Over the last several days, you’ve probably encountered this —


Error Number: 1226

Description: User ‘shortfat_XXXX’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)

Query: SELECT hits, locked_out, last_activity FROM exp_throttle WHERE ip_address= ‘XXX.XX.X.XXX’

— rather than the usual blog template.  Evidently this site’s server host,, has been throttling SQL queries to 50,000, which I hear is quite low.  With the growing interest in our podcast and constant hits from searchbots and the usual phentermine spammers, the blog has been going offline every other day.  Often, I can catch this and repair it, but the more it happens the more irritating it gets.
    Thus, I have moved the blog to our other domain, hosted at  All the entries should be intact and all the comments should have been retained.  The blog also has a simpler URL than the old convoluted “” one from before.
    Hopefully waters should be less choppy here.

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