Sunday, September 20 2009

Episode 111: Ringling, Ringling

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 16 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “More concert clips and an impromptu discussion about Buffetty ringtones takes over the entire episode.  (Guest: Jennifer.)

    00:33 - speaking of ringtones, there’s a good one right there
    03:21 - Episode 100
    03:28 - Greg’s “Volcano” ringtone, in MP3 format.  You may need to convert it to use on your own phone.
    04:51 - not a good ringtone
    05:36 - Mac’s CMA nominations, via Buffett World
    06:05 - Jimmy to perform at Bridge School Benefit, via Buffett World
    06:26 - SF column on Bridge School benefit
    08:10 - Bono recalls “Jamaica Mistaica” incident, via Buffett World
    09:57 - my chance to plug myself: my U2 photos and videos at Flickr and Mobile Me
    10:19 - Landshark billboard
    10:37 - “Goin’ Coastal”—sorry; I keep making that mistake
    11:15 - with thanks to Listener Jason, the Woodsongs podcast link
    11:49 - Jake at The Ark
    24:57 - thanks to SunLover again, at the Buffett news discussion boards
    34:11 - since the recording the Dolphins had their home opener not on Sunday but on Monday, September 21.  It was ESPN’s Monday Night Football game, and here are a few shots of the stadium from the broadcast:


      >  Download Episode 111

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Monday, September 14 2009


    Back in Episode 105, we lamented the lack of a Landshark advertising campaign.  We’d seen the Landshark surfboard in bars, but nothing nearing the wealth of TV commercials and posters and print ads from the likes of Corona or Bud Light Lime.  That said, over the weekend, on the west side of Michigan (fittingly, where we got our first taste of Landshark), I saw my first Landshark billboard, on westbound I-94 by Vineland. 
    It’s the same message as the web ad, but, at the very least, it’s bigger than a poster.

Let the fin begin

    Photo is a little blurry.  I shot it through the window of a moving vehicle.

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Friday, September 11 2009

Episode 110: It’s 9:09 on 09/09/09 Somewhere

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 9 2009 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Back at Zodiac for the start of season eight, with the latest Buffett news, some sports highlights, and even a few words about Michael Jackson.  (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    That difference in sound was caused when transporting the recorder to Magic Bag for the Roger Clyne concert.  I screwed up in not double-checking the recorder’s settings before tonight’s session.
    01:23 - Jennifer After Dark, the first appearance of what will become our new running gag
    02:33 - Mickey Hart and his desk drawer drum
    04:00 - Walter Cronkite’s memorial service: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up
    04:49 -
    04:54 - Plum TV article, from Paid
    05:31 - Buffett’s quote
    05:55 - hi, Dan!
    06:19 - American Songwriter’s top 10 drinking songs, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4
    08:37 - “Meeting Up in Margaritaville”, from The Homer Horizon
    09:48 - Scott ranted about Riverbend in Episode 106A
    11:50 - U of M’s halftime performance was discussed here
    21:11 - in a letter of protest to the Detroit Free Press, my college room mates and I railed against the Michael Jackson Thriller mania by announcing an “I’m Sick of Michael Jackson” club.  We got a lot of letters of support as well as some death threats.

      >  Download Episode 110

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Saturday, September 5 2009

Episode 109: I Love the Then

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 26 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Highlights from the end of the fourth leg of the tour plus a look back at the 1987 Pine Knob concert, as season seven comes to a close.  (Special guests: Scott, Chuck, Jenna, and Danielle.)

    Warning: it’s a long one.
    00:11 - U2’s Joshua Tree concert at the Silverdome was Thursday, April 30 1987—their first stadium show
    00:19 - you can barely hear him say it, but the concert Chuck is talking about is Sammy Hagar at Cobo Hall.  He seems to have a Sammy Hagar fixation this show.
    00:22 - I never said, but for the record, my first concert was the Detroit Pops playing music from science fiction movies at Meadowbrook; and my first rock concert was Loverboy at Pine Knob in 1981
    01:17 - listen to the 1987 show we’ll be talking about
    02:23 - I still have my ticket stub, but what we’re reading off is the LADI34T 1987 setlist page
    05:46 - the video of which he speaks.  I’ll withhold comment about him likening Parrot Head tailgating to Sammy Hagar’s crowd
    07:27 - “Beautiful Swimmer”, as mentioned on Buffett News
    07:59 - GAC’s George Strait interview
    08:53 - New York Magazine‘s Blue Parrot write-up
    09:20 - that came out wrong.  What she said was that with her being from Texas, she’s very particular about guacamole.
    09:32 - Press of Atlantic’s write-up
    10:50 - “[…] a compilation of live renditions of 13 tracks from his 1985 release, Songs You Know By Heart.”
    11:38 - AV Club’s article on B-52s
    12:06 - not to be confused with Something
    13:00 - the July 17 post at Scott Kenemore’s Zombie Blog
    14:26 - Stub Hub’s Top 20 Rockin’ Cities
    17:03 - Cleveland was not in the top 20
    17:20 - I know: bugs have six legs, arachnids have eight.  It was an attempt at a joke.
    24:46 - the inevitable link to our waterlogged Episode 17
    33:28 - Greg forwarded his sister’s photos to us on Thursday, July 16 2009:

Hud, Schmoe, Mickey, and Larry are in there somewhere

Schmoe and Hud, at the gate

Schmoe & Greg in the pavilion, with Mr & Mrs Hud in the background

    43:34 - I took a stab at it, but the year was 1912.
    44:30 - and here’s Schmoe trying on his vintage 1987 concertwear.  I had my Cyber-shot for photos and Chuck took video with his cellphone:

Schmoe sucks in his gut

    45:41 - “Look confused”...

“Look confused”

Our hero

    48:41 - 2003’s Meet Me in Magaritaville I assume
    50:31 - the Raven Gallery in Southfield, now the site of Sweet Lorraine’s
    51:48 - Catherine Deneuve’s IMDb page
    53:08 - “La Kenta” is off the 1987 Club Trini CD Jubilee.  (Not, as I guessed at later, 1988’s Heat.)
    58:49 - we figure it out at 63:12
    61:01 - the ”>1987 setlist page has file sizes noted, for download purposes.  As far as times go: it’s 5:14 for the intro and 3:18 for the song
    61:22 - once again, my concert notes can be read at the bottom of the 1987 setlist page
    63:12 - what we should’ve been talking about at 58:49
    67:23 - at Jones Beach, Wantaugh NY

      >  Download Episode 109

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Friday, September 4 2009


    From the Michigan marching band newsletter:

    As the 2009 season begins, the Michgan Marching Band will celebrate the season opener “island-style” with Jimmy Buffett.  The show begins with Margaritaville (look for the glass formation), continuing with Volcano, and ending with Fins and Cheeseburger in Paradise.
    Musical arrangements for this show were created by former MMB Director, Jamie L. Nix, and long-time arranger, John Stout.
    Next Week: Neil Diamond.

    A sneak peek at tomorrow’s U of M halftime…

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