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Tuesday, December 19 2017

Episode 219: Christmas Tequila (0001)

Show Notes:
Recorded Saturday, December 16 2017 (8:30 - 11:00 PM) at Schmoe’s Cantina, Brownstown MI
    “Schmoe, Mike, Mickey, and Hud reunite for a Christmas special, discussing the year’s stories, Schmoe’s graphic design skills, and Jimmy Buffett’s Buried Treasure album.

This is the label we were talking about.

      >  Download Episode 219

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Tuesday, December 20 2016

Episode 215: Viz. the SeaSick

Show Notes:
Recorded December 14 2016 (10:15 - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The gang is back!  Join Santa Schmoe, Holiday Hud, Merry Mike, and Mistletoe Mickey as they review the new Jimmy Buffett Christmas album ’Tis the SeaSon. (Guest voices: Jennifer, Joe Maj, Lee, and a cast of three or four more).

    Did Mickey say Robert G’s Coral Reefer Christmas came out “last year”?  Make that 2010!  Yikes!

      >  Download Episode 215

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Sunday, August 25 2013

Episode 180: Songs from St Kitt’s-Kat

Show Notes:
Recorded Thuursday, August 22 2013 (9:00 - 11:00 PM) at our Canton MI studios
    “The gang reviews Jimmy Buffett’s new album Songs from St Somewhere.  (Cameos by Annie, Sarah, Kate, and Bo.)

      >  Download Episode 180

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Saturday, March 9 2013

Episode 172: A Lousy Crew

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 6 2013 (10:45 - 11:45 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Schmoe, Mike, and Mickey take a look at the new Robert Greenidge steel drum Buffett tribute CD. (Guest appearances by Jennifer and Lee.) (The Roger Clyne cast starts at 5:46.)

    Get Robert G’s A Lovely Cruise album from Mailboat Records
    03:51 - “Cincinnati Margaritaville Opens Today”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Cincinnati Opens Tonight!”, from Buffett World.  I got thrown off by the “Today!”; the grand opening was actually couple days prior to our recording
    05:37 - RCPM’s Circus Mexicus
    08:49 - “Margaritaville Resort Coming to St. Thomas”, from Buffett World | “Margaritaville Vacation Club coming to St Thomas”, from Buffett News
    09:14 - and while you’re getting the Robert G album, you can also get Mishka’s Ocean is My Potion EP from Mailboat Records
    12:33 - I would dispute this, but I don’t own the original LPs and, like I said, don’t have liner notes
    19:07 - the bass reminds of both “Graceland” (the song) and “I Know What I Know”
    24:36 - we’ve been making fun of Schmoe’s girlish tote bag for a while, which one of his sisters had given him as a present
    29:51 - note that expert three-syllable pronunciation of “karaoke”

      >  Download Episode 172

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Thursday, April 21 2011

Episode 146: We Need a Cantina

Show Notes:
Recorded Tuesday, April 19 2011 (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Casa de Scott, Allen Park MI
    “Mid-April marks the start of the 2011 tour, and how did we celebrate?  By throwing a listening party for the new Roger Clyne CD!  But don’t worry, we still talk about the Tampa concert and the exciting new changes to the setlist. (Special guests: Todd and Ron.)

    The show description originally began with “April 19 marked the start of the 2011 tour”.  This is inaccurate; the tour began in Tampa on Saturday, April 16.  April 19 was the release date of Unida Cantina as well as the date of the tour’s second stop, at Raleigh.  What can I say, I wrote it after a long day of editing.
    Get Unida Cantina from Roger (CD or vinyl), at Amazon (CD, MP3, or vinyl), or from iTunes.
    Learn more about Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.

    01:56 - a much better photo than I remember, from @peacemakerjd on Twitter
    02:14 - fan photo from RCPM’s sombrerofied Salt River Fields concert, April 16 2011
    04:35 - RCPM’s Watering Hole discussion board
    06:20 - radio interview from The Blaze, ASU’s Alternative Radio 1330 AM, March 24 2011
    20:01 - a time cut
    23:29 - Eddie Money’s “I Think I’m in Love”
    29:17 - sound effect provided by Scott’s djay app
    30:14 - Chad Heckler’s Heckler Custom Guitars
    33:13 - I was merely nodding toward Scott’s speakers; I didn’t expect the gesture would provoke such a reaction.  And his speakers are quite good; he was just playing everything too loud for the room.
    50:38 - told you the speakers were loud
    53:41 - O.A.R.‘s official site | O.A.R. on Wikipedia
    1:01:34 - Scott is trying to play “Green & Dumb” out of his music library but keeps finding live versions
    1:24:23 - as you can hear in the concert montage in Episode 144, they did perform “Boomerang Love” in Australia (but this was the same show where Jimmy had his accident, so I guess you can excuse his confusion)
    1:26:37 - a time cut
    1:27:41 - Jimmy changed this for the following concert, repeating that line twice just like he wanted
    1:29:53 - the full song, we mean, since some of it had been performed last year during “Where the Boat Leaves From”
    1:31:29 - especially since it sounded like a newer arrangement of “Son of a Sailor”, which I wouldn’t expect needs another arrangement
    1:35:26 - more from The Blaze radio interview

      >  Download Episode 146

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Tuesday, December 14 2010

Episode 139: Happy Crimble

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 8 2010 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Scott, Mickey, Mike, and Schmoe review Peter Mayer’s Goodbye Hello album, only about thirteen months after its release; and the concert roundup is from the October 16 Mountain View CA show.  (Cameo by Jennifer.)

    01:18 - sorry about talking with my mouth full; I was finishing off the pizza.
    01:48 - audio taken from one of the many versions on YouTube
    03:05 - “Behind Cosell’s Announcement of Lennon’s Death, from New York Times
    06:40 - Double Fantasy was released on November 17 1980 (US)
    07:27 - Scott is reading from “Death of John Lennon” on Wikipedia
    07:53 - John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman [Amazon link]
    08:28 - Hud used to drive me (and Mike’s sister) to high school
    09:32 - Peter Mayer’s Goodbye Hello [Little Flock Music link]
    11:02 - “Photos from Jimmy’s Appearance in Nashville”, at Buffett World
    11:14 - “Videos from Andy Roddick Foundation Charity Gala”, at Buffett News
    11:27 - setlist for the Andy Roddick Foundation gala, from Buffett News
    11:37 - “Use Me” clip at YouTube, via Buffett News
    11:50 - “Videos of Jimmy with Allen Toussaint at NOAAHH”, at Buffett News.  Jimmy’s third appearance was a private show in Houston for American Express platinum cardholders.
    12:28 - “Jimmy Buffett Announces Australia Concerts on Today Show”, at Buffett World
    14:02 - Outsourced, at
    14:57 - refers to a U of M football Top Ten List in the Detroit Free Press and its “One Particular Harbaugh” listing.  For more information on Jim Harbaugh, e-mail Schmoe.  You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about University of Michigan football coaching.
    15:34 -  Mike’s shopping suggestion: the cordless Frozen Concoction Maker on sale at
    17:01 - our 2009 Christmas wishlist
    17:26 - my insistence in making fun of Schmoe had me taking a clip from the end of the recording and jamming it here, hence the difference in sound
    18:02 - unfortunately I failed to record this concert — the only one I missed this year — and had to use SunLover‘s MP3s from Buffett News.  Note: there was no pre-show interview this night, Jimmy and Mac played through what would’ve been the intermission, and apparently Jimmy’s cold was why he sang “Margaritaville” so badly.
    28:01 - specifically, Coverville #723 The 7th Annual Thanksgiving Double-Shot Beatles Cover Story
    30:40 - hey! Scott set off a new alarm!
    32:09 - “Shoot me” is what John Lennon repeats during the beginning of “Come Together”
    34:17 - The Beatles remastered box set at Amazon: stereo and mono
    36:20 - pistoning the forearm, much like the Irish Drinking Songs seen here
    35:51 - St Mary’s in Rockwood MI
    37:30 - Michele, by complete coincidence, will show up in Episode 140
    38:12 - I seriously have no idea why I’m saying “frenchified” so much.  I don’t know what came over me.
    38:49 - an inside joke.  Schmoe completed the Detroit marathon (as almost seen here) on October 18; Mike ran the half-marathon, and we won’t let him forget it.
    44:40 - Nadirah Shakoor’s Nod to the Storyteller, which we reviewed in Episode 94
    57:12 - Faygo Pop, a local pop company.  [Warning: page loads with music.]
    58:27 - get the “Love Theme from Wastin’ Away on the North Coast” at iTunes (US) and

      >  Download Episode 139

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Thursday, November 18 2010

Episode 138: A Little Dumber Boy

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 10 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:00 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The boys are back (after three weeks—plus an embarrassing eight day turnaround!)—to review Robert Greenidge’s Christmas album and the last two concerts of the summer tour.

    02:08 - National Podcast Post Month group at
    12:12 - that’s “Andy Roddick”.  Be careful how you say it; it sounds so much different.  “Buffett to perform at Andy Roddick Charity Gala”, from Buffett News  
    12:35 - “Buffett Attends Miami Heat home opener”, from Buffett News | “Buffett Attends Miami Heat Game”, from Buffett World
    12:53 - “McAnally wins CMA for Musician of the Year”, from Buffett News | “Mac McAnally Wins CMA Musician of the Year Again”, from Buffett World
    15:27 - “Margaritaville Nashville opens on Nov 22nd”, from Buffett News | “Nashville Margaritaville Opening in Two Weeks”, from Buffett World
    17:43 - this chocolate cake story shows up a lot in these concert roundups
    29:20 - Get Robert Greenidge’s A Coral Reefer Christmas at Mailboat Records

      >  Download Episode 138

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