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Monday, October 25 2010

Episode 137: Sacked!

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 20 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The boys review Zac Brown Band’s You Get What You Give, recap the Chicago and Jones Beach concerts, and discuss the recent RCPM show in Lansing.  (Cameos by Dino, Lee, and assorted FSGL’ers.  The Roger Clyne podcast starts at 59:12.)

    Apologies for the delay.  Thursday and Saturday were busier than expected at the old production house.
    02:33 - “Buffett Performs in Paris”, from Buffett News | “One Day in Jimmy’s Life in Paris”, from Buffett World
    02:45 - “Buffett Performs at Fund Raiser for Alex Sink”, from Buffett News | “Photos from Alex Sink Fundraiser”, from Buffett World
    03:14 - ̶McAnally Humbled by Another CMA Nomination”, from Buffett World
    04:28 - “Margaritaville coming to Chicago’s Navy Pier”, from Buffett News | “Margaritaville Coming to Chicago’s Navy Pier”, from Buffett World
    14:59 - “Margaritaville 25th Anniversary Specials”, from Buffett World
    15:57 - Coconut Telegraph PDFs
    18:44 - Ole Miss Rebel Mascot Concepts.  Look for “Rebel Land Shark”.
    19:32 - “Vinyl Records” is the second track of Todd Snyder’s New Connection album (2002)
    20:30 - Scott’s alphabetical “Name That Tune” game was discussed in Episode 65
    20:40 - “Modern Family Mentions Jimmy”, from Buffett World
    21:28 - “Bon Jovi and Brad Paisley to perform in Gulf Shores to boost tourism after oil spill”, from
    22:41 - You Get What You Give (Deluxe Version), at Amazon or iTunes (US)
    24:52 - Mike’s difficulty keeping CDs and CD cases together was discussed in Episode 115
    40:16 - Washington Post album review, written by Chris Richards
    63:10 - Chad Heckler and Jim Dalton’s performance of “Hellbound Party Train”:

    59:37 - Chad Heckler interview is part of Episode 52
    67:25 - Jim Dalton’s podcast is no more.  He’s still on Twitter though.

The Loft, down the street from the state capitol
“Hellbound Party Train”
Roger, in red, greets fans after the show

      >  Download Episode 137

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Tuesday, December 8 2009

Episode 115: Hotel Reservations

Show Notes:
Recorded Monday, December 7 2009 (8:00 PM - 1:30 AM) at Schmoe’s Cantina II, Dearborn MI
    “Mike, Schmoe, Scott, and Mickey give their first impressions on the newly released Buffet Hotel, in the first episode from the new Schmoe’s Cantina.

    Firstly, Jimmy’s album is available at Amazon, as a CD or as MP3 download.  Also available at iTunes.
    008:05 - it would be our very next episode, Episode 116
    013:18 - according to Wikipedia: “The theme was a short version of a Franz Schubert piece, Piano sonata No. 20 in A Major, D. 959, IV. Rondo. Allegretto.”
    020:37 - somehow I am able to quote the theme from Family Ties
    023:32 - as you’ll hear later, it was the first Bristow VA show, September 3rd; and it was in the concert roundup for Episode 113A
    032:25 - the DRALS video, which we discussed in Episode 113B and which Buffett World highlighted
    038:57 - no, I was confusing it with “Bayou Boy”.  “RHumba Girl” [née “Man”] is track 8.
    040:25 - our updated iTunes iMix
    042:57 - one day turnaround, bitches!  Boo-yah!
    048:46 - Scott refers to Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford
    053:02 - have we mentioned our updated iTunes iMix
    059:03 - it also reminds me too much of “The Inner Light” by The Beatles
    1:04:00 - back in Episode 96
    1:07:59 - T.S.T.S.N.H.O.
    1:08:46 - link to The Fuckin’ Wiggles
    1:11:19 - here’s Scott’s listing for our WAOTNC shot glasses at eBay
    1:11:50 - here’s our podcast page at iTunes, just waiting for your comments…
    1:12:51 - our Facebook group page | our Facebook fan page
    P.S.: the contest is now closed.  Check our video to find out who won.

      >  Download Episode 115

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Saturday, February 28 2009

Episode 96: The Information Supergoatpath

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 25 2009 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “On the agenda: reviewing Jimmy’s new digital download EP. What we really talked
about: more bitching about Ticketmaster. (Special guests: Jennifer and Joe.)

    01:52 - Buffett News’s write-up on Jimmy’s participation with the latest Google Earth update.  And information on Buffett’s Google Earth plug-in
    03:02 - an example of “Lover of Mine” from YouTube
    04:45 - Buffett News’s write-up on the South Carolina license plate
    06:43 - Ticketmaster Will Stop Linking Customers to Subsidiary, at
    14:44 - Live from Key West, available at Mailboat Records
    22:50 - a reference to the joke which ended Episode 62
    23:29 - taken from The Colbert Report on Tuesday, February 10

      >  Download Episode 96

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Sunday, January 25 2009

Episode 94: Knock on the Storm Cellar

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 21 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “A big crowd tonight, as the boys gather to discuss Nadirah’s album Nod to the Storyteller.  (Special guests: Joe and Jennifer.)

    Admittedly one of the lamer pun names in our repertoire, but it was late and I was in a hurry.
    01:04 - Amendment XX
    01:16 - Elizabeth Alexander’s poem [YouTube], Aretha Franklin and her hat, and the Reverend Lowery’s speech
    04:23 - © Norm Peterson
    05:07 - 2009 BCS National Championship
    05:36 - Buffett News’s write-up on Cozumel and Grand Cayman appearances
    05:58 - Buffett World’s write-up on Rock Band songs for the Wii
    06:22 - Buffett News’s write-up on Beachcomber
    06:51 - Buffett News’s write-up on CIP closings
    07:32 - these are some of the Buffett-related iPhone apps we’ve found:

            Beer o’Clock [iTunes]
            Steel Drum [iTunes]
            Steel Drum Caribbean [iTunes]
            Distant Shores [iTunes] [added 1/30]
            iPirate: Pirate Insult Generator [iTunes] [added 2/9]
            Pirate Insult Generator [iTunes] [added 2/10]
            Pocket God [iTunes] [added 3/10]
            Rasta Monkey [iTunes] [added 3/16]
            iSurf [iTunes] [added 3/17]
            Island Escapes [iTunes] [added 3/24]
            Parrot [iTunes] [added 4/4]
            iSwear Pirate’s Curse [iTunes] [added 4/5]
            iBabalu Lite [iTunes] [added 4/14]
            Pirate Roulette [iTunes] [added 4/16]
            SLAP: Speak Like a Pirate [iTunes] [added 4/16]
            Beach Madness [iTunes] [added 4/18]
            Beach [iTunes] [added 4/18]
            Beach Shell [iTunes] [added 4/19]
            iParrots [iTunes] [added 4/20]
            Pirates [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            Pirates 25 [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            Pirates 100 [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            iGecko [iTunes] [added 4/22]
            iToastUAll [iTunes] [added 4/26]
            Beer Goggles [iTunes] [added 4/30]
            Beach Sounds Lite [iTunes] [added 5/2]
            Piratizer [iTunes] [added 5/4]
            Pirate Radar [iTunes] [added 5/4]
            SupaFan - Jimmy Buffett Fans [iTunes] [added 5/14]
            Hurricane Radars [iTunes] [added 6/2]
            Margarita [iTunes] [added 6/8]
            iEncore [iTunes] [added 6/9]
            Shark Island [iTunes] [added 6/11]
            Ukulele [iTunes] [added 6/14]
            Relax at the Beach [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Whose Round? [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Beach Drawing [iTunes] [added 6/28]
            Pirates Style [iTunes] [added 7/3]
            Bud Light Lime Summer Hotspots [iTunes] [added 7/3]
            Sea Captain [iTunes] [added 7/5]
            iHula [iTunes] [added 7/6]
            Aqueous [iTunes] [added 7/6]
            iMapsPro - Key West [iTunes] [added 7/9]
            iTequila [iTunes] [added 7/12]
            iRum [iTunes] [added 7/12]
            iSunburn [iTunes] [added 7/14]
            iConcertCal [iTunes] [added 7/15]
            Harbor Master [iTunes] [added 7/15]
            iBeach [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            SI Swimsuit 2009 [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            Me Booty! [iTunes] [added 7/20]
            ProGuides - Key West [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Florida Keys [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Hawaii [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Jamaica [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            ProGuides - Cuba [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            Beach Burger [iTunes] [added 7/22]
            The Beer Finder [iTunes] [added 7/25]
            The BBQ Finder[iTunes] [added 7/25]
            Lifeboat [iTunes] [added 7/31]
            Jimmy Cliff - Official App [iTunes] [added 8/3]
            Beach Finder [iTunes] [added 8/3]
            Beach Rush [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            Beach Ball Fun [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            Florida Weather [iTunes] [added 8/6]
            iFlamingo [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Beer Trumps [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Burger Bash Lite [iTunes] [added 8/7]
            Beach Calendar [iTunes] [added 8/8]
            Coastalwatch [iTunes] [added 8/9]
            INeedADrink [iTunes] [added 8/13
            Bikinis and Beer [iTunes] [added 8/15]
            SharkTube - a shark video lounge [iTunes] [added 8/20]
            BeerTube - a beer video lounge [iTunes] [added 8/20]
            Tiki Golf 3D [iTunes] [added 8/21]
            My Set List [iTunes] [added 8/22]
            Pirate Wars [iTunes] [added 8/22]
            Pirate Pickup Lines [iTunes] [added 8/23]
            Beach Relax [iTunes] [added 8/23]
            Margaritas! [iTunes] [added 8/24]
            Margaritas! - San Antonio, TX [iTunes] [added 8/24]
            ParrotTube - parrot vide lounge [iTunes] [added 8/25]
            Pirate Coins - iBlower [iTunes] [added 8/31]
            Beat the Tiki [iTunes] [added 9/1]
            iBeer Challenge [iTunes] [added 9/1]
            Pirate Names [iTunes] [added 9/16]
            Sea Monster Video [iTunes] [added 9/18]
            HurricanePlus [iTunes] [added 9/18]
            Carnival Steel Drum [iTunes] [added 9/23]
            Perfect Burger Recipes [iTunes] [added 9/26]
            Beach Video [iTunes] [added 10/30]
            Parrot Head [iTunes]
            Stranded Without a Phone [iTunes]

    08:40 - Get Nod to the Storyteller from Amazon | or order it from Mailboat Records
    10:52 - Greg refers to how the LP version we were originally familiar with is shorter than the CD version
    13:51 - music clips provided, for Hud’s benefit, by Scott’s MacBook

      >  Download Episode 94

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Tuesday, November 25 2008

Episode 90: The Review and We Do

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 19 2008 (9:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “It's our review of Living and Dying in 3/4 Time. (Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    00:00 - Schmoe usually handles the Skype duties, but Scott volunteered this week (but Schmoe took over again about halfway through)
    02:13 - Real
    02:17 - this week’s cellphone interference brought to you by Hud
    02:40 - Mac’s CMA win
    02:53 - Jimmy at Gators game, from the Miami Herald
    04:03 -
    04:55 - yes, you heard right. We’re only now reading a letter from October 6.  We suck.
    06:37 - I know, I know! New South Wales — what do I win?
    09:53 - the gatefold, courtesy of Buffett World
    09:58 - mentioned in Episode 60
    12:45 - perhaps because the back cover credits list the "Second Coral Reefer Band"
    15:11 - I beg to differ.  People still know who Ricky Ricardo is, right?  He's the I in I Love Lucy.
    15:42 - Andy Devine's IMDb page
    19:31 - my 1999 setlist page
    19:52 - Ringling, Montana, on Wikipedia
    20:16 - a range expander to boost the wireless signal (first discussed in Episode 82) and a deadbolt to more firmly close the back-room door and keep it from always coming ajar and letting in jukebox noise
    20:41 - we finally confronted Jennifer tonight about why they play the same half-dozen songs every Wednesday.  We were under the impression she and Lee have no imagination; but she blamed it on some other Wednesday regulars
    23:29 - another reference to the Episode 27
    24:07 - see 23:29
    24:25 - No.  It's a “coincidence”.
    26:48 - editor’s note: the recording was accidentally stopped during the “Brand New Country Star” review and not noticed till a song or two later.  We made up for it by redoing those songs, hence all the coy comments about having rehearsed
    29:10 - Scott is not kidding. Because of the above mentioned mistake, he is able to quote Greg’s review.
    29:30 - see 23:29
    34:31 - “in the window” is a reference to dating age (in relation to ours, that is); not to, as some might think, European red light districts
    39:02 - Schmoe continued to wax rhapsodic over Willis Alan Ramsey's first album, as he did in Episode 35, but all that has been cut out
    39:58 - former Detroit Piston John “Spider” Salley, on Wikipedia
    40:30 - I presume a reference to the medical marijuana proposition (Prop. 1) we voted for last Election Day
    41:51 - I read it on Buffett World’s lyrics page
    44:36 - the boys are yelling at Lee while trying to watch the Central Michigan Chippewas lose 31-24 to the Ball State Cardinals (“the fiercest robin-sized bird in the world!”).

      >  Download Episode 90

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Tuesday, October 28 2008

Episode 88: We are the Podcast Your Parents Warned You About

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, October 22 2008 (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Scott is back, making up for lost time by supplying his tailgate playlist and ‘Margaritaville’ verse; and the boys get back to album reviews, with a look at One Particular Harbour.  Special guest: Hud.  Cameo by Jennifer.

    00:47 - a new wrinkle: audio notes for previous episodes!
    02:30 - a reference to Episode 56
    03:06 - not a real word
    06:38 - U of M would lose to MSU, 35-21.  Two weeks prior, U of M lost 13-10 to Toledo.
    07:10 - the genius playlist
    15:44 - Radio Margaritaville
    16:01 - Buffett News’s report on Capt Tony’s ailing health
    16:05 - Life Lessons of a Legend, at Amazon
    17:37 - Amazon states the release date as August 31 1983 (which, curiously, was a Wednesday)
    19:24 - The Bounty, at IMDb
    23:58 - “When It’s Love” by Van Halen, I believe.  A reference to Episode 67
    25:26 - Somewhere Over China was reviewed in Episode 15
    27:44 - Bobby Holcomb, in Wikipedia
    29:12 - Nod to the Storyteller, at Amazon
    29:34 - there’s lots more good stuff in this pre-show interview (from the first of two Las Vegas concerts).  It was quite entertaining, so why not listen to the whole thing...


30:41 - Yellow Moon, at Amazon

      >  Download Episode 88

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Sunday, September 21 2008

Episode 84: Lots of Friends With the Same Old Answers

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, September 17 2008 (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The gang finally sits down for their Last Mango in Paris review. With his Houston hotel flooded following Hurricane Ike, Mike is still in town and was able to join us in person. Greg and Scott join Schmoe and Mickey as well, for a raucous and rambling discussion just like
old times. (Special guest: Jennifer.)

    Sorry about all the rattling, evident throughout the background of this episode.  I think it's coming from the overhead heating register.
    00:57 - three YouTube videos of Buffett at the Herman Wouk tribute
    01:28 - Surfer's Healing benefit
    02:34 - Nod to the Storyteller, from Mailboat Records
    04:30 - as mentioned in Episode 19
    05:33 - originating in Episode 20
    08:04 - I am incorrect. All the lyrics and liner notes are duplicated, but one side of the inner sleeve has a black and white photo which is not included with the CD.  And, courtesy of Buffett World, here's the back cover I'm talking about.
    09:28 - I meant to add that CDs came in "longboxes" so that store owners could re-purpose their cassette racks to display them
    11:53 - thanks to TV's David Simon, I believe the word I was trying to come up with is "epigram"
    13:07 - sorry about the crosstalk, but, if I may make a suggestion, the conversation on the right is more interesting
    14:07 - make note of this.  I can guarantee we'll be referring to it a lot.
    14:45 - it's almost as if...wait for it..."Math Suks". Oh, the irony
    18:10 - the Steve Goodman: Facing the Music book, at Amazon
    22:53 - I believe we are confused here.  Buffett played the Palace twice, and I think Scott is referring to Buffett's second appearance (July 1 1990) while the rest of us are thinking of the first (June 30 1989).
    24:08 - here's a chance for my own North Coast Flip Flop™; and since no one called me on it, I'll state it here.  I made my pronouncement before giving the album a full and proper listen, and, now having done so, I can say that "If the Phone Doesn't Ring It's Me" sounds a heck of a lot more dated that I remember.  It's those danged 80s drums. However, two songs which do manage to still sound contemporary are "Last Mango in Paris" and "Jolly Mon Sing".  So I take back what I said.
    35:39 - Jonathan Edwards
    38:33 - normally I excise these conversations that spiral into nowhere.  But this one fascinates me.  It's such a cluster, with everybody agreeing yet still stating contradictory things.  And I thought I was the one who drank the most.
    42:08 - that is, the part of the song where they sing "Pennsylvania six five oh-oh-oh"
    42:13 - yikes, what an edit. And what a song choice.  Maybe the bar patrons are brushing up on their CPR skills

      >  Download Episode 84

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