Monday, January 26 2009

Another Tequila PSA

    Courtesy of Schmoe’s e-mail….

Be Careful with Tequila

    Interested in the other PSA?


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Sunday, January 25 2009

2009 Newspaper Ad

    Dang me!  I almost threw out the newspaper without scanning this.  Here’s the new ad:

From the Sunday Detroit Free Press, January 25, “Entertainment” section, page 3F

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Episode 94: Knock on the Storm Cellar

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 21 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “A big crowd tonight, as the boys gather to discuss Nadirah’s album Nod to the Storyteller.  (Special guests: Joe and Jennifer.)

    Admittedly one of the lamer pun names in our repertoire, but it was late and I was in a hurry.
    01:04 - Amendment XX
    01:16 - Elizabeth Alexander’s poem [YouTube], Aretha Franklin and her hat, and the Reverend Lowery’s speech
    04:23 - © Norm Peterson
    05:07 - 2009 BCS National Championship
    05:36 - Buffett News’s write-up on Cozumel and Grand Cayman appearances
    05:58 - Buffett World’s write-up on Rock Band songs for the Wii
    06:22 - Buffett News’s write-up on Beachcomber
    06:51 - Buffett News’s write-up on CIP closings
    07:32 - these are some of the Buffett-related iPhone apps we’ve found:

            Beer o’Clock [iTunes]
            Steel Drum [iTunes]
            Steel Drum Caribbean [iTunes]
            Distant Shores [iTunes] [added 1/30]
            iPirate: Pirate Insult Generator [iTunes] [added 2/9]
            Pirate Insult Generator [iTunes] [added 2/10]
            Pocket God [iTunes] [added 3/10]
            Rasta Monkey [iTunes] [added 3/16]
            iSurf [iTunes] [added 3/17]
            Island Escapes [iTunes] [added 3/24]
            Parrot [iTunes] [added 4/4]
            iSwear Pirate’s Curse [iTunes] [added 4/5]
            iBabalu Lite [iTunes] [added 4/14]
            Pirate Roulette [iTunes] [added 4/16]
            SLAP: Speak Like a Pirate [iTunes] [added 4/16]
            Beach Madness [iTunes] [added 4/18]
            Beach [iTunes] [added 4/18]
            Beach Shell [iTunes] [added 4/19]
            iParrots [iTunes] [added 4/20]
            Pirates [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            Pirates 25 [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            Pirates 100 [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            iGecko [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            iToastUAll [iTunes] [added 4/26]
            Beer Goggles [iTunes] [added 4/30]
            Beach Sounds Lite [iTunes] [added 5/2]
            Piratizer [iTunes] [added 5/4]
            Pirate Radar [iTunes] [added 5/4]
            SupaFan - Jimmy Buffett Fans [iTunes] [added 5/14]
            Hurricane Radars [iTunes] [added 6/2]
            Margarita [iTunes] [added 6/8]
            iEncore [iTunes] [added 6/9]
            Shark Island [iTunes] [added 6/11]
            Ukulele [iTunes] [added 6/14]
            Relax at the Beach [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Whose Round? [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Beach Drawing [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Pirates Style [iTunes] [added 7/3]
            Bud Light Lime Summer Hotspots [iTunes] [added 7/3]
            Sea Captain [iTunes] [added 7/5]
            iHula [iTunes] [added 7/6]
            Aqueous [iTunes] [added 7/6]
            iMapsPro - Key West [iTunes] [added 7/9]
            iTequila [iTunes] [added 7/12]
            iRum [iTunes] [added 7/12]
            iSunburn [iTunes] [added 7/14]
            iConcertCal [iTunes] [added 7/15]
            Harbor Master [iTunes] [added 7/15]
            iBeach [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            SI Swimsuit 2009 [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            Me Booty! [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            ProGuides - Key West [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Florida Keys [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Hawaii [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Jamaica [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Cuba [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            Beach Burger [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            The Beer Finder [iTunes] [added 7/25]
            The BBQ Finder[iTunes] [added 7/25]
            Lifeboat [iTunes] [added 7/31]
            Jimmy Cliff - Official App [iTunes] [added 8/3]
            Beach Finder [iTunes] [added 8/3]
            Beach Rush [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            Beach Ball Fun [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            Florida Weather [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            iFlamingo [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Beer Trumps [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Burger Bash Lite [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Beach Calendar [iTunes] [added 8/8]
            Coastalwatch [iTunes] [added 8/9]
            INeedADrink [iTunes] [added 8/13
            Bikinis and Beer [iTunes] [added 8/15]
            SharkTube - a shark video lounge [iTunes] [added 8/20]
            BeerTube - a beer video lounge [iTunes] [added 8/20]
            Tiki Golf 3D [iTunes] [added 8/21]
            My Set List [iTunes] [added 8/22]
            Pirate Wars [iTunes] [added 8/22]
            Pirate Pickup Lines [iTunes] [added 8/23]
            Beach Relax [iTunes] [added 8/23]
            Margaritas! [iTunes] [added 8/24]
            Margaritas! - San Antonio, TX [iTunes] [added 8/24]
            ParrotTube - parrot vide lounge [iTunes] [added 8/25]
            Pirate Coins - iBlower [iTunes] [added 8/31]
            Beat the Tiki [iTunes] [added 9/1]
            iBeer Challenge [iTunes] [added 9/1]
            Pirate Names [iTunes] [added 9/16]
            Sea Monster Video [iTunes] [added 9/18]
            HurricanePlus [iTunes] [added 9/18]
            Carnival Steel Drum [iTunes] [added 9/23]
            Perfect Burger Recipes [iTunes] [added 9/26]
            Beach Video [iTunes] [added 10/30]
            Parrot Head [iTunes]
            Stranded Without a Phone [iTunes]

    08:40 - Get Nod to the Storyteller from Amazon | or order it from Mailboat Records
    10:52 - Greg refers to how the LP version we were originally familiar with is shorter than the CD version
    13:51 - music clips provided, for Hud’s benefit, by Scott’s MacBook

      >  Download Episode 94

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Friday, January 23 2009

One Particular Rumour

Schmoe’s 6:44 PM text message:

Scott is reporting (unconfirmed) that Buffett tix go on sale a week from tomorrow.  This has been a WAOTNC news update.  <Go Blue!>

Update: Mike’s e-mail, from Saturday, January 24, 9:41:49 AM:

Scott’s scoop has been confirmed!  JB will be at Pine Knob Aug 13, according to the Freep this morning.  Tix on sale next Sat.

And Scott’s follow-up, at 9:56:04:

Yes, it is all over now (buffett news etc).  You heard it hear first!!

Second update: Here’s the blurb from the Detroit Free Press, “Names & Faces” article, “Weekend Life” section, page 6C:

From the Detroit Free Press

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Tuesday, January 13 2009

Episode 93: Looking Fourward

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 7 2009 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Schmoe, Scott, Mickey, and Mike pick the four JB songs that exemplify the holidays and the new year.  (The Roger Clyne podcast starrts at 20:56.)

    00:18 - the Steve Jobs-less Macworld keynote had been the day before
    00:27 - our second week or never-ending false starts
    01:11 - Mike said the forecast for Houston was sunny and 76°.  Meanwhile, the Detroit area was under a snowy cold snap which made driving tonight particularly perilous
    02:49 - “Christmas Message from Jimmy” at
    02:55 - “Outer Banks Diary, Part 3” at
    03:03 - Jimmy in St Bart’s for New Years, according to Buffett News
    03:22 - AP’s “Jimmy Buffett, Mogul of Margaritaville” article
    03:39 - “Lucy Buffett Builds Own Brand” article
    04:07 - “GI in ‘Margaritaville’ Brawl Died of Head Trauma” article
    04:52 - evidently the “G.I. Died of Head Trauma” headline threw me off
    06:28 - StubHub’s Top Tens for 2008
    12:50 - Schmoe and I can be heard talking to Jennifer, our waitress, who had quietly come into the room
    18:46 - as heard in Episode 90
    19:13 - as seen below
    20:50 - Scott also suggested “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” along the way, but this didn’t make the final cut
    21:25 - as discussed in Episode 85
    23:08 - a reference to Courtney, the girl who cries at WALL•E

      >  Download Episode 93

Should We Reinstate Greg to the Panel?
Which one is Greg?

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