Tuesday, September 30 2008

Episode 85: French Man FTW!

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 24 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “This being the day after hometown Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers show, you can probably guess what the topic is. But we also find time to discuss JB's two Paris shows. (Cameos by Jennifer.)

    00:15 - another dig at Greg's behavior from the end of Episode 38
    02:29 - Scenes You Know By Heart, from Amazon
    02:58 - Listener Sandy's photos: 1 | 2 | 3
    02:58 - West Coast Rendez-vous's interviews (found between September 21 and 24)
    03:25 - a news story on Lulu's Bama Breeze windmill
    04:44 - Schmoe and Mike talk further about the RCPM Houston concert in Episode 78
    07:47 - Beatles Medley audio, from my 1996 setlist page
    08:00 - Buffett News says he did not
    08:05 - the Rolling Stone write-up
    14:43 - our Twitter page.  You'll have to dig for the 9/23 entries.
    18:34 - this little snippet is from my own recording, which we were quick to upload to the RCPM Discussion Board per Roger's instructions.  (Note how talkative happy-go-lucky Schmoe is.)
    23:18 - Howe's Bayou
    29:46 - Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now books, at Amazon
    29:56 - Schmoe and MIke tell their tales of Mexico in Episode 69A
    31:08 - Turbo Ocho coffee from AZ Peacemakers.com or from Rao's Roasting Company itself
    35:24 - lest we forget, the interview is in Episode 37
    35:38 - a reference to Episode 65
    37:16 - Roger and his ukuleles, in his own words
    38:37 - it wouldn't be a Roger Clyne podcast without a link to custom guitar maker Chad Heckler
    40:54 - a callback to the end of Schmoe's ultimate setlist in Episode 71
    41:52 - Cowboy Mouth
    46:29 - couldn't resist adding this in.  It's from a Late Show that aired right after our recording.
    Want to play the RCPM concert home game? Listen to the whole RCPM show for yourself, courtesy of Bullwinkle and Live Music Archive.  Greg supplied us with his photos, which have been uploaded to our Photo Gallery.  And dedicated fan Tippy uploaded plenty of great photos to Flickr.

      >  Download Episode 85

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Sunday, September 21 2008

Episode 84: Lots of Friends With the Same Old Answers

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 17 2008 (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The gang finally sits down for their Last Mango in Paris review. With his Houston hotel flooded following Hurricane Ike, Mike is still in town and was able to join us in person. Greg and Scott join Schmoe and Mickey as well, for a raucous and rambling discussion just like
old times. (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    Sorry about all the rattling, evident throughout the background of this episode.  I think it's coming from the overhead heating register.
    00:57 - three YouTube videos of Buffett at the Herman Wouk tribute
    01:28 - Surfer's Healing benefit
    02:34 - Nod to the Storyteller, from Mailboat Records
    04:30 - as mentioned in Episode 19
    05:33 - originating in Episode 20
    08:04 - I am incorrect. All the lyrics and liner notes are duplicated, but one side of the inner sleeve has a black and white photo which is not included with the CD.  And, courtesy of Buffett World, here's the back cover I'm talking about.
    09:28 - I meant to add that CDs came in "longboxes" so that store owners could re-purpose their cassette racks to display them
    11:53 - thanks to TV's David Simon, I believe the word I was trying to come up with is "epigram"
    13:07 - sorry about the crosstalk, but, if I may make a suggestion, the conversation on the right is more interesting
    14:07 - make note of this.  I can guarantee we'll be referring to it a lot.
    14:45 - it's almost as if...wait for it..."Math Suks". Oh, the irony
    18:10 - the Steve Goodman: Facing the Music book, at Amazon
    22:53 - I believe we are confused here.  Buffett played the Palace twice, and I think Scott is referring to Buffett's second appearance (July 1 1990) while the rest of us are thinking of the first (June 30 1989).
    24:08 - here's a chance for my own North Coast Flip Flop™; and since no one called me on it, I'll state it here.  I made my pronouncement before giving the album a full and proper listen, and, now having done so, I can say that "If the Phone Doesn't Ring It's Me" sounds a heck of a lot more dated that I remember.  It's those danged 80s drums. However, two songs which do manage to still sound contemporary are "Last Mango in Paris" and "Jolly Mon Sing".  So I take back what I said.
    35:39 - Jonathan Edwards
    38:33 - normally I excise these conversations that spiral into nowhere.  But this one fascinates me.  It's such a cluster, with everybody agreeing yet still stating contradictory things.  And I thought I was the one who drank the most.
    42:08 - that is, the part of the song where they sing "Pennsylvania six five oh-oh-oh"
    42:13 - yikes, what an edit. And what a song choice.  Maybe the bar patrons are brushing up on their CPR skills

      >  Download Episode 84

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Sunday, September 14 2008

Episode 83: Tryin’ to Get Together Again

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 10 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “What was intended to be our review for Last Mango in Paris turns into a rehearsal for our review for Last Mango in Paris. Cameos from Lee, Cindy, Jen II, and another special message from Scott.

    I set the recording gear up early, but then we spent a lot of time trying to get a steady signal from Zodiac's faltering wi-fi.  Plus Mike had his own delays, in Houston.  By the time we started, Scott had had to leave, and Greg made it only halfway through the show.
    Bonus trivia: the original title to this episode was "Nights Needed Not These Assholes".

    01:11 - this might be the podcast that took the longest between setup and actual recording, but the latest-starting was Episode 77
    01:30 - referring to Episode 53
    02:19 - referring to Episode 82
    03:02 - "till the broadcast" should be "up to the broadcast" I guess. What I meant was I had spent all my money already
    03:32 - A joke.  He really hasn't
    03:35 - referring to a deleted scene from Episode 78.  All the talk about Bacon Salt was excised from the finished podcast, to save time.  I now regret having done that, since Scott has made it such a running gag
    04:04 - as shown in the photo below, Scott used Greg's LP as a reference

Cindy and Schmoe enjoy Scott's Last Mango review

    04:14 - we're beginning to suspect Scott is hard of hearing
    04:15 - Greg is talking about the lack of liner notes and barely any artwork in MCA's CD reissues
    05:47 - I'm bitching about the barely present wi-fi signal
    06:13 - inside joke. Greg once broke his ankle at a U of M game, doing a jig after the announcement of, coincidentally, a Slippery Rock score
    07:18 - Harmony House Records and Tapes
    08:02 - ICE Newsletter
    08:10 - Nashville Now video from my old TV Viewing Room (something else I need to upgrade, when I find the time)
    ** UPDATE: I guilted myself into encoding all my old VHS tapes and creating a new video archive page!  You can watch Nashville Now, in its entirety, here! **
    09:00 - Schmoe and Mike went on to explain how they married sisters (which makes them weens-in-law), but this was cut from the show for time
    10:33 - the timeline is confused here. Hopefully it will get worked out for next week's show
    10:55 - you can hear Greg saying his goodbyes in the background.  This too was cut for time
    11:03 - New York Times's story on the Wouk tribute, via BuffettNews
    11:45 - Mac's Musician of the Year CMA nomination, via Buffett World
    14:15 - the agave article, previously mentioned on our blog
    15:31 - our great biofuels debate was also cut for time
    16:32 - Zodiac now has two waitresses named Jen: Jennifer, heard last year, and Jen II, heard now. Cindy, our waitress last week, dropped by on a night off just to hang out with us

      >  Download Episode 83

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Tuesday, September 9 2008

Episode 82: Lemon and a Bottle of Beer

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 3 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Back at the Z’ac, as Greg would say, to start Season 6.  We look at the fourth leg of the Year of Still Here tour, with an in-depth discussion of Listener Sarah’s Bristow VA review.
Plus, hurricane songs and the reaction to Mickey’s tailgate playlist.  Special guests: Cindy
and Lee.

    01:24 - Don Lafontaine, who had passed away two days prior.  (I know he’s this generation’s favorite voice, but I’ve always been partial to Percy Rodriguez, the narrator of Heavy Metal and the Voice of God in Time Bandits.)
    02:27 - apparently the technical term is range expander (extender?)
    04:35 - Vanity Fair’s 100 Leaders of the Information Age
    06:06 - Nod to the Storyteller, from Mailboat Records
    07:08 - Lucky Old Sun Deluxe, at Amazon
    07:33 - Buffett News
    09:30 - now it can be told: the rather abrupt edit is because I didn’t notice “Bama Breeze” in the setlist and mistakenly cited another song as being more notable.  As you can hear, I attempted to correct this in post-production.
    10:39 - I recorded over half the concert without any audio.  I could hear it, but Audio Hijack didn’t.
    11:05 - a big thank you to Jackson Quigley for adding himself to that list, by way of our Mobatalk Audio app in the right-hand column.  Why not leave us your own voice mail message?  (Or try our Skype voicemail at 1-734-274-5959.  ...Errmm, make that 1-734-399-4888.)
    11:15 - feel free to read along with Listener Sarah’s review…

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 2:42 PM

Subject: 8/30 Concert Review

Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA
Saturday August 30, 2008 ... The Labor Day Weekend Show (Part One)

I was dehydrated for the first half of the show…poor tailgating on my part, but at least I was coherent for the concert.  And I’m still recovering, so this will not be as detailed as Ed’s, but it’s still a review from someone who was there.

He was about 5mins late coming on stage, but the beach balls kept us busy.  AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long comes on to pump us up and even though I had heard HOT HOT HOT four times in four hours in the parking lot, it just means a little something more when it means Buffett coming on stage.

Homemade Music was an interesting first song and probably confused some JB concert virgins. Tiki Bar is Open “gets the party started” for the rest of crowd. An updated version of Fruitcakes and Pencil Thin Mustache (Lovell was awesome on this one) keeps it going and Manana switches gears before revving it back up for an awesome 5 o’clock somewhere.  My fav song,  Changes in Latitudes was next and he rocked it. The video for Changes in Latitudes was fun to watch and even though we didn’t decorate our truck, the tailgaters that we followed in was on the video and so were the people a few rows over with an active volcano on their roof.  Gypsies in the Palace was a nice surprise for me and amusing since it was my parents at my house watching my dish TV and taking care of my dog.  Jolly Mon Sing was great with Lovell and follows with the perennial favorite Come Monday.  The Rock Band version of Cheeseburger (which had a great funny intro between Jimmy and Utley) followed with video of people playing it in the parking lot.  Followed by Brown Eyed Girl, which didn’t get the response it did last year.  A great One Particular Harbor rounds out the first set with pics and video from a few decades ago that was in Tahiti.

I had to go get water during the intermission or I might not have made it to the end, so it was water instead of the first two songs of the second set, but Scarlet Begonias and Why Don’t We Get Drunk sounded good from the outside.  I was walking back to my seat as Jimmy introduced Mac for The Ass and the Hole.  Mac did awesome, but most of the crowd was still outside. Mostly everyone was back by Son of a Son of a Salior and I was still recovering from the water issue, but pics from Jimmy’s trip to the USS Harry S Truman (docked in Norfolk, VA - pronounced “Nor Fuk” not “Nor Folk” damn it) played on the screens.  The crowd pops for Volcano and we’re all in sync again. Last Mango in Paris shifted the gears down and then he introed Nadirah and she sang Makin’ Music For Money with Jimmy and did a damn fine job of it. Jimmy takes it back and keeps the pace with a fantastic School Boy Heart and Pirate Looks at Forty.  Far Side of the World, not my fav but still great.  We keep the lower gear for a great Southern Cross.  Followed up by the Parrothead Anthem, Maragaritaville.  Crowd was into it, the SALT signs were out, but sadly Jimmy lost the lost verse for our show.  But he did accept the Presidental nomination from the “JB 4 Pres” signs in the crowd.  The newbies and people who want to beat the traffic hightailed it out of there and left the die hards to finish.

Encore 1: Fins was awesome.  Then the band intro and Rainy Day Women. Lovell rocked this one too. Then they all leave but Jimmy and the stage lights go down and it’s just Jimmy, his guitar and a few thousand of his closest friends for Regabilly Hill.  This song is great acoustic and truley enjoyable. The jumbo tron was used nicely for this song with four different camera views, a long shot with Jimmy off center to the right, stage right up close side shot and a normal front on close up and long shot all fading in and out of each other.  I don’t remember the song now, but he showed Michael Phelps winning several matches and receiving two golds…crowd popped and Jimmy mentioned after the song was over, but I haven’t listened to the recording from Radio Maragaritaville (it’s nice to have a DVR and Dish Network) to remember the song.

Yet another awesome Jimmy Buffett show.

The photos are up and remember most were taken with my crappy little cell phone camera:

Sarah in VA

    11:34 - my next beer arrived
    11:52 - so why are they playing AC/DC before a Buffett concert?  Jimmy and Mike Utley are wondering this too (taken from the Pittsburgh pre-show interview, July 22 2008, and also discussed in Episode 78).

    17:00 - Buffett’s acceptance of the nomination occurred two two days after the DNC convention and two days before the start of the RNC convention.
    20:46 - Utah squeaked by University of Michigan, 25-23
    21:36 - get your own marching band copy of “Margaritaville”, performed by the 2002 Arizona State University Marching Band
    23:35 - also discussed during our Banana Wind review, in Episode 13
    23:53 - Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men
    24:19 - here’s the photo Mike requested…


Greg sporting “The Barack”

    25:49 - not an ad-lib; a parenthetical comment in the script
    26:27 - Schmoe’s talking muffin joke first appeared in Episode 41
    28:27 - why not Michael Palin for President?
    28:45 - I was thinking of Giuliana (Dipandi) Rancic

      >  Download Episode 82

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