Saturday, March 31 2007

Episode 34: And We Wound Up Casting All Night

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 28 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Our album review is Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes—containing plenty of latitude changes itself, as we detour past class songs, our first CDs, Roger Clyne, broken iPods, hidden tracks, and pirate jokes. Guest appearance by Smooth Jazz 98.7.

    Larry, proprietor of Zodiac Racquet Club, offered, on the Friday prior to our recording (our so-called “monthly” poker night), to set up a special and secluded spot for us this time.  He assured us it would be quiet, but as you can tell it was not.  I swear the Smooth Jazz sounds must be so constant the Zodiac staff have become immune.  But, as Colonel Tigh would have pointed out, “It’s in the FRAKKING SHIP!”
    We were in a room neighboring the salon.  Larry promised us a table and chairs, but these turned out to be a kind of end table and an assortment of bar stools and chair parts.  Scott, in fact, reclined on a seatback resting on the floor, while I stood by the doorway.  Behind me was the salon area, but about the only remaining fixture was a black sink.  I was tempted to turn on the tap, for some aural evidence, but Mike warned me we had been told not to run the water.  The sink was not connected anymore and turning it on would probably send water gushing into the racquet court below.  This felt like even more of an incentive, but I restrained myself.
    And thus, with the stage set, let us proceed with the show notes:
    First off, the oft-mentioned Watering Hole.
    Are there any Parrotheads interested in old Snoop Dogg news?
    Read along with Schmoe!  Here’s that Norbert Putnam article, from Mix Online.
    The Euphoria spelling was brought up in Episode 29.
    Greg also talked about WJR’s JP McCarthy playing “Margaritaville” in Episode 12.
    Schmoe’s predisposition for commas was also exhibited in Episode 32.

      >  Download Episode 34

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Thursday, March 22 2007

Episode 33: The Bournemouth and District Amateur Clynecologists

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 21 2007 (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The Roger Clyne podcast (which starts at 13:45) threatens to take over the whole episode.  BW Dream Setlists and BN March Madness are also touched on; and Mike and Schmoe gripe about pop stars and iTunes, respectively.  Guest appearances by Jennifer and Lee.

    Our hideout was nowhere near as crowded as last time and we had no trouble setting up in our recording studio.  The food was ravioli for Schmoe and pizza for the others.  The drink was a pitcher of Amber Bock, bottles of Bud Light (for me), and water.  My “She blushes” comment is a quote from the “Shindig” episode of Firefly.
    There was a lot more behind-the-scenes commentary about the Buffett News podcast.  Here’s a blog page exclusive outtake.

    No official word on who the King Kong Trio was comprised of, but one disreputable site says it was Jimmy, Mike Utley, and Robert Greenidge.  Submit your Dream Setlist at BuffettWorld.  And follow the March Madness match-ups at BuffettNews.  How ’bout that 300 imitation, eh?  Bob-Lo was an old amusement park on an island in the Detroit River.  The revised Schmoeonade recipe is accessible here.
    Buy No More Beautiful World direct from Roger Clyne’s website.  Apparently, according to Mike, I’ll be seeing Roger Clyne on May 3 at the Magic Bag.
    I know we sound like a bunch of cranky old men, but, seriously, “Fergilicious” is pure shit.
    Hey, I just noticed Mike’s comment about living on Dix and Champaign! [Google Maps link]   Don’t know the story behind the quote but it should be fun to play back to his wife.
    Learn more about Mike’s homework answer at Club  Brandi Carlile’s iTunes listing really is screwed up.  I’m no expert but the races that lead to the America’s Cup take many months, so Scott and Schmoe can both be right.

Bank of Bad Habits ATM Card, from AOL’s Parrot Key

    And now, our product placement.  Whet your Herr’s appetite at their official site.  Of course, we’re more familiar with Herr’s as being a plot point in the “Grief Counseling” episode of The Office.  Here’s the official site for Schmoe’s Laughing Cow cheese.  And although, for your own well-being, this should not be construed as a commercial endorsement, you can learn more about Falstaff Beer bottle caps here.
    By the way, this week’s show title comes from “Silly Noises” track on Monty Python’s Previous Record.

      >  Download Episode 33

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Bum Rush the Charts

    Today’s the day to show the power of podcasting.

    Today’s the day to follow this link, give 99¢, and show the RIAA the power and reach of podcasting.  Not only can you help make a statement, but a percentage of your purchase goes to college scholarships.     (Of course our putting this on our blog as opposed to discussing it in our podcast kind of muddies the waters a little.)

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Friday, March 16 2007

“You Realize Of Course That This Means War”

    Holy crap!  It’s an emergency!  Those asshole announcers who do the Audio Broadcast [iTunes link] have knocked us off the iTunes page for Jimmy Buffett podcasts!  We need your help.  We hate begging for responses—we usually only beg for donations to Scott’s Paypal accout—but iTunes bases podcast popularity by comments as well as downloads, so please go to iTunes and leave a comment about our podcast [iTunes link].  Only in this way can justice prevail.

“Generations of theatrical expertise, snuffed out in the twinkling of an eye!”

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Monday, March 12 2007


Retrieved by popular demand from the comments of Episode 30, here’s another Schmoetail recipe:

2 oz. Reposado Tequila,
1½ oz. Triple Sec,
3 oz, Sweet & Sour Mix (Mr. & Mrs. T is the best, believe it or not),
2 oz. or so 7-Up,
2 tsp. Bar Syrup or Sugar or Cane Sugar,
Half of lemon and lemon slice,

Fill tall glass with ice.  I mean a tall glass.  Lots of ice cubes.  Put at least one lemon slice in amongst the ice.  Squeeze half a lemon into shaker along with some ice.  After you are done squeezing, place the poor little pathetic looking juiced half-lemon into the shaker as well.  Take my word for it.  Shake everything but the 7-Up in the shaker.  (Schmoe has to admit he once—just ONCE—shook with the 7-Up inside and it took all his might to keep the shaker from exploding with energy generated from the carbonation.)  As you pour into the tall glass (remember the tall glass?), pour some 7-Up into the glass at the same time—just a couple ounces.  This can save the whole need to stir if you pour together since the glass is so tall and filled with so many ice cubes and you may want to get right to enjoying the drink as soon as possible.  Sip and enjoy, preferably out on a pool deck, in the sun, or the shade, or something like that.

On the North Coast, we also enjoy inside, during the winter months, which is about eight of them, while we pretend we are outside in the sun, wearing sun glasses, on vacation, listening to Buffett, and enjoying our refreshment.  It doesn’t take much to get us doing that.  Anyway, back to the drink.  It is refreshing and surprisingly much like the fresh lemonade you get at fairs in the summer, with one difference, our concoction has tequila.  I imagine that you can probably use rum or something like that.  Possibly a lemon or lime essenced rum or vodka, that is, if you are not man enough for tequila.
{Based on a few tequila/lemonade type recipes out there}

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Episode 32: Podcast Si, Brevedad No

Show Notes:
Recorded Saturday, March 10 2007 (6:30 PM - 12:00 AM), at Casa de Schmoe, Dearborn MI
    “This week’s episode is dedicated to C.E. Smith.   Another Saturday Night podcast, although the music under review is Don’t Stop the Carnival.  Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe are present, with Scott reporting in on video chat; and with Schmoe’s and Mike’s kids in the background playing basketball.

    Did I get my Spanish right?
    We were all assembled on Wednesday yet we were still unable to record.  The lounge at Zodiac was very full and, like we said during the episode, we were unable to reserve our usual recording studio room.  Even if we’d chosen to record in the main lounge, it would’ve been much too loud for decent audio.  Thus, we quickly scheduled a backup recording date for the following Saturday, at Schmoe’s domicile.  It turned into a nice little party, with plenty of beer, tequila-based Schmoetails, and lots of food. In fact, you can hear me munching away on chips as the show begins.  (I also change places many times, in the stereo spectrum, because I didn’t want to chew too closely to the microphones…and I also enjoyed moving around.)  Scott was unable to attend in person, but managed to spend a little time with us through iChat.
    Why the talk about Daylight Saving Time?  First because it’s a sham, but mainly because prepping and installing the patches for it ruined two days at work that week.  (Fortunately the actual time change went smoothly.)
    The Feedburner page for’s Buffett news podcast can be found here or you can subscribe here in iTunes.
    While checking out the winner of Radio Margaritaville’s contest, Mike took a liking to this avatar in the BuffettNews discussion boards.  It might interest Mike to know the owner of said avatar is described as a “grumpy old man”.
    Here’s the article proposing Jimmy Buffett’s material for Florida’s state song.  This is Mike’s link to learn about Wicked.  And by the way, it did not play the Fox Theatre when it was in Detroit; it was at the Masonic.  And near the end of our tour dates discussion, it sounds like Schmoe is paraphrasing Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.
    By Scott’s request, we review Don’t Stop the Carnival this week.  A quick overview of Herman Wouk’s work can be found in Wikipedia.  The one thing that struck me most when reading Don’t Stop the Carnival was how episodic it was, with a hotelier’s worst-case-scenarios cropping up one after the other like a weekly sitcom.  It almost reads like a precursor to Fawlty Towers.  I was thus interested, when doing my research for the podcast, that TIME Magazine had noticed the same thing, in their review from 1965.
    We have a Best Buy promo CD called Calaloo but nothing from Target.  (I seem to recall something from Target though, but maybe I didn’t get it since it had nothing unique or original on it.)  Scott mentions “Cairo”, from the Best Buy CD, which is also available on Club Trini’s Margaritaville Cafe New Orleans: Late Night Live.  And the character I was trying to remember from South Pacific is of course “Bloody Mary”.
    My iMix of Buffett covers can be found here [iTunes link].
    Where is Joe Merchant? was approximately six years old when DSTC came out.  And by “revolutionize” I meant “revitalize”.
    Wikipedia has this to say about “calaloo” as a food.  This episode’s excerpt of “Calaloo” comes from August 9 1997.  (Jimmy mentions “Miami” because the preceding song was “Everybody’s Got a Cousin in Miami”.)
    “No DRALS” was the slogan of the 1991 Outposts tour.
    Hear the noises off to the left that sound like a basketball game?  That’s Schmoe’s kids outside.  My microphones picked it up with almost three-dimsional Holophonic™ quality—and it drives me crazy!  (Later on you can hear Schmoe’s kids on the right side, playing video games.)
    In our defense, the connection between G.E. Smith and Jimmy was established in 1994, when they collaborated on “Six String Music”, hence our natural assumption that “C.E. Smith” was simply a misprint in the liner notes.  And I don’t want to point fingers, but we’re not the only JB fan site to have made this mistake.  I’m disappointed it took us so long to make the correction, that the “Kinja Rules” vocalist is not only really C.E. Smith but that he was also part of the original theatrical cast; but my PowerBook was being used for Scott’s audio which prevented me from doing any web searches while we recorded.
    Here’s my page on my 1064-step climb up Mt Saba.
    Norman Paperman needs H2O but some people actually want to ban it.
    Here’s more about the wandering comma in “God, Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”.  The noises Mike is making are an ode to the inimtable Victor Borge and his invention of Phonetic Punctuation.  (There’s another cute clip of the routine here.)
    I promise to digitize my “Green Flash at Sunset” video but until then here’s a cruder copy (in RealVideo) plus some other images from that Antigua trip of mine.

DSTC Phone Card, from Best Buy

    Our big finish was blatantly stolen from comedian Todd Barry.

       Download Episode 32

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