Blanks and Empty Spaces

    I admit it: I have been terribly remiss in maintaining show notes for the podcast.  In fact, we barely had any show notes for all of 2012 and almost half of 2011!  In trying to correct this, I discovered twenty-three episodes are still needing show notes, covering a span of almost two years.  Talk about slacking.
    I’m confessing this now, not only to beat myself up about it, but as preface to posting a two-year old video.  While going back to do the show notes for Episode 152, I was reminded how we did not have a tailgate video for 2011.  We’ve got parking lot videos for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012 (as well as 1999 and 2000, and a 1998 roadtrip), but I never did post one for 2011—mainly because I had never gotten around to editing it.  I had my reasons, however.  The footage wasn’t so great, for one thing; it had been so hot that day I hadn’t gone around and shot as much as I’d wanted to.  Plus there’s an actual sweat stain on the camera lens, and I never noticed it all day since the sun was so bright.  I was so dissatisfied with the footage I kept avoiding working with it.
    But, in going through the episode again, I decided to go ahead with the edit anyway, just for the sake of it.  So, here’s the 2011 tailgate video, out of the archives…

    Update: That’s what happens when you impulsively start a video project.  I did the edit so fast I completely forgot to include my concert footage.  It wasn’t till I was doing the show notes for Episode 156 that I remembered the shot of the pirate ship on the lawn.  It’s been added in now, plus a few other shots, making the video forty-five seconds longer.

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