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Friday, September 4 2015

Parrothead Tailgate (Detroit 2015)

    It’s here!  Just in time for Labor Day!  A visual representation of what we talked about in Episode 208 (and whenever we record the second half of Episode 208).
    Ladies and gentlemen, our tailgating video for 2015…

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Monday, August 31 2015

Buffett Soup

    The Soup‘s YouTube channel saved me the hassle of copying all their recent Buffett mentions…

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Saturday, May 9 2015


    This was one of YouTube’s suggestions after I uploaded the 2015 TV ad video.  Once I saw it was shot from the same angle as my own video, I wondered if I might show up in the crowd.  And then was shocked to find I was right in front of the guy!  Even more surprising – I have a bald spot??!!

     (I’m in the light blue Hawaiian shirt, with gray hair, and headbanging like a dork.  Look for Mike, to my left, in the yellow t-shirt.)

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Friday, May 8 2015

BONUS: 2015 TV Ad

    Good thing I decided to watch last week’s SNL first, of all the shows I need to catch up on this weekend.  I caught this year’s Buffett ad right at the end…

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Tuesday, July 29 2014

Parrothead Tailgate (Comerica Park 2014)

    Our 2014 tailgating video has been edited and uploaded.  It’s longer than usual but this year I had more time to walk around and catch the sights…

    Update: D’oh!  Stupid presets ruined the audio on the YouTube version (during the concert bits).  For a while, I covered that up here with the Vimeo version, but I’ve since uploaded a revised version.  That’s the one you can play above.  The Vimeo version is included just for the heck of it.  (The original version has been marked as Private, and will probably be deleted soon.  (Sorry, Listener Mat.  Your kind comment will have to go with it.)


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Friday, July 18 2014

Colbear Report

    Normally we’d put these Buffett mentions at the end of a podcast episode, but this one’s a bit too visual.  Here’s a clip from Tuesday’s The Colbert Report (July 15 2014):

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Sunday, July 13 2014

Episode 192: Dealing With a Third Leg

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 9 2014 (10:30 - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Gibraltar MI
    “Latest news, Comerica plans, and the last two concerts from the second leg of the tour.

    “It’s a Thing” was in the running for show title, but it was deemed to be too much like Episode 183.
    This year’s TV commercial.
    “Buffett’s restaurant in Waikiki to close”, at Buffett News. “Jimmy Buffett’s at The Beachcomber in Hawaii to Close”, at Buffett World.
    “Buffett Files to Trademark ‘Coral Reefer’”, at Buffett World.
    Here’s a clip of “Summer Overture” from that Margaritaville TV capture (matching the concert montage edit).  (Look here for the complete concert video.)

    The new location of my old Mickey’s Audio Island site, which, yes, I admit, really needs to be revamped and updated.
    As for Chicago, Jimmy’s a cappella “Oh my lordy” preceded “Too Drunk to Karaoke”; as you can kind of tell, the “Mac McAnallius” followed “Little Martha”.
    Schmoe’s favorite caption, as seen in our WAOTNC Photo Gallery.
    Interview with Paul Sabourin from the A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume podcast.  Get your potential band names from Wikipedia’s Girl Scout Cookies entry. The complete “Buffett Night (Tonight I’m a Parrothead)” song can be found on Paul & Storm’s 2005 album Opening Band.  (Get it from Amazon [US].  Get it from iTunes [US].)


      >  Download Episode 192

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