Tuesday, May 22 2012

Live From the Back Bay

    While we North Coasters could only listen to the grand opening of the new M’ville Casino on Radio Margaritaville, Our Man in Biloxi was there taking photos.
    Thanks, DOM Coon.

Live from the Back Bay of Biloxi

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Thursday, May 10 2012

Episode 162: Pre-Screw

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 9 2012 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “The boys discuss the Comerica Park concert announcement and then relive their adventures in trying to purchase pre-sale tickets.

    02:12 - Free Press article, as seen below
    02:19 - full page ad, as seen below
    15:10 - from this Bob Euchre commercial
    16:29 - the zoom capability (not to be confused with “pinch to zoom”) is located under “Accessibility” in System Preferences
    21:48 - the radio ad, as posted below
    26:13 - from Olympia Entertainment’s website:

Seating chart

    26:41 - now you can hear why I needed to record the commercial more than once
    27:07 - get Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee from Amazon or on iTunes
    29:39 - our VHS Tape Library page
    33:09 - “Serpentine”, from the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  My audio was taken from YouTube’s live feed; this video is from someone’s cellphone.
    33:53 - achieved through some slight editing
    35:08 - “Videos of Buffett in New Orleans”, from Buffett News | “Watch Buffett’s Surprise Performance at Margaritaville New Orleans”, from Buffett World
    35:36 - M’ville Online on Facebook | M’ville Online webpage
    36:37 - and, on May 14:

Mr Mayor

      >  Download Episode 162

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Wednesday, May 9 2012

2012 Radio Ad

    I’ve been recording WCSX since Saturday, but I got the new commercial off WYCD after only an hour! From 99.5 WYCD Detroit’s Country, at 6:10 EDT this morning…

    Update: a slightly improved version of this commercial, recorded at around 11:40 AM EDT (also off WYCD), was added to the podcast feed, at around 4:10 PM.

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Sunday, May 6 2012

2012 Newspaper Ad

    Here’s the ad from the Detroit Free Press Sunday edition, Entertainment section, page 5E.

The 2012 ad

    Tailgating starts at 8 AM?!?!?  Could there be such a thing as too much partying?  Those poor parking lot attendants don’t know what they’re in for.
    Update: from the concert page at the Olympia Entertainment website, here’s the website splash page ad and the webpage banner ad.

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Friday, May 4 2012

It’s Official

    The rumor at Buffett World has come true.
    It was announced today that Jimmy Buffett will be playing Comerica Park on Saturday, July 28.  And for any naysayers who were afraid there would not be any tailgating, the promoters are promising “[a] daylong ‘Buffett’s Beach Party’ will be held on the grounds outside Comerica Park, where a lounge, margarita tastings, midway games and other frills will be in place for the legion of partying Parrothead fans.”
    Here’s the Detroit News‘s write-up.  Here’s the Detroit Free Press‘s.
    And this banner was on the Freep’s front page.

Front page news

    Update: here’s the Free Press‘s article, in full, from page 1C.
    Update update: here’s the concert page at the Olympia Entertainment website.

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