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Tuesday, January 2 2007


    Happy New Year, everybody!  Thanks for subscribing and thanks for making us the #1 Jimmy Buffett podcast in 2006.
    The group met yesterday, and while eating chicken wings and watching U of M lose it was decided our next episode will be recorded January 10.  This took so much out of us we never got around to discusing actual show content, however.  That’s the day after Steve Jobs’s keynote at Macworld too, so be warned that Scott and I might wind up turning it into a big tech podcast. 
    In the meantime, even though the holiday parties might be over here is an important public service announcement, courtesy of Schmoe (and others).

    (Video originally from YouTube [link] and uploaded by starlightjen.)

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Thursday, December 21 2006

VIDEO: A Visit from St Nicshmolas

    As promised, Schmoe brought his Christmas tequila over for us to sample.  I got to see a matinee of Spamalot earlier in the day, but arrived well in time to record the taste testing session.  We included it in the feed as a special holiday bonus and also have it here as a Flash Video file.

    If we’ve been good little boys and girls, perhaps Schmoe will share his drink recipes.  And, if we’re lucky, maybe we can hear his clinking bottles in the air as he travels from house to house dispensing holiday cheer.

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Tuesday, October 10 2006

New Album’s Out and I’m Fresh On iTunes

    I couldn’t wait for tomorrow and I bought the new album from iTunes.  Tipping the scales was the fact the iTMS version has a video I hadn’t heard about.  It’s not the “Here We Are” song; it’s a mini-doc on the making of “Party at the End of the World”.  And it culminates in some live footage reportedly shot at Pine Knob!
    If so, that means you can see me in this final shot.  I’m the one applauding…way at the back…in the dark spot.

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Monday, September 4 2006

Cheeseburger in Caseville 2006: Video Diary

Friday, August 11 2006
    2:00 PM:  Show up at Joe’s.  Pick up Greg.
    3:30 PM:  Mike is so eager to get out of his office he said his chair is probably still spinning.
    5:30 PM:  Get to Bad Axe.  Check into our room.  Tequila shots.  Head over to Caseville at 7:40 PM.
    8:15 PM:  Buy $5 button at amphitheater for admission to all shows.  Walk around town.  Have dinner and drinks at Riverside Roadhouse.
    12:30 AM:  Back at our room in Bad Axe.  More tequila shots.  Watch TV and video files off Mickey’s laptop.
    2:30 AM:  Bedtime.
    4:30 AM:  Mickey finally falls asleep, tiring of using audiobooks to drown out Schmoe’s snoring

Saturday, August 12 2006
    Morning:  Schmoe, Mike, and Greg avail themselves of the continental breakfast as well as the swimming pool and hot tub.
    11:40 AM:  In an unusually quiet room, Mickey finally wakes up.
    12:30 PM:  Head back to Caseville. 
    1:00 PM:  Go to beach first.  Buy $6 sunglasses.  Find out we could’ve gotten into amphitheater free from the beach.
    Afternoon:  Mike had seen sign for gumbo so we walk to Farm Restaurant to buy some.  Lines to order and to pick-up food are confused and wait is long.  No alcohol either.
    Later: We walk to Elizabeth Port Grill for Bourbon Burger and Coronas.  Next door, in the park, the Lost Shakers are playing.  Go across the street to buy “Mike’s Hard Mike-aritas.”
    Later still:  Walk several blocks to official store.  Buy shirts and souvenirs.  Interview Marie who invites us to look for Steve by the pink bus at tonight’s concert.
    Sunset:  Go back to beach, worried lots might be locked-up before long.  Park on the street, stop at party store, return to amphitheater for Air Margaritaville. 
    Evening:  Sound problems cut first set short.  Manage to videotape both rounds of cheeseburger eating contest (but footage is too dark to be useable).  Finally find Steve during Ai Margaritaville’s second set and record interview.  See a shooting star but Mickey misses it.
    Night:  Stuck on the sidewalk as bars are at capacity.  Find out about Hersel’s and drive a few miles out of town to find it.  Pay $3 cover, quickly buy Coronas, and stand near the dance floor watching the young girls act slutty.  DJ clears dance floor by playing “Come Monday”...and even ruins it for us older folks by trying to sing along without benefit of knowing the words.
    Late night:  Head back to Bad Axe.  Mike makes margaritas.  Mickey determinedly stands out in parking lot in bare feet until he can see his own shooting star.

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Monday, July 31 2006

Episode 10: Squalls Out On the Great Lake

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 26 2006, (10:00 PM - 11:05 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI; and July 15 - 19 at Silver Lake MI. 
    “It’s a double-wide episode to make up for last week’s absence.  Half of it is our normal show with Mike, Schmoe, and Mickey.  But Schmoe, Mike, and Sarah recorded a whole other Gospel From the Coast show last week, which is included as a postscript.

    Unfortunately this week’s show notes are prevented, by forces out of our control, from illuminating much about what we talked about.
    Jackson Quigley’s website is called Club St Somewhere.  Megan Mohr, winner of the Radio Margaritaville “Ultimate Parrothead” contest, is known as “Mermaid in Disguise” on the Buffettnews boards.  Her full audio submission can (at least currently) be heard on RM’s homepage.
    My quip about “Weird Al” Yankovic comes from finding any two-bit “Morning Zoo” radio parody was labeled “Monty Python” or “‘Weird Al’ Yankovic”.  Instructions on how to set up On-The-Go playlists can be found here,
    Regarding what we’ve been cleared to say about Mike & Schmoe’s vacation: the tequilas they talk about are Herradura and Cabo Wabo.  The recording that bookends the show was recorded Saturday, July 15.  The big storm occured on Monday, July 17.  The aftermath can be viewed here, courtesy of Schmoe’s home movies.

    The final recording is from Wednesday, July 19.  The wind noise is pretty strong but Schmoe is bemoaning his son asking him if there are “freshwater sharks” in the lake.  Here’s some video from that day too.

    I forgot that the Songs You Know By Heart: Greatest Hit(s) album cover is available on CD, but only on the MCA gold Masterdisc.  In case you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about when we mention the cardboard boxes CDs used to come in, here’s a photo of my copy of Feeding Frenzy.  (It’s the only box I still have from Buffett.)  Mike points out Buffett World has a great compendium of LP album art.  According to this repository, Off to See the Lizard is the last vinyl release.  And, again thanks to this repository, here are the A1A and Havana Daydreamin’ gatefolds.  As usual my memory fails me: the psychedelic gatefold is actually from Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.  Buffett World doesn’t offer this image, but you can see it courtesy of Buffett @ Music for Life.
    P.S.: Crooner Bing Crosby passed away October 14 1977.
    P.P.S.: A crooner is typically a male singer performing sentimental songs in a soft, low voice.
    Favorite show quote: “I know.  A lot of effort to say something wrong.”

      >  Download Episode 10

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Saturday, July 8 2006

Buffett Listening Party #2

    As hinted in the last show notes, here’s some video from Saturday, July 1.  Mike offered to host our second Buffett listening party, where we could gather for Sirius’s presentation of the Jones Beach concert.  Schmoe was threatened by undersea monsters, and Mike’s wife Sarah, after one bottle of Twisted Tea, stole the show, singing her “Night Light” song and mistaking “conga lines” for “party lines”.

    (As before, the above is also available in QuickTime [with synched audio] through our podcast feed.)

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Monday, June 5 2006

Party at the Start of the Tour

    Schmoe makes margaritas for the first time.  Mike plays an old out-of-tune guitar.  We intended to celebrate the first night of the 2006 tour by drinking Twisted Teas, making margaritas, keeping an eye on the Pistons game, and recording a podcast.  We accomplished all of those ... except the podcast.

    Granted, it’s no Tiki Bar TV, but we still had fun making it.
    ...And we even got our first review on iTunes that night too!  Too bad it was only one star.  (Speaking of which, not that a certain “Twinkles” would care, a slightly longer version of the above [with synched audio] is available in our podcast feed.)
    P.S.: video remastered on July 8 to a more appropriate aspect ratio.

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