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Episode 131: The Big One

Show Notes:
Recorded Thursday, July 1 2010 (8:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Mike’s house, Canton MI
    “We make up for our recent absence with a double-sized show. But once we get started talking about our 2010 Pine Knob show, we just can’t stop. Includes are annual parking lot recording, with cameos by Scott, Patti, Jacob, some guy named Doug, Mike’s dog named Bo, Mike’s noisy Blackberry, Mike’s noisy neighbors, Mike’s noisy frog, and some Fourth of July fireworks.

    0:01:24 - Commonwealth Displays
    0:02:14 - Bo is the chocolate lab; the German Shepherd lives next door
    0:02:52 - Buffett News: “Jimmy Buffett Announces Free Gulf Concert” | Buffett World: “Buffett Announces Free Show for the Gulf
    0:03:40 - if I’d paid more attention I would’ve learned Tropical Storm Alex reached hurricane status late on Tuesday, June 29
    0:03:50 - the announcement on M’
    0:04:10 - Kenny Chesney’s Twitter message
    0:04:18 - Zac Brown Band’s Twitter message
    0:04:31 - “CMT Will Still Air Gulf Concert”, from Buffett World
    0:04:49 - evidently, my local cable now does show CMT in HD, as of July 1.  All right, Comcast!  (Now if you could only put the HD channels in some kind of order instead of strewing them all over the 200s and 300s.)
    0:04:55 - “Free Concert Sells Out Quickly, eBay to remove listings”, from Buffett News
    0:05:20 -’s shameless play for attention
    0:07:36 - Buffett News: “Video and Photos of the Margaritaville Beach Hotel” | Buffett World: “Photos of Margaritaville Beach Hotel
    0:08:27 - Margaritaville
    0:08:50 - CNN’s AC360 page
    0:09:06 - Buffett News: “Jimmy plays at Lulu’s Homeport Marina” | Buffett World: Jimmy Plays Surprise Show at Lulu’s
    0:11:38 - Jimmy last played Lulu’s on Wednesday, October 3 2001, back when it was Lulu’s Sunset Grill in Pascagoula MS
    0:12:07 - as heard in Episode 44
    0:12:57 - as heard in Episode 122
    0:14:17 - Kerby’s Koney Island
    0:20:28 - the Margaritaville Express chalkboard, extracted from my raw video.  Exclusive to this show notes entry!
    0:22:08 - here’s another link to our 2010 tailgate video, on YouTube
    0:24:04 - ...and if that’s too soon, he left in a minute and a huff
    0:28:04 - an esoteric reference to the old radio show The First Nighter
    0:30:52 - the blonde and her Mom, from our Photo Gallery
    0:31:32 - here’s another link to the excellent and detailed Pine Knob map [PDF] at
    0:31:49 - actually, it is Charleston.  Charleston Miles.
    0:33:29 - for the record, her text was “can u guys hear ok?  maybe we should switch :)” at 8:12 PM.  I didn’t take time to write back till 9:26, during the intermission. “Sorry.  Enjoying our front row seats too much to text.”
    0:38:07 - in fact, he’s only done it twice this tour, prior to our concert: in St Louis (Thursday, April 29 2010) and at the second Mansfield show (Saturday, June 19 2010)
    0:39:30 - another show notes exclusive: my photo of the Radio Margaritaville crowd mic
    0:48:21 - the screens behind us, from our Photo Gallery
    0:48:45 - this quote was part of Jimmy’s intro to “Come Monday”
    0:49:26 - we talk about the second one and forgot about the third one, but I’m sure we’ll mention it in an upcoming concert round-up
    0:53:04 - make that “available light”
    0:55:56 - not exactly backwards order.  They did the last song first, but they still followed “Chicken Fried” with “African Friend”
    0:58:57 - every second set started with “Everybody’s on the Phone”, except for the two Mansfield shows immediately prior to ours
    1:03:14 - my best photo of the braless “Cheeseburger” lady, from our Photo Gallery.  (She’s in the white top and black skirt, passing the guy in the orange t-shirt.)
    1:04:28 - a bra cup on Mr Utley’s organ, from our Photo Gallery
    1:05:00 - just for Listener Ed, my video of Tina singing “Trip Around the Sun”.  Another show notes entry!
    1:06:18 - what the heck, here’s an exclusive link to my “Pirate” video too
    1:07:13 - if paid any attention, I would’ve known “Back Where I Come From” is from Chesney’s third album Me and You (1996)
    1:08:29 - as heard in Episode 127
    1:11:38 - Bret Michaels on Mailboat Records
    1:12:05 - another link to my “Margaritaville” video
    1:12:27 - the Margarillas video, on YouTube; and the Margarillas on Facebook
    1:16:47 - another link to me in the Margarillas video
    1:18:32 - the “Margaritaville” video on Coconut Television
    1:18:49 - another link to the “Alpine Valley” screen grab
    1:20:17 - well, no: he did “Bank of Bad Habits” in this spot in the very first “Under the Big Top” concert.  Also in this spot, they played “Brown Eyed Girl”, “USS Zydecoldsmobile”, “Fruitcakes”, and (anticipating my statement at 1:21:06) “Fins”.
    1:21:01 - “Fins” was the first encore song of our 2006 concert
    1:21:06 - a truer statement than with “Last Man Standing” as it turns out.  “Fins” was the second to last song for every concert except Nashville’s (Sunday, May 1 2010), as mentioned above.
    1:21:18 - as proof, here’s another show notes exclusive: my video between “Fins” and “Tin Cup Chalice”
    1:24:19 - another link to the photo of Mike’s extended hand
    1:24:35 - a final show notes exclusive: video of Jimmy’s final goodbye and Mike getting pimped
    1:26:44 - as heard in Episode 107
    1:32:12 - another link to our 2009 tailgate video, on YouTube
    1:35:48 - that’s the sound of Doug’s phone hitting the pavement, as mentioned at 1:27:48

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