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1970Down to Earth 
1971High Cumberland Jubilee 
1973A White Sport Coat and a Pink CrustaceanEpisode 45A, 45B, & 46
1974Living and Dying in 3/4 TimeEpisode 90
1974A1AEpisode 18
1975Rancho Deluxe 
1976Havaña Daydreamin'Episode 60
1977Changes in Latitudes, Changes in AttitudesEpisode 34
1978Son of a Son of a SailorEpisode 11
1978You Had to Be There (Live)Episode 39
1979VolcanoEpisode 51
1981Coconut TelegraphEpisode 14
1982Somewhere Over ChinaEpisode 15
1983One Particular HarbourEpisode 88
1984Riddles in the SandEpisode 47
1985Last Mango In ParisEpisode 84
1985Songs You Know by Heart 
1986FloridaysEpisode 25
1988Hot WaterEpisode 55
1989Off to See the LizardEpisode 12
1990Feeding Frenzy (Live) 
1992Box Set: 
      BoatsEpisode 48
      BeachesEpisode 50
      BarsEpisode 53
      BalladsEpisode 57
1994FruitcakesEpisode 61
1995Barometer SoupEpisode 41
1996Banana WindEpisode 13
1996Christmas IslandEpisode 26
1998Don't Stop The CarnivalEpisode 32
1999Beach House On The MoonEpisode 49
1999Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays (Live)Episode 104
2002Far Side Of The WorldEpisode 16
2003Meet Me In Margaritaville 
2003Live in Las Vegas, Nevada 
2003Live in Auburn, Washington 
2003Live in Cincinnati, Ohio 
2003Live in Mansfield, Massachusetts 
2004License to Chill Episode 19
2005Live in Hawaii 
2005Live at Fenway Park 
2006Hoot (Soundtrack) 
2006Take The Weather With YouEpisode 20
2007Live at Texas StadiumEpisode 35
2007Live in AnguillaEpisode 56
2009Buffet HotelEpisode 115

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