Monday, October 29 2007

Episode 54: Sawings to Gnaw My Heart

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 24 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “There’s safety in numbers.  The whole coven joins together to brew up a terrifying Halloween episode.  Mike conjures himself across country and there’s even an attack by an undead Hud!  Horrifying lulls, scary song titles, jokes returning from the dead—but ... no GSM phone noise!

    Mu-wa-ha-ha-ha-haaa!   Mine is an evil laugh!   Welcome to our Halloween episode—uploaded just in time too.  This week’s episode required the use of two operating systems!  Part of it was edited under OS X 10.4 Tiger and the remainder was finished in OS X 10.5 Leopard.  Notice a difference?
    It would be nice to say our dedication to fixing the GSM noise problem caused Mike to fly up from Houston to join us in person, but it was actually just a coincidence.  The project Mike is working on needs to be done by the end of the year, so his employers gave him this week off to give him a break before “crunch time” starts.
    00:04 - I’m not really sure what happened to Greg, even though I was sitting across from him.  Schmoe moved his chair back and somehow Greg, sitting next to him, got hurt.  As far as the subsequent references, perhaps someone more knowledgeable will illuminate us in the comments.
    01:26 - “ my brain” has become our new catchphrase evidently, thanks to Greg’s mention of “my brain’s iPod” in the Episode 51.  Hopefully you won’t get too sick of it, since you’ll be hearing this a lot
    02:59 - Jackson’s dot-Mac listserv group can be found at
    03:51 - Jimmy’s Detroit show for the Beach House tour was Tuesday, June 8 1999.  Here’s the setlist.
    04:00 - our original album art, before my niece created our cool logo, was photographed before Jimmy’s Tiki Time concert: Tuesday, June 24 2003.
    04:11 - the video exists in crappy old RealVideo, but maybe one day I’ll re-edit it to something better
    06:27 - Jimmy calls her Chicamauga in “False Echoes” and A Pirate Looks at Fifty, but the news stories call her Chiquimula
    08:17 - Mac McAnally news story 
    13:22 - the big screen TV got shut off (which Hud was facing), but the one above the bar was left on (which Greg, Schmoe, and Mike could see)
    18:27 - I’m really surprised I haven’t read any Headmaster jokes after the news broke.  And how does Michael Gambon feel with his photo accompanying every article?
    23:44 - despite the long edit time, I still managed to screw this section up.  I forgot to drop the recording in over the top of what I played live, but his has since been corrected.  This message was left on August 24 2007, from New Hampshire.
    24:22 - Greg switched positions, in the stereo spectrum, because he was returning from a bathroom break
    24:34 - more outtakes from Episode 52.  Aurora Rd was indeed the address of our SpringHill Marriott.  Hud is referring to our last Caseville weekend.
    26:38 - another of Greg’s many nicknames, and it has been for many many years
    28:08 - don’t get the joke?  Listen to Episode 53 from 13:18 to 15:49.  This will quite likely be another running gag too.
    28:08 - Count Scary, played by WOMC’s Tom Ryan, hosted TV specials for WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit.  Scary was quite obviously based on the Count Floyd character played by Joe Flaherty of SCTV.
    34:50 - hey, I got the song title right!  But it’s a swinging cutlass, not a swinging scythe.
    35:27 - Hud mentions “The Wind Cries Mary” because he has borrowed Schmoe’s JB discography printout and is scanning song titles
    38:06 - I heard a story on NPR how houses in Detroit could be bought for only a couple thousand dollars, but I can’t find that story any more.  So I’ll link to this Detroit housing story instead.  Update: here’s a related posting, of Detroit houses for less than $250
    38:17 - and this, ladies and gentlemen, is how we decided Episode 55 will be our review of Hot Water.  Send your reviews and comments to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or leave a voice message at 1-774-221-7346.
    44:27 - “Isn’t this where we came in?” —Greg does his own inadvertent homage to The Wall.
    45:26 - early listeners got to hear an editing oversight here too

      >  Download Episode 54

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Friday, October 19 2007

Episode 53: Bores

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 10 2007 (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM) after Episode 52, at Casa de Greg, Dearborn MI
    “The boys continue their discussion of the box set with disc three, “Bars”. But to be blunt, this one sucks.  The microphones picked up a steady stream of GSM noise from our conference call with Mike; and, honestly, if you skip this one I, your humble description writer, would completely understand.  (Return appearance by Cathy.)

    Here’s the second half of what we recorded in Greg’s basement.  We had minimal phone noise then, but nothing but phone noise this time.  The only difference is we called Mike the first time and Mike called us the second half.  And, based on this minimal research, I would posit that receiving a phone call causes more interference than making one. Thank you for contributing to our lesson.  Because of the interference I added a bit more noise reduction than usual, but the GSM noise remains omnipresent.
    Schmoe cleared up the confusion over the four questions with a revision, e-mailed the morning of October 9.

1)  Review the new songs on the disc
B)  What songs (3 or so) would you take off that CD?
3)  What songs (3 or so) would you put in its place (from the time period the set covers)?
D)  What songs (3 or so) released SINCE the boxed set would you put on that disc?

    09:12 - silly me, I thought Greg was implying the song had been used in a Rodney Dangerfield movie, not that the lyrics were the same as a title of a Rodney Dangerfield movie.   ...And the name of the dive is the Triple Lindy.
    12:55 - James Jones on Wikipedia (my hesitation stemmed from fear of confusing Jones’s bibliography with Herman Wouk’s)
    13:33 - Mufasa’s line is “Remember who you are.”
    24:57 - another Arrested Development quote
    26:03 - at last, the story Greg merely hinted at three minutes into Episode 52.
    28:52 - speaking of Episode 52, Greg’s little comment was taken from the earlier show to make the transition to his wife reappearing.  The joke was actually recorded before our second call with Mike, which explains why it is blessedly free of GSM interference.
    30:02 - please send your suggestions for heated, alcoholic, dairy-free drinks to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

      >  Download Episode 53

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Sunday, October 14 2007

Episode 52: Strummed and Rum’d

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 10 2007 (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM), at Casa de Greg, Dearborn MI
    “The Roger Clyne podcast starts at 00:00.   The boys reminisce about their weekend seeing RCPM in Detroit and Cleveland; and they interview Chad Heckler, the man who made Roger’s new guitar.  (Cameo appearance by Cathy.)

    Attack of the Clyne-cast, Part II.
    We recorded two shows last Wednesday, the Roger Clyne show presented here and the “Bars” review we promised earlier.  Schmoe couldn’t round up enough people for wallyball so we ended up simply recording the show at Greg’s house.  His basement, specifically.  We assumed the Clyne podcast would be brief, consisting of a quick wraparound to our interview with Chad Heckler; but we ended up talking for an hour and a half!  What we’d assumed would be a quick and easy bonus show for the feed turned into our longest episode yet.
    Chad Heckler’s MySpace page.
    Our locations in Ferndale: The Post, Howe’s Bayou (link pending), and The Magic Bag Theater.
    Here’s the Waterin’ Hole page where people first started discussing Roger’s new guitar.
    Chad’s custom guitar for Roger: 1 | 2 | in action.
    11:26 - Red 57
    11:47 - Ha!. and you thought this show would have no Buffett content!
    12:43 - Pictures of Roger’s “Old Faithful”:

Old Faithful, front


Old Faithful, back

    13:02 - buy Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy direct from The Peacemakers
    14:09 - Brian Blush
    17:55 - Chad’s favorites: Better Than Ezra and The Refreshments.
    27:51 - Detroit concert recorded by yours truly.  Much of what we talk about an be viewed in our Gallery: Detroit album
    35:52 - The old Beatles song is “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”.
    37:06 - yes, Cleveland refers to themselves as the “North Coast” and Wikipedia says that Michigan is really the “Third Coast”.  Too late to change our podcast name though, I guess.  I still contend that Michigan’s two peninsulas offer more of a coast than Cleveland’s.
    40:20 - ironically, while we were just down the street from the stadium we watched the midge attack on TV like anyone else
    41:00 - Latvian dance music performed by Atštaukas
    43:18 - Cleveland concert recorded by Matt Miller (complete recording available here).  Much of what we talk about an be viewed in our Gallery: Cleveland album.
    43:49 - Diana’s MySpace page | Tippy’s MySpace page.  Tippy also has some excellent photos of the Detroit and Cleveland shows, over on her Flickr page.
    44:47 - another one of those references to an old story from college
    46:38 - Shelly and Tim’s MySpace pages: 1 | 2
    52:52 - Neti pot
    62:21 - here’s the video
    Incidentally, this episode’s title comes from Roger’s song “Bottom of the Bay” off No More Beautiful World.

      >  Download Episode 52

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Tuesday, October 9 2007

Album Reviews


1970Down to Earth 
1971High Cumberland Jubilee 
1973A White Sport Coat and a Pink CrustaceanEpisode 45A, 45B, & 46
1974Living and Dying in 3/4 TimeEpisode 90
1974A1AEpisode 18
1975Rancho Deluxe 
1976Havaña Daydreamin'Episode 60
1977Changes in Latitudes, Changes in AttitudesEpisode 34
1978Son of a Son of a SailorEpisode 11
1978You Had to Be There (Live)Episode 39
1979VolcanoEpisode 51
1981Coconut TelegraphEpisode 14
1982Somewhere Over ChinaEpisode 15
1983One Particular HarbourEpisode 88
1984Riddles in the SandEpisode 47
1985Last Mango In ParisEpisode 84
1985Songs You Know by Heart 
1986FloridaysEpisode 25
1988Hot WaterEpisode 55
1989Off to See the LizardEpisode 12
1990Feeding Frenzy (Live) 
1992Box Set: 
      BoatsEpisode 48
      BeachesEpisode 50
      BarsEpisode 53
      BalladsEpisode 57
1994FruitcakesEpisode 61
1995Barometer SoupEpisode 41
1996Banana WindEpisode 13
1996Christmas IslandEpisode 26
1998Don't Stop The CarnivalEpisode 32
1999Beach House On The MoonEpisode 49
1999Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays (Live)Episode 104
2002Far Side Of The WorldEpisode 16
2003Meet Me In Margaritaville 
2003Live in Las Vegas, Nevada 
2003Live in Auburn, Washington 
2003Live in Cincinnati, Ohio 
2003Live in Mansfield, Massachusetts 
2004License to Chill Episode 19
2005Live in Hawaii 
2005Live at Fenway Park 
2006Hoot (Soundtrack) 
2006Take The Weather With YouEpisode 20
2007Live at Texas StadiumEpisode 35
2007Live in AnguillaEpisode 56
2009Buffet HotelEpisode 115

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Saturday, October 6 2007

On the Road with Roger Clyne

    Detroit Thursday.  Cleveland Friday.  Be back soon…

    Behind the Magic Bag, Ferndale MI.  Thursday, October 4 2007

Amazingly, Roger’s arms really are that long.

    Next door to the Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH.  Friday, October 5 2007

Note Mike and Schmoe are wearing the same shirt.

    Update: the Detroit photos and Cleveland photos are now available in our Gallery

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Friday, October 5 2007


    OK, ladies and gentlemen.
     Our home team is out of the running, which means baseball is done for Detroit fans—or so you might think.  Where can you now put all your baseball playoff energy?  Look no further than the Arizona Diamondbacks.  This is where we need to focus are energy.  Not for the sake of baseball, but rather the good of Arizona’s own Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.
    Roger wrote a little ditty to help support his hometown team, the Arizona Diamond backs.  The farther they go the more I am sure we will hear his song, providing some much needed kudos for a very talented singer and songwriter.  So watch the video and spread the word.  This year, I back, you back, we back the D-backs.  That’s a fact, Jack!!
    Yes, I did go see Roger at the Magic Bag last night.  It is the best live show you will ever attend!
    Watch the video.  Very good tune!!

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