Sunday, June 28 2009

Episode 104: Wednesdays, Sundays, Hearing Aids

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 24 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The deaf are leading the deaf as the guys review Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.  (Cameos by Nathan, Jennifer, and Lee.)

    00:20 - the prolonged giggling is because I came very close to doing a spit-take right here
    00:27 - Key West Coffee & Café’s not exactly up-to-date website and a photo from our eventual visit on July 1.

    02:43 - apparently this is the theme music for Facebook’s Farm Club from Scott’s MacBook (and, 02:58: that’s a tiny snippet of “Rock Me Amadeus”, requested by Jennifer, avoided by me).
    03:53 - Tiki Bar TV
    04:21 - Mike is referring to something Greg said to Jennifer before we recorded.  That something is repeated by Schmoe at 04:25
    05:23 - Jimmy sings the Dolphins “Fins” song on YouTube
    05:34 - the Miami New Times contest
    05:46 - Dol-Family’s “Dol-Fans 4 Life” MP3
    06:07 - Margaritaville Montana?, via Buffett News
    07:08 - Estefans Expected to be Minority Owners, via Buffett News
    07:41 - Sirius XM iPhone app: web page link, iTunes App Store link
    09:46 - iEncore iTunes App Store link.  For more Buffett-related iPhone apps, check out our list under Episode 94.
    10:02 - Buffett News write-up on Bonaroo
    10:47 - Buffett News write-up on Will Kimbrough post
    11:07 - Buffett News’s write-up on Tommy Womack tweet
    11:25 - Christmas in the Caribbean Jimmy Buffett Tribute Cruise
    17:27 - Buffett World’s Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays page
    18:02 - Greg is complaining about the poor Photoshop cloning on the CD’s back cover
    19:24 - Scott is possibly confusing this 1999 “Beach House” tour with 1994’s “Fruitcakes on Tour”, seeing as “Fruitcakes” was not the show opener in 1999
    38:38 - this was printed on the LP’s inner sleeve
    45:35 - and that was entirely improv’d, too!

      >  Download Episode 104

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Friday, June 26 2009

Guinea Pigging

    The Boston Globe interviewed Jimmy, in advance of his two Mansfield shows (Thursday and Saturday).  The interview is available at, and midway through he mentions us northcoasters.

Q. How has the recession affected your tour?  Is this the year the bubble bursts and some people will not come to see you?

A. No, we’re doing great.  Thank God there are people out there who like what we’re doing.  They haven’t put us on a list of things they’re not going to do because of the economy.  This is their vacation and they’re not going to give it up.  They may not go to Florida or buy a new car, but they won’t miss our show.  I wanted to find out right away, so we went on sale early with a Detroit show—they’ve been as hard hit as anywhere—and it sold out in 20 minutes.  I’m very grateful.

    Happy to be your test kitchen, Jimmy.

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Thursday, June 18 2009

Baby’s New Formula

    Nabbed from FAIL

See more at Fail Blog

    [Note: if you can’t figure out why we included this on our site, focus on the center of the photo wink .]

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Monday, June 15 2009

Summerzcool Art Projects

    We’re used to seeing Buffett references in “Arlo & Janis”, but we never expected him to show up in, of all things, “Blondie”!
    This is the strip from Friday, June 12.

What makes Blondie stranger?

    Also, Buffett World calls attention to an iPhone app designed for Jimmy Buffett fans and concertgoers.  It’s called iEncore and is available in the iTunes App Store [link opens iTunes].

FIns to the future

    We’ve tried to keep tabs on other Buffett-inspired and -related apps, check out the ever-growing list here.
    Update: here’s another multimedia mention, from one podcast to another.  The guys of the 24 Cast are now doing a podcast called The Complete Guide to Everything*.  Their latest episode is about “Hamburgers” which leads to an extended segment on Jimmy Buffett.  The clip is too long to include in one of our shows, so we’ll just link to the episode.  The Buffett segment is 7:10 in and runs over four minutes (with a callback at 13:15).  [Added 6/16]

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Sunday, June 7 2009

Episode 103: Hud Don’t Know and Hud Don’t Care

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 3 2009 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The latest headlines, highlights from the last two May concerts, and not much change in attitude.  (Cameo appearance by Jennifer.)

    00:09 - Scott recorded this special message on his way out (before we had a chance to turn the TV down) ... and then decided to stick around after all
    01:41 - “Prospective Buyer Says Trump Marina Sale is Off”, New Jersey Star Ledger, via Buffett News
    02:25 - revised Fall dates at, via Buffett News
    04:18 - Buffett News’s The BOSS Act Rewrites Rules for Concert Ticket Sales”,
    15:59 - the dodgy sound is as I recorded it
    18:30 - drum rolls are because Roger Guth was expecting to start “Fins”

      >  Download Episode 103

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Saturday, June 6 2009

Someone at TRMS is a Parrothead

    When worlds collide.  All three “Weak in Review” stories from Friday’s Rachel Maddow Show have a remarkable connection to our podcast.

    They used Buffett music for the first two stories and then, for good measure, wrapped up with a Jonas story just for Scott and Schmoe!  Could Kent Jones be one of our listeners?  (Or would that mean he’s weak?)
    Actually, this is not the first time Buffett music has appeared in The Rachel Maddow Show....

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