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Episode 170: Absolute Shmertainty

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 23 2013 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Discussions of Buckwheat Zydeco, Zachary Richard, Grace Potter; Buffett mentions in the media; and the last four concert roundups of 2012.  (Guests: Annie, Patti, and Lee.)

    02:32 - the date is for Ash Wednesday.
    02:46 - we get overly confused talking about two different concerts.  The Buckwheat Zydeco show at Sully’s Roadhouse (22331 Newman, Dearborn MI) was on Tuesday, March 3 1992 (Mardi Gras).  The Zachary Richard show was in 1993 but I have no idea when.  I attended both shows with Mike and his wife.  Mr & Mrs Schmoe showed up Buckwheat and I only vaguely recall them leaving early.  They did not show up at all for Zachary.
    04:36 - audio from the archives, recorded on the antiquated “cassette tape” format, and heavily edited for time. Buckwheat enjoyed saying “this morning” throughout the show, even though the concert was at night.  Sadly, my Zachary Richard bootleg did not come out, presumably from my usual ineptitude.
    06:04 - now that I mention it, I could possibly have participated in the Buckwheat interview that same day in 1992, prior to the concert.  I really don’t recall.  All I remember was I shot it in the basement, where we were continually interrupted by the sound of beer bottles being dumped down a chute.
    06:51 - Snake Bite Love
    07:14 - page 40, first edition.
    07:27 - Zachary Richard’s website and on Wikipedia. Get your autographed copy of Le Fou from Zachary’s website.
    09:27 - Grace Potter
    11:24 - Buckwheat Zydeco
    11:29 - Blackberry Smoke
    12:50 - How I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 13: “Band or DJ?”. Voices of Cobie Smulders and Ray Wise.  Two scenes edited into one.
    15:06 - Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock podcast.  I took a shot at it and said “January 19th”.  I was wrong.  And, as suspected, this year’s joke was originally from 2010 (and can be heard in Episode 119).
    15:33- The Smartest Man in the World podcast.  I stupidly failed to mark in which episode, spent far too long relistening to recent episodes, and finally gave up.  If you find it, let us know.
    15:39 - Harmontown podcast.  Episode 26.  Voices of Dan Harmon and Jeff Davis.
    17:45 - the “Interesting, interesting” comments amuse me since Mike and Schmoe never know what the clips will be.  (Of course they might if they did the slightest bit of research ...but I digress.)
    18:37 - M’ville sunglasses
    22:13 - M’ville coffee
    26:39 - Lash LaRue, on Wikipedia
    30:34 - okay, technically it’s “Lounging at the Lagoon”, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than what Mike said.  And wasn’t I just saying how forgettable the tour name is, back in Episode 168 (at the 45:35 mark)?  The guys couldn’t even remember that!
    33:17 - I am mortified to admit I actually said “Jane Pauley” instead of Katie Couric!  Missed it by only twenty-four years!  I even wrote it that way in my notes.  What an idiot.
    33:53 - Jimmy mentions Indiana Jones knowing the producer of those movies, Frank Marshall, was in attendance
    36:35 - Jimmy did not do a solo encore for Detroit.  These resumed for the next leg of the tour.
    40:21 - “Paint the House, Paint the Floor” was in the running for show title.  “Talking to Mike?” is a reference to the many times Lee would shout into the speaker thinking he was communicating with Mike in Houston.

Back cover of Buckwheat’s On a Night Like This
Back cover of Zachary’s Snake Bite Love

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Friday, January 11 2013

Brown Eyed Boy

    All due respect to Jimmy (and Van Morrison), but this might be my new favorite version of “Brown Eyed Girl”...

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