Sunday, June 26 2011

Episode 149: The Second Longest Day

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 22 2011 (9:30 PM - 10:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Mike reviews his new Frozen Concoction Maker and we recap the Houston and Jazz Fest concerts.

    00:36 - AKA, the tiki bar
    01:12 - Mike got his Frozen Concoction Maker on Friday, June 17, sharing this photo in our Twitter feed
    06:06 - here’s a brief video from Mike’s house on Sunday, between a graduation party and the U2 concert:

    06:36 - on second thought, it was behind Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland
    08:30 - Frozen Concoction Maker
    08:53 - Greg’s video review from Episode 75
    11:26 - “Margaritaville opens at Navy Pier in Chicago”, from Buffett News
    11:43 - “Knee Deep Hits the Top 40”, from Buffett News
    11:37 - “Knee Deep Video Premiere”, from Buffett News
    12:06 - “Knee Deep – Video Sneak Peek”, from Buffett News
    25:17 - a time cut
    28:20 - “Bossier City to Land Margaritaville Casino”, from Buffett World
    28:50 - our apologies if you happened to listen to this in your car
    32:00 - here’s that poster again
    36:00 - Jimmy’s comment about Pete’s hat followed “Life is Just a Tire Swing”.  The discussion about “CILCIA” preceded “Pascagoula Run”.
    38:50 - another time cut
    39:29 - that was my iPhone!  Good thing it tumbled onto the wooden floor of the tiki bar rather than the cement of the patio!
    40:44 - actually, the power apparently came back on less than a half hour before this

      >  Download Episode 149

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Tuesday, June 7 2011

Episode 148: Mike is a Member

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, June 1 2011 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Back at Zodiac, for more news, more discussion, and recaps of the two Missouri concerts.  (Cameo by Jennifer.)

    00:43 - beep effect stolen from the Eardrop podcast (specifically, the June 4 2011 file)
    00:54 - Scott’s Twitter page
    02:46 - Murray Lake, on Google Maps, and on Wikipedia
    03:14 - M’ville Orlando | M’ville Las Vegas
    05:00 - Twisted Tea Sweet Tea | Half & Half | Raspberry | Backyard Batch | M’ville Spiked Tea & Lemonade | Seagram’s Raw Tea
    06:33 - according to his November 27 1993 obituary in, “Charles D. Miller, a retired executive in the hobby industry and father of actress Susan Saint James, […] was the president and chief executive officer of Testor Corp. of Rockville, Ill., the leading manufacturer of glue and paints for the hobby industry. He was cited by President Nixon in 1969 for pioneering the use of horseradish in all model cement products to curb glue-sniffing among American youths.”
    07:51 - “Buffett & ZBB Nominated for CMT Music Award”, from Buffett News | “Buffett Earns CMT Music Award Nomination with Zac Brown Band”, from Buffett World.  And, once again, we completely dropped the ball on this one.  JB and ZBB were in fact nominated for their video performance of “Margaritaville” from CMT’s Crossroads.
    08:26 - “Zac Brown is ‘Knee Deep’ in Mexico”, from AOL’s The
    09:10 - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jane Buffett at Jazz Fest, from USA Today‘s Lifeline Live
    09:36 - Entrapment on
    09:40 - “No Tailgating at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow”, from Buffett News | “Tailgating Banned at Jiffy Lube Live”, from Buffett World
    10:02 - “Buffett Says He’ll Work on Tailgating Issue at Jiffy Lube Live”, from Buffett World
    10:39 - “‘Jiffy Lube Live’? Why not ‘Live Nation Disaster Hole’?”, by Tom Jackman in the Washington Post.  (“A pen and paper are dangerous instruments” is the actual quote.)
    12:46 - “LandShark Bar & Grill opens today in Myrtle Beach”, from Buffett News | “Landshark Bar & Grill Opens Today in Myrtle Beach”, from Buffett World
    13:50 - “Margaritaville Online Game coming to Facebook & iPad”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Game Coming to Facebook and iPad”, from Buffett World
    16:39 - “Buffett to release Buried Treasure of unreleased songs”, from Buffett News | “Buffett to Put Out Unreleased Original Songs from Early Days”, from Buffett World
    20:05 - “Chesney joins Buffett for Nashville Show”, from Buffett News | “Kenny Chesney Joins Buffett in Nashville”, from Buffett World
    20:58 - from NPR’s All Songs Considered blog: “After The Love Has Gone: Fans Spill On Ditching Their Favorite Artists
    22:23 - “Beware the Flip-Flop!”, from
    22:35 - of course, when I said “the official unofficial start of Summer” what I meant was “the official unofficial start of Summer”
    23:19 - M’ville Footwear
    24:53 - a few notes from the April 30 Kansas City MO concert: Jimmy finally says “Kar-dash-ian” instead of “Ka-dar-shian” (during the new “Off to See the Lizard” verse), “Trying to Reason” reappeared in the setlist, and the “we’ll be dead by then” line is from Jimmy’s band intros at the end of the show
    32:59 - Hall of Famer George Kell [link goes to Wikipedia] was, for decades, the voice of the Detroit Tigers on TV
    33:36 - Square Grouper: Godfathers of Ganja on Netflix, Amazon, and
    33:51 - This Week in Photography #192 (at about 15:05 into the episode)
    41:20 - my front-row photos and video, from earlier in this blog
    42:12 - “Buffett Funds Middle Schoolers Trip to Gulf Coast”, from Buffett World
    44:33 - a few notes from the May 3 St Louis concert: “Trying to Reason” again and also added “Nautical Wheelers”, “Volcano” clip included because of Jimmy struggling to remember what day it was (“Sa-Thur-sday”)
    56:56 - Mike’s new favorite show is Justified
    57:95 - clip comes from EW‘s “Inside TV” podcast, near the end of the April 29 2011 episode

      >  Download Episode 148

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