Caseville 2007

    Episode 47 was recorded last Wednesday, but it might not be uploaded till Sunday or Monday.
    The boys are a bit pre-occupied right now, seeing as they’ve gone up to Caseville again for this year’s Cheeseburger Festival!

M-53 North

Schmoe enjoys a Landshark and another Riverside Roadhouse Spicy Burger

    As we said, we had the same waitress on our return visit.  You can compare this picture with last year’s.

Our favorite waitress

    And a Show Notes Blog exclusive.  We were too busy eating and drinking to shoot a proper video documentary, so here’s a bonus podcast featuring Schmoe and me watching the Perseid meteor shower:

    Day 2: we head back into town, go to the official store for souvenirs, get gumbo for brunch, meet Mike at the Riverside Roadhouse for lunch, spend some time at the beach, go to Lefty’s Diner & Drive-In for this year’s winning cheeseburger, and then go to the amphitheater to watch Air Margaritaville.  Unlike yesterday, I mainly shot video…and I think I need to buy another hard drive before I can start importing the footage for editing.
    Until then, here’s another Show Notes Blog exclusive podcast…

    P.S.: we’ve returned from our Caseville weekend, but I’m still not sure when Episode 47 will be ready to go up.

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