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Saturday, February 16 2008

Episode 61: Acrocashyto

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 13 2008 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Hud stays for most of the episode, Greg communicates via e-mail, and Mike actually
shows up in person.  This week’s album under review is 1994’s
Fruitcakes.  And, by popular demand, we present another chapter of Hud’s Hooker Korner.  (Guests: Jennifer and Jacob.  Occasional yawning and fidgeting: Mike’s and Schmoe’s kids.)

    This week’s show name was stolen from inspired by a parody title in an old Mad Magazine
    00:03 - although the door squeak is gone, Hud compensates for it imitating the noise throughout the show
    01:09 - it was my idea, in fact.  It seemed funny at the time.
    03:05 - ...and an angel gets its wings…
    04:09 - Schmoe refers to events at the end of Episode 55
    06:01 - some conversation which was cut for time creates an awkward transition here.  Schmoe now begins to talk about his plans for Good Friday which, juxtaposed to the previous talk about porn, make his mention of fish tacos particularly awkward.  I left this segment in anyway, just because of my conversation with Hud.
    06:53 - follow-up post on Thomas Crompton’s blog
    07:40 - photos from the Nimitz concert can be found here, here, here, here, and here
    07:47 - link to Jimmy’s interview on Bloomberg TV, via BuffettNews
    07:57 - Margaritaville Salsa
    08:20 - one of these days I’ll edit the video from that night and upload it
    08:31 - check the tour date pages at BuffettNews and BuffettWorld
    09:23 - link to “Oysters & Pearls” story, on BuffettWorld
    09:52 - CILCIA on shuttle?
    10:07 - news of the Asheville CIP closing.  The BuffettNews message board provides the follow-up info
    11:25 - photo album of our visit to the local CIP
    11:56 - audio from the Monk episode “Mr Monk Paints His Masterpiece”, from Season 6
    12:18 - note: audio clip slightly edited for time
    14:19 - audio from This Week in Tech #131: “G’Night Dad”.
    14:59 - Stephen Colbert is interviewing Rick Warren, author of A Purpose Driven Life, in this January 28 2008 installment of The Colbert Report
    16:41 - another inside joke
    17:33 - Drink of the Day was Amber Bock
    17:58 - my 1993 tour setlists page
    18:33 - information via the Google cache of
    21:44 - I know, it sounds like I contradicted myself.  I meant something more along the lines of “too much, all at once”
    21:53 - you can play along at home with this PDF of Greg’s Fruitcakes review
    24:17 - in January 1991, four Cuban refugees in wetsuits arrived at Jimmy’s Key West dock in an 18-foot boat.  Before the Coast Guard took them, Jimmy gave them a copies of Song(s) You Know By Heart to show them there was more to American music than Julio Iglesias and Gloria Estefan.
    29:31 - Here’s my little visual tribute to “Lone Palm”.  It’s a tableau I discovered on the beaches of Antigua: pre-sunset | post-sunset
    30:12 - “Apocalypso” is the song with the flute solo
    31:53 - I intended to include an audio snippet of that, from the July 19 1994 concert, but there was so much talking going on during that song it was tough to make out Mike and Hud in particular
    33:13 - and, through the magic of editing and pre-recording, Hud will do just that
    33:33 - a reference to our great G.E. / C.E. Smith controversy of Episode 32
    37:01 - a reference to the End Titles of our previous episode
    37:28 - “The Booklovers”, on the Promenade album by The Divine Comedy, is another song that mentions Flaubert.  As does “Living With Girls” from Doug Anthony Allstars.
    39:09 - “Quietly Making Noise” recorded July 4 1993
    41:23 - “In the Same Boat” recorded July 3 1993; the end was slightly edited for time
    41:40 - in my limited experience, French people you meet on the street were quite nice and friendly; it was French people on the job (as in, for instance, restaurants, trains, or post offices) who were the rude ones
    55:53 - RealName Jim and I refer to the “Homer Badman” episode of The Simpsons, Season 6
    57:25 - i’ve tried to dig this site up, but I cannot find a working link to include here

      >  Download Episode 61

Episode 61B: Quietly Mocking Schmoe

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 13 2008 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI

    But wait, there’s more!
    I guess having Mike in person again got us even more talkative.  Not only did we record our second longest show (as of this writing) but we talked long enough to record a bonus show.  Here are a few extras salvaged from the cutting room floor: Mike and Schmoe reminisce about being asked to work security for a recent concert by The Knack (they performed at Mike’s sister’s company Christmas party); and Schmoe continues our tradition of reviewing the Super Bowl halftime show.
    (Show title suggested by Texas Mike.  Other nominees include “Henchmen for the Night” and “With a Rebel Yell, He Mocked Schmoe, Schmoe, Schmoe”.)
    Listen now…


      >  Download Episode 61B


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Sunday, January 27 2008

Episode 60: Havana Nagila

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 23 2008 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “This week, Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey return to reviewing albums, taking a look at
Havaña Daydreamin’.  Plus, we introduce a new segment to the podcast: Hud’s Hooker Korner, hosted by special guest Hud.  (And the Roger Clyne podcast starts at 38:49.)

    So much for resolving to do a faster turnaround with the editing.  This episode was recorded on Wednesday and didn’t get uploaded till late on the following Monday!  For some reason Zodiac was very crowded on that Wednesday and we were thinking we might have to resort to the old empty haunted beauty parlor again (as we had done in Episode 34); but fortunately, the back room cleared out in time for us to set up and make our phone calls.  Greg, who had suggested this week’s album review, was unexpectedly incommunicado; but we were able to reach Mike.
    01:30 - Lucy’s cookbook at Amazon & Borders
    01:53 - Lucy’s cookbook at Barnes & Noble
    02:02 - Ralph MacDonald’s CD, Mixty Motions
    02:19 - Ralph MacDonald’s site
    02:39 - Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock
    03:49 - the decade and millennium too, but century sounds better
    04:19 - no pun intended
    04:48 - announcements not “announces”
    05:22 - as you can see here, our last album review was Homemade Music in Episode 55
    11:19 - no, it’s a tilde there, too.  Here’s the Wikipedia source of my Havana information; and here it is at BuffettNews and at Buffett World
    13:32 - no, I’m wrong.  My dictionary defines “dapper” as “neat in appearance” (not just in attire) so I guess it can still apply
    16:33 - the other song titles from this January 19 2008 episode of Car Talk were “Get Off the Stove, Grandma, You’re Too Old to Ride the Range”, “I Don’t Know Whether to Kill Myself or Go Bowling”, “One Day When You Swing that Skillet, My Face Ain’t Gonna Be There”, “If You Won’t Leave Me, I’ll Find Someone Who Will”, and “Billy Broke My Heart at Walgreen’s and I Cried All the Way to Sears”
    20:34 - anyone else remember the old Radio Shack CB tribute LP All Ears?
    20:51 - I don’t know why but I always pictured the narrator of “West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gown” as a trucker.  But, now having admitted it out loud, I went back to check the lyrics and there’s really nothing there to suggest that idea
    22:52 -  songs taken From the Vault at  The first one was edited to save time
    25:10 - also, edited to save time
    26:45 - I really should not have been so quick to say that.  Not having bought that CD, I don’t know what its liner notes might have been
    28:58 - Schmoe sees “Defying Gravity” as being about getting high.  I see “Defying Gravity” as being about death.
    36:15 - speaking of carbonated beverages, it’s fairly well known we in the north call it “pop”, the coasts call it “soda”, and the south calls it “Coke”.  This map is a good breakdown of usage
    38:39 - Schmoe refers to our Changes review in Episode 34
    38:55 - link to Turbo Ocho concert clip
    39:11 - an unnamed person recommends the Download Helper add-on for Firefox
    39:42 - hear “I Do”, “Mercy”, and the other Turbo Ocho songs at the RCPM audio player
    40:15 - that would be Chad Heckler, who appeared in Episode 52
    40:30 - more details about Mike’s custom guitar coming soon…
    42:24 - “Jim” being, of course, Mike’s brother and the singer of our theme song
    42:40 - Government Honey and Voodoo Cafe
    42:56 - themes for Hud’s new Hooker Korner segment by Bernard Herrmann and Ira Newborn

      >  Download Episode 60

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Tuesday, December 11 2007

Episode 57: Bollocks

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 5 2007 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Just the core group of Schmoe, Mike, and Mickey this week, discussing the latest news, reminiscing about old concerts, and finally wrapping up their four-part review of the box
set.  (Cameo by Lee.)

    The plan was to record Wednesday, November 28; but evidently we were still too sleepy and full from Thanksgiving.  The recording was postponed till Wednesday, December 5, when we would finish up our review of the boxed set with a discussion of “Ballads”.
    My apologies once again for taking so long to upload this.  Not only are things typically busy at this time of year, but I spent two days just looking for my cassettes of the 1991 concert.
    And now, the show notes:
    01:10 -  please tell me you all still know what Centipede is
    01:52 - of couse, this is a reference to the Live in Anguilla review n our previous episode, of coure
    02:51 - MTV’s blurb on Anguilla sales, via BuffettWorld.
    03:08 - WSJ‘s story on Palm Beach water guzzling, via BuffettNews
    05:07 - yes, we saw two concerts that tour
    06:29 - this refers to the first Palace show, back on Friday, June 30 1989.  I’m pretty sure we talked about this, and even featured some audio, but to be honest I can’t remember what episode it was.
    08:17 - link to the ill-fated Journeyman, which Schmoe and I had just started really getting into…in time for its cancellation
    08:51 - Keating’s comments, via BuffettWorld.
    10:03 - Thomas Crompton’s blog post on the Chinese charity concert
    12:04 - story on Pulaski County, via BuffettNews’s discussion board.
    13:54 - Last Mango Stables
    14:05 - a reference to The Sopranos episode “Whoever Did This” from Season 4
    14:37 - I did not have access to a copy of Knocked Up so this audio comes from a clip YouTube.  (And boy was I tempted to try editing around the phrase “her and her doctor”.  What the hell kind of English is that?!)
    15:26 - a reference to the Scrubs episode “My Identity Crisis” from Season 7
    16:20 - you know, that joke never gets old.  No…wait a moment…it does
    18:30 - “Everlasting Moon” debuted during the “Jimmy’s Jump Up” tour of 1990
    19:52 - our memories are not entirely correct.  The shooting star occurred during Pirate Looks at 40
    21:09 - with my luck they probably only performed “Money Back Guarantee”.  I almost forgot: the notes for Episode 28 have a link to the DVD of this show, available on Amazon
    23:14 - that rant sounded better in my head
    32:17 - “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
    33:59 - audio recorded Saturday, July 27 1991
    35:10 - the preceding was provided by the good folks at
    We’re planning a new show on the 12th and we invite you to add your comments by e-mailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or leaving a voicemail message at 1-774-221-7346.

      >  Download Episode 57

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Saturday, November 17 2007

Episode 56: Thanksguilla

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 14 2007 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “This week, a look at Live in Anguilla and, in honor of the season, we ponder what
Buffetty things we’re thankful for.  Hud is back, Mike is still on the phone, and Scott finally returns after a long absence.  (Cameos by Deano, Lee, and a dessert pizza.)

    00:00 - notice a difference in the sound?  No, not Scott; I’m talking about the fact this week’s show is monaural.  I will admit to nothing, other than to confirm that, yes, this week’s show is monaural
    02:32 - CMA winners
    02:44 - Corona sponsoring Chesney tour
    03:39 - JB with Little Feat  |  03:46 - JB and Sonny Landreth
    04:22 - Amazon’s Eric Clapton’s autobiography link
    04:34 - Radio Margaritaville DJ contest
    10:56 - a catch phrase first introduced in Episode 13
    17:17 - Scott’s detestation of Best Buy stems from the events described in Episode 50B
    18:47 - actually they were written the day before our Episode 46 session
    20:51 - Schmoe is referencing his less than successful acting job as the female lead in the Big Finish of Episode 50
    24:58 - oh Lord, don’t get me started
    34:48 - don’t get me started on that either
    35:37 - an old quote from Greg, which we’ve probably mentioned before
    35:58 - Schmoe told me later he meant to imply I could edit him even more
    36:54 - this old wheeze was severely overwritten, but was truncated here not only to save time but to get to the very predicable punchline faster
    Oh all right.  I confess.  The reason the show is monaural is because, before we started our talk, I had too many Bud Lights and drunkenly fucked up the record settings.

      >  Download Episode 56

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Friday, November 9 2007

Episode 55: Homemade Musings

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 7 2007 (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM), at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Not only does Mike join Schmoe and Mickey on the phone again, but Hud is back and
Patti returns for her second visit!  The top of discussion is
Hot Water, and these losers, these losers, these losers just drone on…  (Cameo by Tommy.)

    I bought a new and shielded cord for our speaker phone setup, to eliminate any more interference, only to find the cord would not work for some reason.  Luckily, Schmoe had some audio cords in his car and we were finally able to contact Mike and get the show rolling.
    00:10 - Patti’s previous visit was when back in Episode 2
    01:30 - Amazon’s listing for the unofficial Jimmy Buffett Concert Handbook
    02:41 - Patti tried talking us into a road trip since her birthday coincided with the second Las Vegas show.  Unfortunately for her, we’re too cheap.
    05:51 - Jimmy’s intro was slightly edited here to save time
    06:56 - “Tin Cup Chalice” was performed, but it was not aired on Radio Margaritaville so sadly it cannot be included here
    07:09 - oops, this interview with Mike Utley actually preceded the Thursday show, not the Saturday show.  Jimmy’s interview on Saturday was actually an interesting, serious talk about his touring ethic and I include it here as an extra:

    08:10 - nope.  Jimmy, George Strait, and Alan Jackson lost to Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw, and the upstart Kenny Chesney.  And Mac McAnally lost to Jerry Douglas.
    09:46 - you can hear Bill make the suggestion at 38:17 in Episode 54
    14:39 - nope, I was thinking of “Lage Nom Ai” I guess.  “Great Heart” was the leadoff song for the Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays tour.
    14:55 - you can’t hear it all that well, but Patti admits “I like ‘Pre-You’”
    15:39 - George Blaha
    15:53 - Schmoe is right, the video was shown during the intermission of the February 17 1998 show
    18:16 - Duck Dunn & Steve Cropper
    26:44 - Patti mentions “Rick Springfield”
    30:42 - “Great Heart” iTunes link
    31:39 - I can’t locate it in Episode 54 any more, so maybe Greg mentioned it before the mics were on.  “Smart Woman in a Real Short Skirt” scared him, he said, because it reminded him of pick-up lines from his single days.
    31:59 - I said this because I would be celebrating a birthday in two days (and finishing the edit)
    32:46 - Jimmy and Marshall Chapman exchanged a kiss (or maybe just an embrace—I was sitting far back, after all) after performing “Perfect Partner” on July 4 1987
    33:23 - Last Mango in Paris was released in June 1985
    35:01 - this recording of “That’s What Living is to Me” comes from July 4 1987.  (And I forgot to mention it includes steel drum here too.)
    37:30 - if I could find it, here’s where I’d link to that “Arlo & Janis” strip
    The snippet of “That’s What Living is to Me” is from July 4 1987.
    P.S.: New show next week.  We’ll be reviewing Live in Aguilla and also talking about “songs we’re thankful for”.  Share your own thoughts at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 1-774-221-7346.
    P.P.S.: Happy Birthday to Me!

      >  Download Episode 55

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Friday, October 19 2007

Episode 53: Bores

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 10 2007 (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM) after Episode 52, at Casa de Greg, Dearborn MI
    “The boys continue their discussion of the box set with disc three, “Bars”. But to be blunt, this one sucks.  The microphones picked up a steady stream of GSM noise from our conference call with Mike; and, honestly, if you skip this one I, your humble description writer, would completely understand.  (Return appearance by Cathy.)

    Here’s the second half of what we recorded in Greg’s basement.  We had minimal phone noise then, but nothing but phone noise this time.  The only difference is we called Mike the first time and Mike called us the second half.  And, based on this minimal research, I would posit that receiving a phone call causes more interference than making one. Thank you for contributing to our lesson.  Because of the interference I added a bit more noise reduction than usual, but the GSM noise remains omnipresent.
    Schmoe cleared up the confusion over the four questions with a revision, e-mailed the morning of October 9.

1)  Review the new songs on the disc
B)  What songs (3 or so) would you take off that CD?
3)  What songs (3 or so) would you put in its place (from the time period the set covers)?
D)  What songs (3 or so) released SINCE the boxed set would you put on that disc?

    09:12 - silly me, I thought Greg was implying the song had been used in a Rodney Dangerfield movie, not that the lyrics were the same as a title of a Rodney Dangerfield movie.   ...And the name of the dive is the Triple Lindy.
    12:55 - James Jones on Wikipedia (my hesitation stemmed from fear of confusing Jones’s bibliography with Herman Wouk’s)
    13:33 - Mufasa’s line is “Remember who you are.”
    24:57 - another Arrested Development quote
    26:03 - at last, the story Greg merely hinted at three minutes into Episode 52.
    28:52 - speaking of Episode 52, Greg’s little comment was taken from the earlier show to make the transition to his wife reappearing.  The joke was actually recorded before our second call with Mike, which explains why it is blessedly free of GSM interference.
    30:02 - please send your suggestions for heated, alcoholic, dairy-free drinks to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

      >  Download Episode 53

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Tuesday, October 9 2007

Album Reviews


1970Down to Earth 
1971High Cumberland Jubilee 
1973A White Sport Coat and a Pink CrustaceanEpisode 45A, 45B, & 46
1974Living and Dying in 3/4 TimeEpisode 90
1974A1AEpisode 18
1975Rancho Deluxe 
1976Havaña Daydreamin'Episode 60
1977Changes in Latitudes, Changes in AttitudesEpisode 34
1978Son of a Son of a SailorEpisode 11
1978You Had to Be There (Live)Episode 39
1979VolcanoEpisode 51
1981Coconut TelegraphEpisode 14
1982Somewhere Over ChinaEpisode 15
1983One Particular HarbourEpisode 88
1984Riddles in the SandEpisode 47
1985Last Mango In ParisEpisode 84
1985Songs You Know by Heart 
1986FloridaysEpisode 25
1988Hot WaterEpisode 55
1989Off to See the LizardEpisode 12
1990Feeding Frenzy (Live) 
1992Box Set: 
      BoatsEpisode 48
      BeachesEpisode 50
      BarsEpisode 53
      BalladsEpisode 57
1994FruitcakesEpisode 61
1995Barometer SoupEpisode 41
1996Banana WindEpisode 13
1996Christmas IslandEpisode 26
1998Don't Stop The CarnivalEpisode 32
1999Beach House On The MoonEpisode 49
1999Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays (Live)Episode 104
2002Far Side Of The WorldEpisode 16
2003Meet Me In Margaritaville 
2003Live in Las Vegas, Nevada 
2003Live in Auburn, Washington 
2003Live in Cincinnati, Ohio 
2003Live in Mansfield, Massachusetts 
2004License to Chill Episode 19
2005Live in Hawaii 
2005Live at Fenway Park 
2006Hoot (Soundtrack) 
2006Take The Weather With YouEpisode 20
2007Live at Texas StadiumEpisode 35
2007Live in AnguillaEpisode 56
2009Buffet HotelEpisode 115

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