Sunday, March 30 2008

Episode 64: Fun Tickets in Our Pockets

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 26 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Between the last episode and this, it was announced that Jimmy is coming back to
Pine Knob and tickets have already gone on sale. Schmoe, Greg, Texas Mike, Hud, Mickey,
and Scott share their ticket-buying stories, with guest appearances by Jennifer and Lee.

    00:19 - a topical reference to Hillary Clinton and her questionable memory on the campaign trail
    00:51 - Greg's "smelled bad" comment is in reference to the pitcher of water Jennifer just brought
    01:10 - the international sign for water is reportedly holding up three fingers
    02:03 - the Pistons lost to the Raptors, 89 to 82
    02:20 - Houston is the site of the tour's opening night, Monday April 21
    02:39 - Landshark Lager
    02:57 - Scott's brother's wrestling podcast
    03:23 - Straight Guys Who Love Show tunes, a member of the PodSchmoe podcast network
    03:58 - the first newspaper ad
    04:16 - #1 Overall Live Event on, via Buffett News
    04:45 - Jen had a hole in her top. She was wearing a sweater top with white and navy blue horizontal stripes, and the hole was right along the bust line. She lucked out at least that the hole was right in one of the blue stripes, so it was almost hidden in the dim light of the Zodiac back room. Update: you can see the hole in this picture.
    05:03 - the tour page at Jake Shimabukuro's website
    05:28 - "Tonsil Trouble", South Park Episode 1, Season 12. Watch it here. Once again, this clip has been cut for time as well slightly re-ordered for clarity. One remarkable element of the clip is that they knew enough to use a modern-day Jimmy but they gave him the Live By the Bay band!

JB on South Park

    08:18 - Landshark was the drink of choice on the March 7 edition of the Diggnation podcast. Watch it here. (Thanks go to Listener Ed for dropping us a line about it.)

Landsharks on Diggnation

    09:13 - Advertising Age's article on Corona, via Buffett News
    09:55 - links for Miller Chill, Tecate, Dos Equis, and Bud Light with Lime
    10:20 - for one poker night long long ago Mike showed up with some lime-flavored tortilla chips. It was so outlandish we never let him hear the end of it. We had no idea how ahead of his time Mike would be ... but we still give him hell over it.
    11:53 - introducing my new Samson H2 Zoom recorder. We switch now from the Core Sound mics and my Edirol R-09 recorder to the H2 Zoom which we could hand off between us
    12:57 - according to Schmoe this came from Family Guy Episode 6, Season 1, "The Son Also Draws". Watch it here.
    14:22 - not counting TicketMaster's additional charges, our $134.50 tickets included $3 for "traffic control", an $8.50 "venue fee", and $1 for Jimmy's Singing for Change charity
    14:51 - first discussed in Episode 61
    22:50 - as heard in Episode 63
    26:58 - this is what we're talking about

      >  Download Episode 64

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Thursday, March 27 2008

Tragic Accident

When someone you know and care about dies as a result of a freak accident, it knocks you off your feet.  [...]  You think that what you’re seeing and hearing is so wild that it can’t possibly be happening.

That’s how many of my friends and neighbors in the Caseville area are feeling as they try to take stock of what happened to Judy Zagorski on Thursday [March 20].  Zagorski, a Caseville resident, was killed in Florida when an airborne spotted eagle ray hit her while she rode in a boat driven by her father.  The accident was so incomprehensible that it made new reports across the nation.

I met Judy through her long association with the Cheeseburger in Caseville Festival, the 10-day party that transforms our village into Key North, a tropical paradise each summer.  Judy, and her husband, Steve, who died in his own nightmarish way in December 2005 after complications from routine shoulder surgery, were among the original organizers of the festival.

Judy was what you call a “people person.”  She was sweet and kind and generous, almost to a fault.  If you met her, you liked her.  It was automatic.  She became an instant friend, someone who would do anything she could for you.

People in our tiny resort town will remember her vibrant smile, her great sense of humor, and her humanity for years to come.

Taken from Dave Vizard’s Bay CIty Times column, via

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Thursday, March 20 2008

BONUS: 2008 Radio Ad

    Carrying on the tradition, here’s the radio ad for our concert this year.

    Caught on WCSX (94.7 FM) at around 10 PM Thursday night, after only about nine hours of recording.  (The ending is somewhat faked because it got buried under the start of the next commercial.)

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Tuesday, March 18 2008

Episode 63: Sharkjaws Adam at Bay

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 12 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The preliminaries out of the way, we finally get down to reviewing the Live By the Bay concert video.  And the wait was worth it since Mickey and Schmoe were not only joined by Mike (on phone) and Hud, but Scott and Greg managed to show up again too!  (Cameo by Jennifer.)

    00:03 - Mike attended a work dinner, while in Houston, which he had feared might delay his participation on the panel
    00:55 - obviously MIke did not get disconnected.  I can only assume the wire from the phone to our speaker had a shot
    01:03 - score by John Williams and Christopher Young
    03:01 - Hud remained pretty fascinated by the contents of Scott’s MacBook.  (The YouTube stuff he mentions was archived, since Zodiac still doesn’t have wi-fi.)
    03:06 - Landshark Lager
    03:33 - Buffett World tour dates
    04:26 - “he’s playing Jul 17th in both Texas and Ohio”, Greg wrote, after perusing (the first place I saw the June 10 rumor)
    05:00 - #3 on Top Live Events, via Buffett World
    05:15 - tonight’s sponsor, Straight Guys Who Love Show Tunes
    05:41 - news on Captain Tony, via Buffett News
    06:15 - Amazon’s link to Sleepy Time Tunes Jimmy Buffett Lullabies.  You’re probably not supposed to operate heavy machinery while listening to it, but the :30 samples available on iTunes might be safe enough.  Having sampled the samples, I especially like how “CILCIA” is included.  What better way to train your toddler to shout “Sonofabitches!” on cue.  I do have to admit the album has a pleasing, easy-going feel (despite that monotonous sleigh bell); but ultimately the tracks all sound way too much like those self-loading MIDIs on your old mid-90s Geocities page.
    06:56 - Margaritaville Salsa at Garden Fresh Gourmet
    07:04 - Listener Josh wrote us on March 6
    09:40 - that’s Greg’s U of M inspired ringtone, by the way
    11:20 - Wikipedia describes the Miami Marine Stadium as “originally built for powerboat racing and utilized a floating stage in front of the grandstand that allowed additional concertgoers to listen from their boats in the water behind the stage.”
    12:01 - the Barbizon modeling school
    12:41 - a topical reference about some football coach who was guilty of pressing his naked self against windows, but I can’t find the news story any more
    13:22 - first heard in Episode 13
    14:26 - still need to find Westwood One info
    20:24 - here’s a screen grab off my laserdisc:

“Only visiting this planet”

    25:56 - now compare this to what Scott said in Episode 56     28:21 - everybody knows the Fins to the Left part, everybody knows the Fins to the Right part.  This is the third step…


    28:45 - the “Last Mango” chorus is written on the men’s room wall at Capt Tony’s     30:24 - you know what?  Screw it.  The song sounds so good, here’s an MP3 download of it.  It’s straight off my ancient bootleg CD, which somebody obviously recorded off the old radio concert LP.     31:06 - in 1981, according to Wikipedia, “Sailing” won Grammys for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Arrangement; the Christopher Cross album won Album of the Year; and Cross himself won Best New Artist     33:01 - another topical reference, to the mess Detroit mayor Kuame Kilpatrick got in texting saucy messages to his chief of staff, Christine Beatty

      >  Download Episode 63

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Sunday, March 16 2008

2008 Newspaper Ad

From the Detroit Free Press: Sunday, March 16. Entertainment section, 2F.

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Friday, March 14 2008


    The rumor is true. BuffettNews confirms it.
    Jimmy is coming back to Pine Knob: Tuesday, June 10! Tickets are $37.50 or <gulp> $137.50 and go on sale Friday, March 21.
    Hand me a Landshark and a credit card — all systems are go!
    P.S.: the Detroit Free Press also mentions the concert news (via BuffettWorld). Strange how the Freep says "Ticket prices have not yet been announced", since I got the above prices right off the Palacenet site.

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Tuesday, March 4 2008

Episode 62: My Kind of People

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 27 2008 (9:45 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Hud joins us again as we begin responding to Listener Ed’s suggestion to review Live By the Bay.  We give a general overview this week and then, for our next episode (once we actually get around to watching the concert), we’ll go for the song-by-song review.  Special Guests: Jennifer and some Landshark Lagers.  (The Roger Clyne Podcast starts at 16:56.)

    It’s the Leap Day Eve edition of our podcast—that is, if it wasn’t for the fact it took almost a week to get it edited and online.
    Notice the clarity in Mike’s phone call?  You’d better!  It’s a major reason the editing took so long.  No expense was spared to get this show to you!  We bought a new recorder just ro improve Texas Mike’s audio, we splurged on expensive beers, and I even paid for some of the background music.

    00:14 - I swear our opening theme music was there during the editing process.  Evidently it got lost in exporting the mixdown.
    00:29 - dramaturgists call this foreshadowing.  Though in truth it’s a callback, since we recorded our big finish before we recorded the podcast (so Jennifer could participate).
    01:27 - “Gospel From the Coast” was actually the original name of Episode 10
    01:44 - “at the Beachcomber” news (via
    02:41 - Lulu’s Biloxi SunHerald interview.  BuffettNews also points out this additional article.
    03:03 - Pulaski County’s February 21 win (via
    03:38 - tour date news is coming in too fast to use us as a source—better check the pages at BuffettNews and BuffettWorld
    04:11 - Sonny Landreth news (via
    04:56 - Conan’s remarks slightly edited for time
    05:13 - Gently Weeps at Amazon or at iTunes
    06:37 - I’m pretty sure Hud said “Bookie Schmoe”, but I still choose to hear it as “Boogie Schmoe” just for the entertaining mental image
    10:00 - link to the Parrot Head quiz, as discussed in Episode 58
    16:09 - postulated because Hud has a mustache
    16:17 - this is the 80s usage of “pimping”, which is more akin to “disappoint, let down, backstab, or double-cross”
    16:50 - maybe Buffett thinks Michigan fans are like cicadas
    21:25 - link to the Garden Fresh Gourmet site
    21:33 - Crane’s Detroit Business article
    22:11 - dog food packaging?
    23:03 - Listener Josh provided us with information about the restaurant, but I think we will save it for our next episode
    25:59 - time for a Donate button?  That organ music cost me 99ยข
    26:22 - and a new catchphrase is born
    26:43 - the magic of editing.  For the record, Mike’s phone did not die out that immediately. Nor did I get his voicemail messages that fast.

      >  Download Episode 62

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