Friday, July 30 2010


    Listener Jon clued us in, back on Monday, that the comic strip Dustin was doing a whole, week-long series on parrotheads.  Or more specifically, middle-aged parrotheads.  Here are all five panels (from July 26 to July 30).
    Update: we uploaded too quickly, forgetting about the Saturday strip.  Here’s the newly-corrected, complete run:

    As a middle-aged parrothead, I frankly don’t see the humor in this.

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Thursday, July 22 2010

Episode 133: A Clown Walks Into a Fruit Market (and Other Disappointing Stories)

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 21 2010 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It’s Patti’s Jammies Jimmy Jam!  She and Hud guest star, joining the gang in discussing the big Gulf Coast concert.

    Three—count ’em, three—podcasts in one week.  And this one had only a one-day turnaround!
    00:46 - John Wayne Gacey, in Wikipedia
    01:03 - It clown, from Google
    01:56 - Mike first shared that dyslexic joke in Episode 124
    02:22 - NPR’s “Clowns Teach People Not To Be Afraid Of ... Clowns” story (from June 17)
    07:22 - Schmoe, in his July 20 email, called Patti out thusly: “Patti—we NEED your voice and stories.  I mean, seriously, how many times in a row can you pimp us?  You have to show up to something SOMEtime!  {This is Schmoe, calling Patti out.}”
    11:43 - the AP article which mentioned Zach backing out, from
    14:59 - Lulu, not Lulu
    15:50 - the One Love One Ocean t-shirt from Lulu’s site
    17:36 - I echo complaints about the the From the Big Apple to the Big Easy charity DVD, from Episode 14
    18:27 - clip from NPR’s “Oil Spill Means Dismal Summer For Gulf Beach Town”, July 1
    21:43 - “Mayor Shows Impatience with Biloxi Margaritaville Casino” on Buffett News | “Biloxi Mayor Frustrated with Idle Casino Project” on Buffett World
    22:45 - AP article on M’ville Beach Hotel’s disappointing holiday weekend
    34:25 - music taken from Karaoke Hits & Evergreens [iTunes link]

      >  Download Episode 133

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Tuesday, July 20 2010

Episode 132B: My Documents

Show Notes:
    “Mickey’s not giving up yet.  He’s got two more concert roundups, to round out the third leg of the tour, plus last week’s Fruitcake on the Radio, and Munchcast’s discussion of margaritas and ‘Margaritaville’.

    05:39 - not only was it cool to hear Jimmy “Mackinac Island” – my favorite island – but he pronounced it correctly too!
    05:44 - “Kalama-zoo-zoo-zoo” is, I suppose, a reference to Glenn Miller’s recording of “I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”
    08:15 - the Jimmy/Bret Michaels duet was released as an iTunes single on July 13.
    09:43 - Jimmy and Mike have gotten a LOT of mileage out of this material over the years
    14:05 - left in because Jimmy got the album wrong
    16:41 - Episode 130
    16:55 - Fruitcake on the Radio Steve Ross from Bloomfield Hills MI
    17:58 - Munchcast #85, with Leo Laporte and Cammy Blackstone. Visit the website, listen to the episode, or watch the episode.
    29:20 - and you thought we rambled and were unprepared!

      >  Download Episode 132B

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Saturday, July 17 2010

Episode 132A: My Documents

Show Notes:
    “Mickey hijacks the podcast to share files off his hard drive.  Includes three concert roundups, some audio interviews, and the rest of our post-concert parking lot roundtable from Pine Knob.  (Cameos by Patti, Scott, Mike, and Jacob.)

    I know, I know.  It’s time we got back to podcasting…
    At 27:10, that’s not an edit, that’s Jimmy jumping the gun.
    And at 29:04, those false starts were part of the concert.
    31:20 - Anderson Cooper’s interview with Jimmy Buffett: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (from
    Jimmy ruffled a few feathers after an interview with the Associated Press.  Said Jimmy, “To me it was more about eight years of bad policy before [Obama] got there that let this happen. It was Dracula running the blood bank in terms of oil and leases.”  The hosts of Fox & Friends were outraged that Jimmy called George W Bush a “Dracula”, even though Jimmy didn’t, and I’m not even sure what they think it means.  We tried to bring this up during our recordings but we couldn’t muster the ire that seems to come so readily to the folks at Fox News.
    37:48 - “Video Interview with Jimmy”, via Buffett World
    43:44 - you can hear Jimmy’s comments about the brassiere at the beginning of the next episode

      >  Download Episode 132A

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Wednesday, July 14 2010

Mike in 3D

    Playing around with the 3D Camera phone app at Joe’s Prime Time tonight.  Got your red/blue anaglyph glasses handy?

Mike in 3D

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Thursday, July 8 2010

“Life On the North Coast”

    Our single dropped today.  By popular demand, you can now get a copy of our theme song, written by Mike and Jim Auquier and sung by Jim Auquier.  Get your copy on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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Schmoe Goes Pro

    Schmoe talks the staff at Zodiac Health & Racquet Club (14795 Dix Toledo Rd, Southgate, MI) into making his signature drink, the Schmoenade™.

    Shot Wednesday, July 7 2010 on Mickey’s iPhone 4, with guest appearances by Schmoe, Jennifer, Lee, Mike, Scott, Hud, Mickey, and Annie.

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