Tuesday, November 25 2008

Episode 90: The Review and We Do

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 19 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It's our review of Living and Dying in 3/4 Time. (Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:00 - Schmoe usually handles the Skype duties, but Scott volunteered this week (but Schmoe took over again about halfway through)
    02:13 - Real Kiteboarding.com
    02:17 - this week’s cellphone interference brought to you by Hud
    02:40 - Mac’s CMA win
    02:53 - Jimmy at Gators game, from the Miami Herald
    04:03 - ajimmybuffettfan.com
    04:55 - yes, you heard right. We’re only now reading a letter from October 6.  We suck.
    06:37 - I know, I know! New South Wales — what do I win?
    09:53 - the gatefold, courtesy of Buffett World
    09:58 - mentioned in Episode 60
    12:45 - perhaps because the back cover credits list the "Second Coral Reefer Band"
    15:11 - I beg to differ.  People still know who Ricky Ricardo is, right?  He's the I in I Love Lucy.
    15:42 - Andy Devine's IMDb page
    19:31 - my 1999 setlist page
    19:52 - Ringling, Montana, on Wikipedia
    20:16 - a range expander to boost the wireless signal (first discussed in Episode 82) and a deadbolt to more firmly close the back-room door and keep it from always coming ajar and letting in jukebox noise
    20:41 - we finally confronted Jennifer tonight about why they play the same half-dozen songs every Wednesday.  We were under the impression she and Lee have no imagination; but she blamed it on some other Wednesday regulars
    23:29 - another reference to the Episode 27
    24:07 - see 23:29
    24:25 - No.  It's a “coincidence”.
    26:48 - editor’s note: the recording was accidentally stopped during the “Brand New Country Star” review and not noticed till a song or two later.  We made up for it by redoing those songs, hence all the coy comments about having rehearsed
    29:10 - Scott is not kidding. Because of the above mentioned mistake, he is able to quote Greg’s review.
    29:30 - see 23:29
    34:31 - “in the window” is a reference to dating age (in relation to ours, that is); not to, as some might think, European red light districts
    39:02 - Schmoe continued to wax rhapsodic over Willis Alan Ramsey's first album, as he did in Episode 35, but all that has been cut out
    39:58 - former Detroit Piston John “Spider” Salley, on Wikipedia
    40:30 - I presume a reference to the medical marijuana proposition (Prop. 1) we voted for last Election Day
    41:51 - I read it on Buffett World’s lyrics page
    44:36 - the boys are yelling at Lee while trying to watch the Central Michigan Chippewas lose 31-24 to the Ball State Cardinals (“the fiercest robin-sized bird in the world!”).

      >  Download Episode 90

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Saturday, November 15 2008

Episode 89: Argue, Laugh, and Cheer

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 12 2008 (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “We see out ihe tour with more concert clips and tip our hats to Election Day with
playlists for the candidates.  (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    00:08 - without going into details, Mike refers to some comments Schmoe was making about some of Scott’s pin-up images, prior to the start of the show
    00:41 - Central won 33-30, in overtime
    01:04 - Country Music Awards
    01:40 - three videos of Jimmy and Mac at Google headquarters
    02:04 - I really don’t know what I’m talking about.  There was no intermission that night.
    02:19 - I failed to capture the second half of the concert, so thanks to SunLover, of the Buffett News discussion board, for filling in the blanks and empty spaces
    05:08 - Tony Terracino, in the Miami Herald
    05:34 - two videos from the Obama rally
    05:50 - Madelyn Dunham, in Wikipedia
    06:05 - lots of Mohegan Sun videos on YouTube.  Greg is giggling because my nickname in high school was “Unk”.
    06:36 - a reference to the hologram effect CNN used as their Election Night gimmick
    08:07 - what we’d like to think is a reference to the joke at the end of Episode 54
    09:24 - Radio Margaritaville | Sirius | XM Radio
    10:22 - you can hear me muttering about whether we had a done a show after Halloween.  I thought we had, but at this point we had not.  Our discussion and my subsequent research were all edited out
    10:35 - have we mentioned Greg likes monkeys?
    11:07 - yay, it’s the Landshark I ordered!
    11:16 - first introduced in Episode 72, the sound denotes an edit so bad there’s no point in hiding it.  Can you name the song whence it originates?
    11:29 - our videos: here, on Vimeo, Viddler, or on YouTube
    12:30 - the Metropolitan Musicafé video
    13:26 - monkeys in space, according to Wikipedia.  Have we mentioned Greg likes monkeys?
    14:00 - I probably should’ve put the cricket noise there
    16:08 - Jennifer is reacting to the iSight camera on Scott’s MacBook and the Photo Booth software he was showing off
    16:18 - Scott didn’t share that exact photo, but the top one is similar:

Our waitress Jennifer


Our waitress Jennifer


Aw, what the heck. Here’s a picture of Lee too.

Scott saved a Jennifer’s roller-coaster video too.  It’s similar to the video of Mike from Episode 77.

    16:35 - a perhaps intentional reference to the webchat scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
    16:51 - this went on a heck of a lot longer than included here
    17:21 - see 11:16
    18:00 - sadly, this is what passes for political discourse in our crowd.  Jeez, what a pathetic display of forensics.  We make the guys on Fox News look smart.
    This too went on a heck of a lot longer than included here.
    23:57 - recorded in 2004, “Taking My Country Back” was available at takingmycountryback.com, but that site is now defunct.  You can at least hear the song in mono in this YouTube video.
    27:54 - something for all you shippers out there

      >  Download Episode 89

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Friday, November 14 2008

Beer Bath

    Listener Ed calls our attention to another Landshark sighting, this time in the latest Diggnation podcast (#176).  A Digger sent in a photo of herself in a Diggnation t-shirt, and the photo also includes a bottle of our official unofficial sponsor (and my one and only true friend) Landshark Lager.

An optical illusion. If you stare long enough, you can see a bottle of beer.

    It’s a crying shame a Landshark had to be sacrificed for this photo, but at least its loss was not in vain.
    P.S.: Ohhhh, laaaadies ... we’ve got t-shirts too!  And Scott will be more than happy to sell you one.

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Monday, November 10 2008

Diamond as Big as My Drinks

    Mexican scientists have discovered they can turn tequila into diamonds.  As reported in Physorg.com, “The key to the surprising discovery is tequila's ratio of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, which lies within the ‘diamond growth region.’”
    See?  Who says tequila can't help your marriage.

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Thursday, November 6 2008

Our VHS Tape Library

    Sadly, we did not record a show last night.  It wasn’t due to low attendance, it wasn’t due to technical problems.  We even had an agenda, not least of which was to say goodbye to Captain Tony, who passed away on November 1.  Despite all this, it became apparent that are plans would be a no-go and we ended up not recording.
    We’re very sorry about letting another week go by without a new episode, and Schmoe had spent the morning sending out e-mails detailing new plans and projects.  I have plans for new content too, and since I couldn’t announce it in the podcast I might as well announce it here.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the

Wastin' Away On the North Coast VHS Tape Library

It’s a collection of Jimmy’s TV appearances we have archived on our old VHS tapes, dating back to 1984, dating back to Jimmy’s mustache.  This is stuff that not even Buffett World and Buffett News have.
    You can access the videos at our own page: http://www.wastinaway.net/videos
    or our page at Vimeo (though the collection is not complete)
    or at Viddler (even less complete)
    or even at YouTube (albeit in lesser quality, and excepting any videos over ten minutes long).
    This has been some weeks in the offing and I hope it makes up for the lack of a new episode.  If I may make a recommendation, why not check out how young we look in this 1989 video.  It’s almost like watching our first podcast.  You can see we haven’t changed much, except maybe for the giant glasses.

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