Sunday, September 30 2007

Episode 51: Chanson des Abrutis Bavards

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 26 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Greg and Scott are no-shows, but Mike joins Mickey and Schmoe via speakerphone to review Volcano and to pay tribute to Episode 11.  Guests: Lee and, just barely, Jennifer.

    00:11 - Autumn 2007 began Sunday, September 23, 5:51 AM (EDT)
    02:13 - not all of Canada, just the Canadians I deal with at work
    02:21 - evidently, on the day of our recording, a US dollar was worth $1.0039 Canadian.  And also on this day, the US dollar hit a new low against the Euro.  One US dollar was worth 0.707 EUR.
    02:44 - to hell with putting clips in context!
    04:00 - you can read all the “Glory Days” complaints during the “live commenting” on BuffettNews
    05:21 - here’s an image of what we’re talking about
    05:49 - an RCPM related story best explained in the comments ... right?
    07:38 - as discussed in Episode 32
    09:23 - nostalgia for LPs, I mean, not scratchy playback
    09:28 - and no Buffett LPs, I mean.  I’ve got plenty of LPs, believe me; just not any Buffett LPs
    11:12 - I never knew Schmoe was so determined to talk about Mike’s cutoffs
    12:10 - Gary is Greg’s older brother.  (Should I have mentioned this?)
    14:55 - I thought I saw this same Chet Flippo article online somewhere, but the best I can find is this reference to it in the Steve Eng book (via Google Books)
    15:54 - Greg’s Word DOC [PDF]
    17:15 - yep, One Particular Harbour in 1983.  BuffettWorld confirms it
    19:12 - well, you guys know the “Fins to the left, fins to the right” part.  But the third step in the Fins Dane is to put your left fist in your right armpit and your fist over your left shoulder.  Then move your elbows apart, like a giant shark mouth.  (I really wish I could do technical drawings.)   We’re not making this up either.  Jimmy explained the Fins Dance back in the 70s
    22:00 - link to Episode 11
    22:11 - it just so happens Greg still possesses this cassette tape, and that we do shout a greeting between “Fins” and “Volcano”.  Here is an excerpt from that actual cassette:

    22:19 - link to Episode 11
    22:56 - hey Greg, it’s “stylus” [stī-ləs]
    23:27 - Landshark listing in Wikipedia
    24:49 - remora listing in Wikipedia
    25:46 - no podcast next week, as most of us will be seeing Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers on Thursday, October 4 and in Cleveland on October 5.  Look for other upcoming shows at the AZ Peacemakers site
    25:57 - buy Roger Clyne’s “D-Back Swing” at the Peacemakers’ new Digital Downloads site.  The WAOTNC boys also recommend The Whole Enchilada.  Eight CDs for fifty bucks!
    30:42 - James Taylor’s brothers are named Alex, Livingston, and Hugh.  He also has a sister named Kate.
    31:06 - “Treat Her Like a Lady” is available at the bottom of my my 2000 setlist page
    31:45 - do most people think “Treat Her Like a Lady” is about a ship or about the ocean?  Chime in in the comments
    32:42 - Schmoe’s daughter Kate is infatuated with horses
    33:56 - let’s see how long it takes to fix their Volcano track list
    34:35 - “...respectively”
    35:49 - a reference of course to our recent Caseville mini-podcasts
    36:03 - yep the LP lyrics say “Princess Lia”
    36:50 - once again, here’s an example of what Greg’s talking about, right off his cassette.  Schmoe’s recording style really is a mood-killer:

    38:29 - link to my 1998 setlist page
    40:38 - Schmoe’s gone Hollywood.  He’s talking about himself in the third person.
    47:30 - link to Episode 11
    48:40 - dang it, I forgot to add rimshots
    49:49 - no, actually it’s Episode 41

      >  Download Episode 51

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Wednesday, September 19 2007

Episode 50: Britches

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 12 2007 (8:00 PM - 11:30 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “A new show on Talk Like a Pirate Day? It’s like a dream come true!  Well, dream on, because this was recorded a week ago and took a full seven days for post-production.
Then it must be great, right?  Well, get somebody to pinch you because you’re dreaming too much!  Back at Zodiac, for the start of Season 4, Greg, Scott, Schmoe, and Mickey continue
discussing the box set, with a closer look at
Beaches.  And Mike joins them, but only by phone.  Guests include Jennifer and Lee.

    00:43 - Episode 17, Schmoe, Episode 17
    01:40 - the Detroit Shock won the WNBA Championship September 9 2006, Saturday, defeating the Sacramento Monarchs 80-75.
    02:28 - all this was already put to rest by Larry himself, three minutes into Episode 24
    03:40 - Buffett World didn’t forget the anniversary though
    04:07 - Jimmy’s CMA Live Event nomination (right column, middle)
    04:15 - Mac’s CMA Musician of the Year nomination (right column, bottom)
    04:43 - Mac’s Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame induction
    09:07 - during the pre-show, Savannah Jane interviewed rock writer Bill Flanagan who had this to say about Elo Ferrier…

    10:43 - Scott doesn’t know what’s good for him.  Pay no mind to his hesitations and go out and buy Firefly ASAP.
    10:50 - thanks to The Daily Show, “douchebag” has become the It word of 2007
    11:02 - no, Schmoe did not have an incredibly fast eighteen-second pee.  We just cut out all the boring stuff where we waited for him to return
    12:11 - regrettably, we are not at liberty to discuss our dealings with at this time
    12:30 - this is what I researched
    15:21 - possibly another instance of Schmoe’s unique pronunciation style.  Most people pronounce “Crowell” to rhyme with “cowl”.  And since we brought it up, here’s the link for Rodney Crowell’s official site
    15:54 - Amazon link for Texas Troubadours
    16:35 - and that is where we got the idea to review Volcano for Episode 51
    19:14 - one mention of “The parties are all over” in the first verse, which seems more like Beaches than specifically Bars to me; and one mention of “the joint begins to jumpin” in the last verse.  So I guess it’s a tie.
    25:54 - that little noise is Greg checking his phone messages
    27:19 - for the record, in an August 21 e-mail (discussing a review of “Boats”) Schmoe suggested we:

1)  Review the new songs
2)  What songs would you take off that CD
3)  What songs would you put in its place
4)  What songs released SINCE the boxed set would you put on that disc.

I guess it’s the vagueness of point 3) that has us confused.  I saw it as meaning what songs on the box set fit better, but I guess Schmoe meant which songs not on the box set would fit better.
    29:55 - Schmoe is quick to point out this song, made famous by the Muppets, actually originated in an Italian softcore porno
    30:17 - the fourth track, of course
    33:28 - “ashphalt” is so frequently used you’d think it might be an alternate pronunciation.  But no, a check of online dictionaries suggest it’s just a wrong pronunciation.  Thus, you’d think Schmoe said it rather than Greg.
    33:39 - another word from our sponsor
    34:36 - yep, that’s me when I’m drunk.  ‘Cept I babble a lot more.
    35:11 - Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine
    35:59 - I was aiming for “The Stranger” from The Big Lebowski, but it sounds more like a combination of John Wayne and Yosemite Sam
    37:43 - you’ll have to forgive the dodgy audio levels and the occasional “mosquito noise”.  I was trying to set up the phone and the speaker and move the mics around while the call was already ongoing
    40:55 - as heard in Episode 37
    41:02 - which, as mentioned before, I recorded off radio
    44:54 - nope, that was on October 18
    45:21 - either Buffett is justified in ignoring us, since his concerts are apparently so forgettable; or, it proves we need him to show up here more than ever in order to remember him better
    45:59 - which you can hear below
    46:37 - actually, the Southeast Michigan Singles aren’t meeting at Zodiac this season.  As of September 29 they’ve chosen instead to meet at the Coliseum in Taylor every Wednesday for wallyball.

      >  Download Episode 50

Episode 50B: Adventures in Best Buy-ing

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 12 2007 (11:00 PM - 11:30 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI

    As mentioned at the end of Episode 50, Scott had an entertaining anecdote for us about recent troubles buying a gadget from Best Buy.  It was too long to include within the show, so we offer it here instead as a separate sound file and blog page exclusive:
Listen now…


      >  Download Episode 50B

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