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    A few people expressed problems downloading our most recent show ... and in fact I had a hell of a time uploading it, as well as the second Caseville video.  Added to that, the downstreaming Flash videos were verging on being unplayable.  All our podcast files were hosted by Go Daddy, which I assumed would be a good and reliable service seeing as they pretty much manage the Internet.  I found out afterward—both in reviews and by the hard way—that while they might be a great way to buy domain names, their hosting services are extremely spotty.  I was seeing more and more evidence of this as the weeks went on.  The last weekend was my last straw.  I was annoyed and frustrated enough that I suddenly and perhaps impulsively arranged for another service.  Now our files are being served from Bluehost.com, a host recommended to me by a fellow Detroit Podcaster.
    I even purchased a new domain name with them too: wastinaway.netWastinaway.com is already in use, by a Jimmy Buffett cover band.  (Wastingaway.com (with a “g”) has also been purchased, but by one of those rotten “squatter” companies.  So no link for them!)  I was torn whether to go with “wastinaway.net” or “wastingaway.net” ... and I ended up getting both.  It will save us the trouble of over-explaining or of needing to spelli the name out during the shows.  (Wastinaway.net is the domain with actual content however; wastingaway.net just redirects you to this same page.)
    With northcoastcast.com and wastinaway.net covered, I’m figuring onthe.org is pretty much inevitable.
    All the files were moved over last night, so hopefully you’ll be enjoying faster download speeds now.  You might even have noticed the change, in that some podcatchers recognized the files as brand new today and tried to download them all over again when updated.  Sorry about that.  There’s no need to download everything over, if your podcatcher has a similar reaction.  The audio files are exactly the same, the only change was their location.
    I’m still at sea on what to do with our new site.  I’ve toyed with starting a new blog there or even a Wiki or discussion board.  But this might mean losing some of the features and probably some of the comments stored here.  The one thing I did get started is a photo gallery, which so far includes Greg’s Caseville photos and some pictures from Big Al’s.
    As for now, the aim is to offer speedier and more reliable delivery of our content.  Because, as I said somewhere else, downloading our shows should be no more painful than listening to them.

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  1. I like the photo page! And what I want to know is who’s the mac guy?
    For some obscure reason, I feel like I already know you guys.

    Oh!! FLORIDA dates to be announced!!!

    Posted by Barbara on 09/16  at  09:30 PM
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