Thursday, March 17 2011

Episode 144: Boom Crush Duh

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 16 2011 (11:00 PM - 12:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey are back together again, in time to discuss their ticket-buying adventures for Detroit’s other big concert event and to recap the third Sydney show.  (Special guest: Joe Maj.)

    Waddaya know.  First Charlie Sheen invades our Buffett podcast and now Jimmy wants to cash-in on Charlie’s blatherings.  From Buffett World: “Buffett Trademarks ‘Tiger Blood’ for Vodka Energy Drink”.  Can’t say I’d find something called “Tiger Blood” all that appealing, but maybe that’s why Jimmy makes the big bucks and we release a free podcast.
    01:33 - the complete tour name was “Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat is Not an Option” and it, as you probably already know, opened in Detroit on April 2 2011, to less than winning reviews.
    Speaking of Sheenisms, the name for this episode comes from the Sheen quote, “Boom, crush.  Night, losers.  Winning, duh”; and was, for a long time, “Night Losers Winning”.  An alternate was “Vatican Assassin Warlocks”.
    08:39 - that detailed PDF map link, again
    20:50 - the interview’s background music was part of the broadcast and was not added by me
    32:56 - Jimmy did this verse during the other two Sydney shows, but we saved it for now since this one got the best reaction

      >  Download Episode 144

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Monday, March 14 2011

Episode 143: Sleeping in the Bathroom at Denny’s

Show Notes:
Recorded Saturday, March 12 2011 (8:30 PM - 11:00 PM) at Schmoe’s Cantina Dos, Dearborn MI
    “Mickey goes to Schmoe’s Cantina Dos for the lowdown on the Kalamazoo road trip, ticket buying plans, and a recap of the second Sydney concert.  (The Roger Clyne podcast starts at 3:39.)

    Two shows in a week!  Just trying to make up for missing all of February.
    00:25 - Roger Clyne and PH Naffah performed at The Strutt in Kalamazoo on Wednesday, March 2
    06:01 - Chad Heckler on Facebook | Chad Heckler’s Custom Guitars
    07:26 - my TwitPic photo (taken at Vreeland Market, before going to Schmoe’s Cantina. Now that I think of it, I should go take a photo of my vandalism)
    14:20 - Mickey’s Audio Island
    14:39 - wrong again.  It was the 1998 Winter Tour (which, in my defense, was at least a continuation of the “Havana Daydreamin’” tour) and tickets went on sale on a Tuesday and not a Monday. 
    15:21 - their behavior inspired us to write some parody songs, one by Mike and one by me
    20:34 - Swine Not, from Amazon
    21:04 - Swine Not, for the Nook
    21:30 - According to Trading Stocks, Borders is closing their Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Grosse Point, and Utica locations.  Schmoe, however, has reminded me there are three Borders in Ann Arbor, and the one closing is in the Arborland Mall.  “For the record,” he writes, “the huge. two-floor, campus Borders is staying open and the one on the outskirts, right near US-23 and the Ypsi borderline, is the one closing.”
    22:17 - Leah Flanagan
    31:59 - a time jump
    40:04 - another time jump (Jimmy was about to introduce “Bama Breeze”)
    41:56 - an obvious time jump
    42:30 - if you hear the crowd chanting then you’ve got the corrected version of this episode.  An incomplete edit was online for a couple hours, by mistake.

      >  Download Episode 143

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Sunday, March 13 2011

2011 Newspaper Ad, the website for the Meadowbrook and Pine Knob (DTE Energy) amphitheaters and the Palace of Auburn Hills arena, had Buffett’s ad as the sole image for their front page.  This splash page is no more, but you can still see the image here.
    It took a few days, but the Detroit Free Press finally printed this year’s concert ad today, Sunday.  Presumably this is our first look at the “Fin Land” logo.

Detroit Free Press, “Entertainment + Travel”, page 3E. Sunday, March 13.

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Thursday, March 10 2011

Episode 142: A Two-Man Operation

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 9 2011 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “After an unplanned month-long break, Mike and Mickey take up the slack and record something at last—if only to share the last concert roundup for 2010 and the first for 2011.  (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    00:55 - for example, Mike had to take a night off for his anniversary, Mickey had a friend visit from California, Schmoe had a sick day or two, etc.
    03:07 - Buffett World’s announcement on Twitter
    03:14 - WOMC’s announcement
    07:08 - “Buffett’s Panama Vacation”, at Buffett News
    07:19 - “Buffett joins Chesney for Everglades Foundation”, from Buffett News | “Buffett and Chesney Perform at Everglades Benefit”, from Buffett World
    07:27 - “Buffett Jazz Fest Poster Unveiled”, from Buffett News | “2011 Jazz Fest Poster Features Buffett”, from Buffett World
    07:57 - 2011 poster order page—come on, it’s only nine hundred bucks!
    09:22 - Mike’s Circuit City ad
    10:40 - having Elvis play behind the introduction to the Las Vegas show was a completely unplanned
    15:01 - a time jump
    15:25 - another time jump
    15:37 - an old story, but included for the f-bomb
    29:01 - Jimmy’s “20 years ago today” and banter followed “Brown Eyed Girl” and preceded the band introductions
    35:05 - Jimmy made this same mistake throughout the song
    37:52 - “Growing Older But Not Up” was the last song but “Louisiana 1927” just seemed a better ending for the montage
    39:30 - again, the one-and-only Schmoenade recipe
    40:43 - “February is second snowiest recorded”, according to the Detroit News, February 26 2011.

      >  Download Episode 142

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Wednesday, March 9 2011

2011 Radio Ad(s)

    Having learned yesterday, via Buffett World, that WOMC 104.3 had broken the news of a July 21 Pine Knob concert, I kept my recorder tuned to WOMC this morning to attempt capturing this year’s radio commercial.  I recorded four hours this morning (an hour forty-five of which was silence…grrrr) and another two hours this afternoon.  WOMC broadcast the ad at 12:40 PM.

    The ad is shorter than usual, only :30, and I’m not sure if this is a cost-saving measure or if there might be a :60 version out there too.  There was no newspaper ad this morning in the Detroit Free Press so I’m keeping an eye out for that as well.
    Update: I managed to catch the :60 version Friday, March 11, on WCSX 94.7.  I recorded six hours of them this morning and, listening back to the files, encountered the ad after only fourteen minutes (having aired at around 6:20 AM, I guess).  Quite the opposite of how it usually goes…

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