Digging Our Scene

    As of yesterday, Digg.com, the popular news-sharing site, has started listing podcasts; and as of today, we’re part of that list.  You can see our page here.  They not only list each episode and give you the ability to view or watch it directly at the site, they also offer the ability to comment on each episode.  If you’re already a Digg member, we encourage you to post your feedback there (or here).  We love to see what you have to say.
    Happy Holidays.  New festive video coming soon (we hope).
    P.S.: I forgot to mention you have to be registered with Digg to see their beta Podcast section, but if you’re the kind of hip with-it netizen whom TIME would honor as Person of the Year this won’t be a problem.  Also you can seek us out at the new Plugg’d directory.

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