‘s link to sample the video for free.]
    (I also just discovered a video of “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, from the Live By the Bay days, is available on iTunes too [link to iTunes].  Could this be a precursor to a DVD release?)
    Schmoe suggests you look hard at this photo.  You see, it’s an optical illusion.  If you stare long enough, you’ll eventually see Jimmy somewhere in the photo.
    These are the CMT Wide Open Country Video of the Year nominees I mentioned:
        Alison Krauss & Union Station: “If I Didn’t Know Any Better”
         Jack Ingram: “Love You”
        Jimmy Buffett: “Bama Breeze”
        Johnny Cash: “God’s Gonna Cut you Down”
        Pat Green: “Dixie Lullaby”
        Sheryl Crow & Sting: “Always On Your Side”
        Shooter Jennings: “Gone To Carolina”
        Willie Nelson: “You Don’t Know Me”
    I forgot to add the awards will take place April 16.
    Here’s more about the norovirus Brett mentioned; and here’s our weekly link for Grand Turk IslandThis is Steve Jobs’s open letter on DRM.  You can see more on BNL’s stance on non-copy-protected music at the Canadian Music Creators Coalition site and BNL themselves can be reached at their own site.  See if you can spot Brett in BNL’s “Ships & Dip - Day 1” video.
    “U2 just played.”  What the fuck!?
    Seriously, are we overdoing the homophobe jokes?
    Should I link to images of Elizabeth Mitchell nekkid?  What about one of her taking off her underwears.  Aw, what the heck, here are more screen grabs from Gia [NSFW, and possibly not safe for your AV software].  “Tryst as a cracker” joke courtesy of Sam Malone of Cheers.  Joshua Radin’s link is in the previous entry, but here’s Schuyler Fisk‘s.  I said “Martius Islands” in regards to our t-shirt sweatshop but what I meant to say was “Marianas”.  Sorry about that ladies, now quit yer bitchin’ and get back to stitchin’!
    Sorry also about the slight audio problem near the end of the show—I told the guys to mind their cellphones!

      >  Download Episode 30

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