Friday, May 30 2008

Episode 70: One Run, Two Sets

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 28 2008 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Casa de Schmoe, Dearborn MI
    “The title refers to both Crazy Rummy and the fact Greg and Mickey finally offer up the
first of our ultimate setlists. (Special guests: Nathan and Rachel the Singing Waitress.)

    Joe's Prime Time was packed when we assembled. We hadn't realized so many people would show up to watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals there and we were forced to start recording much later than usual while we waited for the place to clear out.

Why Our 5/28 Podcast Started Late (HD) from ShortFatGuy on Vimeo.

    03:44 - Margaritaville site, the Margaritaville Retail site, and the Soles of the Tropics footwear site
    05:10 - the June 1 New York Times Bestsellers List and Publishers Weekly's list
    05:59 - Amazon's Swine Not? listing
    06:48 - here's an image of Greg's Excel spreadsheet setlist (click on it to download the full spreadsheet, in PDF format):

Thumbnail of Greg's XLS file

    07:57 - that was a waitress noticing how bored Nathan was
    11:00 - Timothy B
    11:21 - recently discussed in Episode 51
    11:31 - as discussed in Episode 69B, Mike has developed a fondness for the sounds of the Carnival Steel Drum Collection Jimmy Buffett tribute CDs. Here are Amazon's links to Volume 8 and Volume 11
    11:50 - Clarence
    13:56 - Martina
    14:08 - Shari Belafonte's Wikipedia page
    16:49 - and here's my list, copy-and-pasted right out of Notepad. (Why Notepad? I wrote it at work.)

Mickey's Ultimate Setlist

First Set
01. Gravity Storm [alt: Carnival World]
02. Weather is Here wish You Were Beautiful
03. Boat Drinks
04. Coastal Confessions
05. The Pascagoula Run
06. Lone Palm
07. Quietly Making Noise [alt: It's Midnight and I'm Not Famous Yet]
08. He Went to Paris
09. Only Time will Tell [alt: Nothing But a Breeze]
10. Island
11. Son of a Son of a Sailor
12. Cheeseburger in Paradise
13. Volcano
14. Margaritaville

Club Trini remains on stage for intermission

Second Set
15. Nautical Wheelers (solo acoustic)
16. Brahma Fear (solo acoustic)
17. The Wino and I Know (solo acoustic)
18. West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown (acoustic with Mr Utley on piano)\
19. Livingston Saturday Night
20. Far Side of the world [alt: Don't Chu Know / Lage Nom Ai]
21. Dreamsicle
22. Tampico Trauma
23. Window on the World [alt: Piece of Work]
24. Come Monday
25. Gypsies in the Palace
26. A Pirate Looks at 40
27. Fins
28. One Particular Harbour

First Encore
29. Last Man Standing
30. I Have Found Me a Home
31. Someday I Will

Second Encore
33. Jolly Mon Sing
32. Tin Cup Chalice

Third Encore
33. African Friend

    22:45 - actually I think Greg was ripping on Mike, who, following a concert many years ago, had been disappointed Jimmy had not performed "Changes" when Jimmy actually had. And I didn't even tell my own story well. What I meant was that immediately upon finishing "One Particular Harbour" I guessed that Jimmy's very next introduction was for "One Particular Harbour". I've learned to hold my liquor better since then.
    23:47 - ** SPOILER WARNING ** here's some behind the scenes trivia for you. Through some clever editing, the waitress I order my Landshark from at 22:56 and the waitress who forgets my Landshark are actually two different people.

      >  Download Episode 70

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Wednesday, May 28 2008

Episode 69B: Sweaty Pits and Setlists

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 24 2008 (6:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Casa de Schmoe, Dearborn MI
    “A bonus podcast, recorded at Casa de Schmoe. The boys rehash the headlines, review Swine Not?, take another look at fantasy setlists, and learn something disturbing about Greg. (Background vocals by Schmoe's & Mike's kids and Cathy.)

    Our first podcast with a teaser trailer! Catch Scott's lame-ass RSVP as it comes in!...

    I'm chagrined to admit this episode was delayed by several hours because I could not come up with a name! And embarrassed even more that after all that time, this was the best I could come up with. Alternate titles included "The PIt and the Porcus" (get it? an Edgar Alan Poe reference -- zing! kerpow!), "Eine Schweine Nachtarmpit" (Mozart! pwned!), and "Days of Swine and Setlists" (Blake Edwards! the hits just keep on coming!). In the end, as you can see, I gave up trying, feeling it was more important to just upload the danged thing.
    00:24 - Greg has obviously blocked the end of Episode 38 from his mind.
    00:40 - the reason those clinks don't sound like our usual Landshark clinks is because Schmoe had served us Frugal Margaritas in tumblers
    01:07 - I know it's hard to believe, but that comment was truly unintentional
    01:19 - the occasional thumps in the left speaker are the Schmoe's and Mike's kids playing basketball outside
    03:45 - Buffett World's write-ups of Charlotte and Jazz Fest
    06:24 - Amazon's Swine Not? listing
    07:47 - that's what we call foreshadowing
    08:49 - and that's what they call playing along
    09:59 - seeing as I'm writing these notes a month later, I can now state that Jimmy's appearance is actually on disc 7
    10:17 - Amazon link for Sonny Landreth's new From the Reach album
    10:30 - the sample of "Howlin' Moon" on iTunes ... which, although iTunes Plus, costs 99¢ (by the way) and not $1.29
    10:44 - Wikipedia says Dr John was born in 1940
    10:51 - Jimmy's "Late Show Web Exclusive" performance at
    13:15 - Scenes You Know By Heart at Mailboat Records
    15:07 - can you make out the narration by our robot overlords? If not, it goes like this: "But first a word of explanation. It was at this time the recording was paused briefly while the boys watched the three interviews. During the Regis interview, Greg caught everyone by surprise when he blurted out that he wanted to sniff Kelly Ripa's armpit, presumably because she was still wearing a workout outfit from a previous segment. This was such an unexpected and verging on downright creepy glimpse into Greg's personal peccadilloes that the boys of course had to make mention of it for the rest of the night. And now, back to the podcast."
    19:05 - imagine Schmoe with fists in the air. Then imagine the effect this has on Greg.
    20:00 - the Swine Not? listing at Barnes & Noble
    22:52 - "Gardening at Night" off R.E.M.'s 1982 EP Chronic Town
    23:33 - and now, Listener Ed's setlist, as originally e-mailed to us way back on February 17

Music Prior to Concert // Babylon By Bus (Bob Marley)

Jump In The Line
Hot Hot Hot
Makin' Music For Money
Great Filling Station Holdup
Pascagula Run
Meet Me In Memphis
Coconut Telegraph
Stars on The Water (w/ Josh Leo)
Floridays (Original Version)
South American
Trip Around the Sun (Duet w/ Tina G)
A Pirate Looks At 40
One Particlular Harbor
12 Volt Man
Tin Cup Chalice
Elvis Presley Blues
Gypsies In The Palace
Scarlet Begonias

Intermission - Sports Illistrated Video

Cuban Crime Of Passion
The City
Jolly Mon
School Boy Heart
Grape Fruit
Growing Older But Not Up
Barometer Soup
Mexico (w/ James Taylor)
Changes In Lattitudes
Ragtop Day
Son Of A Son of a Sailor
Dukes On Sunday (w/ Henry Kopono)
Brown Eyed Girl (w/ Henry Kopono)

Encore 1
5 O'Clock Somewhere (w/ Alan Jackson)
Margaritaville (w/ Alan Jackson)
Southern Cross

Encore 2
Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season
The Wino & I Know
Last Mango In Paris
Come Monday

Encore 3
Stories We Could Tell (duet w/ Fingers)

    27:44 - Greg's wife Cathy showed up during our mid-show break. She first appeared in our back-to-back Episode 52 and Episode 53 podcasts (coincidentally, the night Greg mentioned back at 00:24)
    31:04 - during Mike's recent vacation in Florida, he became enamored with the sounds of the Carnival Steel Drum Collection Jimmy Buffett tribute CDs. Here's Amazon's links to Volume 8 and Volume 11
    32:07 - Henry
    32:33 - everybody knows that's a Seinfeld reference, right? Season 2? "The Chinese Restaurant"?
    34:57 - during another lull, Schmoe gave Cathy a handful of horseradish root to take home

      >  Download Episode 69B

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Monday, May 26 2008

Crunch Time!

    Breaking news, from Casa de Mike:
    “Meijer is selling the salsa now.  Chips too!”

Confirmed sighting of Margaritaville chips and salsa


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Friday, May 23 2008

Episode 69A: The Further Adventures of Amigo Schmoe and Cactus Boy

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 21 2008 (10:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Joe’s Prime Time Pub, Brownstown MI
    “Here comes another podcast about Roger Clyne…and Mexico!  They just can’t help themselves: Mike and Schmoe went to RCPM’s Circus Mexicus in Puerto Peñasco last weekend, and are full of stories.  For those of you hungry for Buffett content, they at least made a stop at the new Margaritaville Café in Glendale AZ along the way. (Special appearances by DJ and Rachel.)

    A camera was present during the session, which allows us to present this little behind-the-scenes look at one of the episode’s highlights.

The Legend of Cactus Boy from ShortFatGuy on Vimeo.

     Since the Roger Clyne talk monopolized the episode, we’ve already recorded a more normal show which will be available in a couple days.

      >  Download Episode 69A

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Wednesday, May 14 2008

Schmoe’s Extravagant Circus Mexicus Blog

    Despite what we said earlier, it looks like there will be no new show this week.  Schmoe and Mike are heading to Roger Clyne’s Circus Mexicus, and Schmoe needs time to prep on how to say “Puerto Peñasco”.  We’ll have a new show next week, where we can discuss our fantasy setlists, and, presumably, hear stories of Mexico.
    Update: Text messages from Schmoe, sent Friday, May 16:

We were able 2 go to m’ville cafe glendale  so we can charge trip 2 scott’s paypal acct

I am making… Waffles!

    Update update: now that Mike and Schmoe are back, we found out the reason Schmoe’s IMs stopped so prematurely.

First of all, I must tell everyone that my cell just plain stopped working in and around the border.  No chance at Cholla Bay.  I would have loved to keep my texts going.  Especially if Mick was going to run his own Twitter site for me on our blog, it would have been funny to see them in order.  At least for me it would have been.  I apologize for starting some hours later than I should have and then ending abruptly.

    Update update update: photos from the trip are now available in our Photo Gallery.

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Tuesday, May 13 2008

Episode 68: Go Set Lister Go

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 7 2008 (9:30 PM - 10:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time Pub, Brownstown MI
    “For a short episode this sure took a long time to edit.  Schmoe, Greg, and Mickey see out our second year and kick off our third looking back at the tour’s first leg and looking ahead at
a new project.  (Special appearance by Jen.)

    00:00 - This week’s cold open was stolen from the Retro Crush podcast, episode #137.  Learn more at Retro
    00:42 - ah, the old opening music, repeating our tradition of bringing back our old theme on our anniversary shows
    02:04 - DRANO: “Downriver Area Narcotics Organization”
    03:45 - pretty sure Jimmy meant Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Which I guess means he did.
    04:13 - included since that has to be the scariest sounding fan ever!!!
    06:07 - sorry, we had no windscreens
    10:11 - share your fantasy setlist at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    11:50 - more on this in Episode 71
    14:01 - most likely she’s in the background of Episode 41
    15:15 - Grand Theft Auto IV had been released a week earlier (April 29 2008)

      >  Download Episode 68

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