Tuesday, May 17 2011

Episode 147: But, Anyway…

Show Notes:
Recorded Sunday, May 15 2011 (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM) at Cantina Dos, Dearborn MI
    “Hud joins us, as Mike talks about his trip to Florida and we recap the first leg of the Fin Land tour.

    00:27 - Scott’s ran the Relay for Life that morning; he thought he could make it, but then changed his mind
    00:58 - sorry about the whistling, but I’d been playing the Tremé soundtrack for Mike and had “Skokiaan” on the brain
    02:04 - Mike is talking about this photo, from his collection
    04:41 - our Twitter page
    04:52 - Mike’s spiked tea photos, in our gallery
    05:28 - Mike’s review, from earlier
    07:04 - We have recorded over 232 GBs of audio since we started.  (I’m not sure what this works out to time-wise; I’m too afraid to drag all of it into iTunes or too lazy to calculate it.)  Out of that, we have 76 GBs of edited shows in uncompressed CD quality, which then comes down to less than four and a half gigabytes of MP3 podcast files.
    08:38 - Mike’s Sloppy Joe’s photo, in our gallery
    11:24 - Gatorscafe.com
    11:43 - KingGatorVision’s channel on YouTube
    11:57 - a time cut since the video was taking so long to load
    12:16 - Mike’s Kirk Adams photo, in our gallery
    12:21 - Kirk Adams’s “Mexican Wrestler”, from MySpace
    12:51 - M’ville sunglasses display photo, in our gallery
    13:28 - M’ville salt photo, in our gallery
    24:48 - Jimmy’s first discussion of Wisconsin’s cheese trees can be heard in Episode 132B.
    29:40 - “Lady I Can’t Explain”, performed that night for the first time, is heavily edited here for brevity
    31:23 - In Harm’s Way, at IMDb.com
    36:54 - not the all-night party we mention, but the one from the following year (1984), from Mickey’s college archives:

Your future podcasting team: Greg (left), Schmoe (second from left), Mike (third from right), and Mickey (right)

    46:04 - not a mistake, just an edit for time
    50:19 - our notes from last year suggest the guy’s name is Doug, and he shows up in the parking lot podcast at the end of Episode 131
    51:22 - Square Grouper on Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster Online, and IMDb

      >  Download Episode 147

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Monday, May 9 2011

There’s Nothing Soft About Hard Teas, Part 2

    I promised a review of the new Margaritaville products that I stumbled upon in Florida last week, so here you go:
    Margaritaville Spiked Tea:  Kind of a tea-like flavor.  Lightly carbonated.  On the sweet side.  I found it to be quite refreshing.  Great right from the bottle or over ice.  This product is more like Mike’s Hard Iced Tea than it is like Twisted Tea.  If I had to rank it among these, I would put it after Twisted Tea and before Mike’s.  I would buy this again.
    Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade:  Not as sweet as some competitors.  In fact, I found it to have a bitter edge to it.  Descent lemon flavor comes through.  Lightly carbonated.  I didn’t care for the first one I had.  I would not be able to drink a few of these in a row.  Later in the week I gave it another chance over ice.  That was better.  Definitely more refreshing that way.  Not sure I would buy this again, but wouldn’t turn one down if someone offered it.  I would add ice though.
    There you have it.  Keep an eye out for it when shopping.  Maybe it will be in Michigan soon.  I would be interested in your opinions too.

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Sunday, May 8 2011

You Don’t Know Jimmy

    Eager for my iPad to arrive, I started watching the “iPad Today” podcast from TWiT.tv.  And, guess what, there’s a Buffett mention in the latest episode!  You can view it at 18:58 in episode #44 ... or by playing the clip below:

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Monday, May 2 2011

There’s Nothing Soft About Hard Teas

    This just in, from our roving reporter Mike, vacationing in Florida.  “Breaking News!!  Margaritaville sells spiked tea and spiked lemonade!  Review to follow….”

Spiked Lemonade and Spiked Tea


Spiked Label


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