Changing Tack

    I was going to label this “Picking Up Steam”, but that didn’t seem to fit with all these sailing references.
    There’s more news to share though, in the form of another new development with our feed.  I (without consulting the others) impulsively bought a domain for our podcast. and are already taken, but I came up with using NorthCoastCast as our new port of call.  Short, simple, and hopefully easy to remember.  It’s paid up for two years too, so those other WANC’ers better continue ’casting with me to get the most out of this investment.
    There won’t be any additional content there however, since, in fact, the new URL simply refers you back to this page.  Therefore, you needn’t bother trying the link now.  If you’re here, you’re here.  But the new URL might be a nice mnemonic to bookmark.
    Similarly, scrap all those e-mail changes too.  They’ll all still be active, but you might as well use our new address: podcast AT northcoastcast DOT com.
    P.S.: more changes.  I can’t say I’m surprised one of the podcatcher sites is displaying our title incorrectly.  The site is Yahoo! and the problem is that danged apostrophe.  Therefore, effective Sunday morning, our feed is now called “Wasting Away on the North Coast” (as opposed to the canonical “Wastin ”).
    Also, in the interest of cutting down on bandwidth usage, the downstreaming versions, playable on that cool iPod player—how ’bout that iPod player?!—have been downgraded to monaural 32kbps versions.  For the full-quality 96-160kbps stereo versions, you’ll have to subscribe.

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  1. I’m not agreeing w/ you on the Alpine Valley comments. Maybe we can talk about my views on that venue. After all, I’ve been to most of them.

    I must say, Pine Knob is one of the most beautiful.


    Posted by Jackson Quigley on 06/19  at  01:33 AM
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