Sunday, December 20 2009

Mike’s Guide to Shopping for Jimmy Buffett’s Birthday (and Christmas)

    P.S.: a few things from Schmoe (he meant to advertise Kindle editions, but those are not linkable):

    P.P.S.: and a few more, from Mickey:

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Monday, December 14 2009

We’ll Be Back After This Commercial Break

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Sunday, December 13 2009

Episode 116: Online Dickschmoenary

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 12 2009 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Back to our ‘normal’ Wednesday schedule with more headlines and concert highlights from Toronto.  (Guest: Jennifer)

    00:44 - CMT Crossroads Taping Tonight, at Buffett World
    03:40 - The Far Four’s Christmas CDs have been reconstituted into a single disc called Hark!Order it here—highly recommended!
    04:42 - I also pissed Mike off, back during our listening party, when I joked the intro to “Rhunba Man” sounds like the Barney Miller theme
    06:15 - right around the two-minute mark, in fact.  At last, it’s Mike’s chance to ruin a song for me.
    07:40 - MCV’s Gorilla Monkey Crunch article and the game itself: Gorilla Monkey Crunch and Gorilla Monkey Crunch Lite
    08:57 -’s Top 10 Songs About Food
    10:52 - Jimmy on Mike & Mike Show, via Buffett News | Jimmy Talks to Al Roker”, via Buffett World | “Jimmy on the Today Show”, via Buffett News
    12:19 - Billboard‘s interview with Jimmy
    14:05 - my joke comes from Episode 2 I think; Schmoe’s joke comes from Episode 71
    Some sad news that didn’t make the podcast: Mark Malone Atchley, a Tennessee National Guardsman, working as an electrician on Buffett’s boat, dies in Caribbean plane crash.  From

      >  Download Episode 116

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Tuesday, December 8 2009

Episode 115: Hotel Reservations

Show Notes:
Recorded Monday, December 7 2009 (8:00 PM - 1:30 AM) at Schmoe’s Cantina II, Dearborn MI
    “Mike, Schmoe, Scott, and Mickey give their first impressions on the newly released Buffet Hotel, in the first episode from the new Schmoe’s Cantina.

    Firstly, Jimmy’s album is available at Amazon, as a CD or as MP3 download.  Also available at iTunes.
    008:05 - it would be our very next episode, Episode 116
    013:18 - according to Wikipedia: “The theme was a short version of a Franz Schubert piece, Piano sonata No. 20 in A Major, D. 959, IV. Rondo. Allegretto.”
    020:37 - somehow I am able to quote the theme from Family Ties
    023:32 - as you’ll hear later, it was the first Bristow VA show, September 3rd; and it was in the concert roundup for Episode 113A
    032:25 - the DRALS video, which we discussed in Episode 113B and which Buffett World highlighted
    038:57 - no, I was confusing it with “Bayou Boy”.  “RHumba Girl” [née “Man”] is track 8.
    040:25 - our updated iTunes iMix
    042:57 - one day turnaround, bitches!  Boo-yah!
    048:46 - Scott refers to Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford
    053:02 - have we mentioned our updated iTunes iMix
    059:03 - it also reminds me too much of “The Inner Light” by The Beatles
    1:04:00 - back in Episode 96
    1:07:59 - T.S.T.S.N.H.O.
    1:08:46 - link to The Fuckin’ Wiggles
    1:11:19 - here’s Scott’s listing for our WAOTNC shot glasses at eBay
    1:11:50 - here’s our podcast page at iTunes, just waiting for your comments…
    1:12:51 - our Facebook group page | our Facebook fan page
    P.S.: the contest is now closed.  Check our video to find out who won.

      >  Download Episode 115

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