Thursday, May 28 2015

Episode 205: April Show’rs

Show Notes:
Recorded Thursday, May 28 2015
    “Taking care of the last two concerts from April and clearing the stage for the 2015 Summer tour.

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Monday, May 18 2015

Episode 204: KeyWestward Schmoe

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 13 2015 (10:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Champions Sports Grill, Brownstown MI
    “Schmoe’s Tales from Margaritaville and excerpts from Jimmy Buffett’s University of Miami commencement speech.  (Special guest: Paul.  Cameos by Nicole and Jerry.)

Our new Summer location, The Wine Cellar

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Saturday, May 9 2015


    This was one of YouTube’s suggestions after I uploaded the 2015 TV ad video.  Once I saw it was shot from the same angle as my own video, I wondered if I might show up in the crowd.  And then was shocked to find I was right in front of the guy!  Even more surprising – I have a bald spot??!!

     (I’m in the light blue Hawaiian shirt, with gray hair, and headbanging like a dork.  Look for Mike, to my left, in the yellow t-shirt.)

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Friday, May 8 2015

Episode 203: Railroad Waity

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, April 29 2015 (10:45 PM - 11:30 PM) at Drinks Saloon, Brownstown MI
    “This year’s ticket buying adventures, Schmoe plans for his Key West trip, and Mickey looks at April’s other two Florida concerts.

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BONUS: 2015 TV Ad

    Good thing I decided to watch last week’s SNL first, of all the shows I need to catch up on this weekend.  I caught this year’s Buffett ad right at the end…

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Monday, May 4 2015

Schmoe’s Travels: Day 4

7:46 AM:

“Trying to get Wifi at M’ville Cafe
“Sunset (over what my so thinks is Cuba)”
“Street performer that was on Broadway in Pippin (Mike stopped reading after ‘performer’)”
“Sun is setting with pirate ship #schmoeisacclimated”
“Cat Man™
Omigosh we need to talk about this dude”
“Warm sunset
Hazy at the horizon”
“Tonight Big Bird earns his keep the hard way”
“Tacos at Amigos with a view of Captain Tony’s #captainamigoschmoe”

9:15 AM:

“75″ tequilas”

2:09 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Overheard at Key West Airport
    ➤   Schmoe: by Gate agent:
    ➤   Schmoe: “Can you tell me how much fuel l need
    ➤   Schmoe:  to order?

    ➤   Schmoe: Nice knowing you guys.

    ➤   Schmoe: Plus…<trying not to cry>…
    ➤   Schmoe: this little flight has no first class
    ➤   Schmoe: so I have to…ride…COACH!

    ➤   Schmoe: It’s ok tho
    ➤   Schmoe: My flight from Miami to Detroit is First Class…
    ➤   Schmoe: the risotto with white wine clam sauce
    ➤   Schmoe: should alleviate any stress from
    ➤   Schmoe: being back with common-folk


3:15 PM:

“Gassing up”

    ➤   Schmoe: Miami airport
    ➤   Schmoe: We had enough gas
    ➤   Schmoe: I went to the bathroom and
    ➤   Schmoe: when I needed to use the one sink
    ➤   Schmoe: …some dude was using it for a long time…
    ➤   Schmoe: to finish…washing…his feet.
    ➤   Schmoe: Yes, his feet.
    ➤   Schmoe: #closertoDearbornthanpreviouslythought

“First class.  They warmed my nuts.  #schmoeisimmature #schmoewantstogobacktothewater”

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Sunday, May 3 2015

Schmoe’s Travels: Day 3

7:32 AM:


7:36 AM:

“My son Jacob asked: ‘Is that Cuba?’”

7:39 AM:

“Key West Wedding #schmoecrasheswedding”

9:10 AM:

“What I see when I lie down”


9:58 AM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Already took a nap today #schmoeacclimated

12:38 PM:

“Preparing for Swedish massage #schmoeoutofwateragain”


12:45 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Done with second nap @ 12:15

2:50 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Two guys just asked for rum.
    ➤   Schmoe: “A bottle of Captain Rum!”
    ➤   Schmoe: “No, two bottles of Captain Morgan’s
    ➤   Schmoe: Spiced Rum”
    ➤   Schmoe: Heh

3:06 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Conch is my new favorite shell food.
    ➤   Schmoe: Fritters is my new favorite grease food.

3:34 PM:

“Bucknut … she serves the best Conch Fritters”
“I had the Dreamsicle because of course #schmoescene”
“My son Jacob asked: ‘Is this the place you referenced, Mike?  Best conch fritters.’”
“Change the sign to Krazy Taco and this is our place”
“A little Roger in Key West”
“Sloppy Schmoe’s™”
“To Greg … Here’s to life…and monkeys!”
“I just always loved the song’”
I cut off my Dreamsicle, dammit. #schmoeoutofwater #schmoecanttakeselfies”

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