Friday, October 30 2009

Episode 113A: Pathway to Episode 113B

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 28 2009 (10:30 PM - 12:30 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The latest news, the second to last concert roundup, a new joke, and the return of Hud!

    00:25 - that’s Steve Huntington way off on the left, introducing his interview with Mac McAnally: a sneak preview of our next episode, accidentally played on my iPhone
    01:03 - Margaritaville robbery: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up, a Cayman news broadcast, their description, and the follow-up story
    02:08 - Le Select confirmed: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up
    02:20 - Hard Rock concert: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up
    03:13 - Bridge School Benefit: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up
    03:31 - Buffet Hotel details: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up.  Amazon has a pre-order page for Jimmy’s Buffet Hotel CD here.
    03:56 - this would change to seven of twelve once Radio Margaritaville played the Paris show
    04:59 - Midnight Flyer from the Buffett World forum uploaded the DRALS video.  Read about it at Buffett World or go directly to YouTube.
    06:07 - the previous episode is Episode 112, the previouser one is Episode 108Here’s the Walworth County article Listener Ed forwarded to us.
    17:23 - remarkably, this song title was only just brought up, in Episode 109, by Listener Tom (as a potential boat name).  He got it from Buffett News, which listed it as a potential track on Far Side of the World
    19:17 - “Stadium”.  I meant to say University of Phoenix Stadium.  Anyway, here’s the story about them trying to stop tailgating.
    19:53 - ?uestlove’s interview about Yacht Rock and Jimmy Buffett appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
    20:18 - Will Kimbrough on writing with Jimmy Buffett.  Apologies to Jackson Quigley for not recognizing his new blog.
    23:35 - link to Mac’s new album, Down By the River, at Amazon
    24:15 - as you can probably guess, the joke was recorded first, which is why Hud is around again
    26:08 - Mike forwarded his mom’s joke to us back on Friday, May 22 2009
    27:23 - And this is what had Mike so speechless.

      >  Download Episode 113A

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Monday, October 12 2009

Episode 112: Bizarre But Yet Outstanding

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 7 2009 (10:30 PM - 12:30 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “More about Landshark Stadium, ringtones, and Margaritaville Cargo, plus Listener Ed’s in-
depth report from the Alpine Valley concert.  (Special appearance by Jennifer.)  (The Roger Clyne podcast begins at 45:03.)

    00:21 - as she does every year at this time, Jennifer was wearing her Halloween t-shirt which reads “I’m Your Treat”
    03:35 - I’m reading off my MacBook Pro; Mike is reading off his Blackberry
    04:32 - Paris show: Buffett News write-up (and photos)
    05:07 - Miami Marine stadium rescue: Buffet World’s write-up | Buffett News’s write-up
    05:39 - news about Timothy B Schmidt’s new album
    06:30 - Buffett News’s write-up about CIP’s new ownership
    08:11 - Buffett World’s write-up on Jimmy’s new iced teas
    10:38 - Margaritaville’s Coconut Television
    10:51 - Playing for
    11:47 - Grandpa Elliot
    12:29 - Mike spotted the commercial Saturday, September 19 and texted us about it; but ABC/ESPN did not replay it.  But, as we mentioned on our Twitter page, the commercial is available at the Margaritaville
    15:08 - oh no! Scott set off the Double-Entendre Alarm!
    19:57 - contact us on Skype at 1-734-274-5959
    22:07 - feel free to follow along as we read: Listener Ed’s 2009 Alpine Review

    23:41 - Listener Ed’s blog
    23:45 - Glenn Worf’s Wikipedia page
    26:53 - Scott has moved to the other side in order to plug his laptop in
    29:11 - in Episode 107
    29:58 - yeah, but who knows what other changes JJ Abrams will be making?
    31:15 - we went through all this in Episode 2 et al
    47:44 - here’s the video Scott promised (restored after Facebook changed their embed code):

    52:44 - ...and then multiplied by 42

      >  Download Episode 112

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Sunday, October 11 2009

RCPM on a Sunday

    Testing out my new Zi8 at the recent Roger Clyne show, Sunday, October 4.  Video looks good; editing is more complicated than it should be.
    Here are some random shots, which turn out to be mainly the ends of songs.  A medley of finales.

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