Saturday, January 29 2011

Episode 141: When It All Falls Down Under

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 26 2011 (10:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Our Australian correspondents fill us in on Jimmy’s tour Down Under, Mickey rounds up the Irvine CA show, and Schmoe provides the latest about his nipples.  (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    Jimmy sure knows how to make an exit.  His return to Australia after twenty-two years made headlines, but probably not the way he would’ve wanted.
    Mike provides this week’s title.  Alternates include:

Gravity Storm
Last Man Standing
Stars Fell In Australia
Why the Things We Do
Beyond the End…Of the Stage
Face Plant For the Night
Sinko de Jimmyo
I Wish the Stage Could Last Forever
When the Stagefront Betrays Me
A Pirate Looks at Floory
Defining Gravity
Changes in Altitudes

    01:43 - The Criterion Collection’s Broadcast News Blu-ray
    05:39 - according to Time and
    06:35 - photo of Buffett on gurney, from Channel 9 in Sydney

    06:44 - TMZ’s write-up and their front-row video:

    06:53 - An alternate angle, on YouTube:

    08:19 - more video from Steven Tyler fell off the stage in Toronto, in August 2010
    08:55 - Listener Brett guested in Episode 30
    09:07 - audio is off the video from 6:53
    09:54 - Listener Mat’s video, at the Sydney Opera House:

    12:25 - the Auckland show was scheduled for Saturday; I was confusing it with Radio M’ville’s broadcast of the second Opera House concert on Friday
    12:35 - Jim Mayer’s Twitter post
    15:01 - our partial research shows Hordern Pavilion is twice the capacity of the Opera House
    15:30 - Listener Fiona’s pictures, at our WAOTNC Photo Gallery
    18:15 - a couple hours after this recording, we got word the Auckland concert had been officially canceled
    18:57 - “Buffett to appear on Lionel Richie Album” from Buffett News
    30:28 - this quote followed “Creola”
    37:56 - sorry, the M’ville Liquor Chiller deal ended on January 28 2011
    38:37 - Mike bought us M’ville Spiced Rum for Christmas back on December 22
    39:06 - Molly Maid
    39:15 - Larry is the proprietor of Zodiac, and back on December 3 he hosted a poker party — at which Schmoe and Scott knocked out half of his outdoor Christmas decorations when they decided to cut across the front lawn rather than use the sidewalk like grown-ups.
    42:53 - to be honest, Mr T’s “thumb dance” has morphed over the years from him simply standing up and pointing to the back of his t-shirts into us doing these moves from Airplane!
    45:12 - this was pretty much confirmed in the video Jimmy recorded the next day:

    49:25 - nope, not “Katie”: it’s Leah Flanagan
    56:58 - Colin Hay will be at the Ark (in Ann Arbor MI) on April 28 and April 29
    57:12 - vegemite on Wikipedia
    58:31 - Vitameatavegamin
    58:40 - welcome to Schmoe’s second nipplecast.  The first one can be heard in Episode 126
    1:03:40 - Chafe Free
    1:05:22 - Good God, that was the longest lead-up ever!  I hope the joke is worth it…
    1:06:34 - …oh well…
    1:06:51 - more audio off the video from 6:53

      >  Download Episode 141

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Thursday, January 20 2011

Episode 140: We Go to ’11

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 12 2011 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “For the first show of 2011, we look at the top stories of 2010 and the concert roundup is from Portland. (Special guest: Michele. Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:21 - unfortunately I cannot find this cell phone commercial anywhere online (and can’t even remember what company it was for).
    02:28 - since the purpose of these entries is to share behind-the-scenes information, I might as well go ahead and admit her name is ████.
    06:33 - I’ve completely forgotten the story behind this, but Scott was referred to as “cherubic” by someone some time before recording, to Schmoe’s great delight
    09:28 - I guess you could say I tangentially got something Buffetty for Christmas.  I bought myself the John Lennon Signature Box, which includes Robert Greenidge playing on “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”. (A connection I had planned to make during our John Lennon episode but, once again, forgot to do.)
    09:36 - for Christmas, Mike bought all the podcast guys a bottle of M’ville spiced rum
    11:43 - Scott’s sound file got accidentally deleted; and this potion was all I was able to restore off the SD card, using some newly bought recovery software.
    13:36 - at the time, I was assuming our opening blather would not make the show
    13:40 - Ticket Web
    14:38 - “Land Shark Bar & Grille to open May 2011 in Myrtle Beach” from Buffett News | “Land Shark Bar & Grill Coming to Myrtle Beach” from Buffett World
    15:30 - Jimmy on the Today show
    16:29 - “Hollywood Beach Margaritaville Resort gets approval”, from Buffett News
    16:56 - “Margaritaville Eyewear Available Now, from Buffett World
    18:20 - “Sail On, Jay Spell”, from Buffett News
    19:06 - Tour Dates, at M’
    19:46 - Welcome to Fin Land artwork
    20:46 - Monty Python’s remastered Contractual Obligation Album and Spamalot CDs, from Amazon
    22:04 - no surprise, there is a 1-800-ASK-GARY website, but that still wouldn’t stop me from teasing Schmoe
    24:20 - Jimmy is referring to a pre-show interview, not a concert itself
    27:03 - a couple highlights that didn’t make the montage are the return of “Rhumba Man” and a beautiful medley of “Cowboy in the Jungle” and “Banana Republics”
    33:04 - DOM Coon let us know “Margaritaville Casino may be coming to Biloxi after all” and “New Margaritaville Casino plans are moving forward
    34:16 - “Buffett Ukulele Songbook Released”, from Buffett News
    35:12 - Buffett World’s “Year in Review” for 2010
    36:45 - the 30 Rock sound clip is at the end of Episode 120
    38:06 - Jimmy’s South Park clip was included in Episode 126 (with screen-grabs in the blog)
    38:51 - audio from the Late Show Top 10 was included at the end of Episode 128. Plus there was this reference included in the blog
    41:05 - as evidence, the concert roundup in Episode 137
    41:21 - Nothing But Monkeys
    41:58 - from the TNT series’ tenth episode, the season finale, “I Want To Be Free”
    47:41 - download our theme song from iTunes (US) and
    52:24 - music is “In My Canoe”, performed by The Beau Hunks [iTunes (US) link]

      >  Download Episode 140

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