Episode 0.5: Still Finding Our Sea Legs

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 10 2006, (9-10 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
Still theme song free!
    “Schmoe brings notes but the conversation still meanders. Topics include Hoot, Fingers Taylor, a theme song, Alpine Valley, last week’s show remembered, and a visit from the wacky neighbor!

    A sudden downpour at 7:30 sped up the start time to our get-together…but unexpected equipment failure delayed the start of the actual recording.  Scott was unable to participate because of that, but filling in for him was Greg.  Speaking of Scott, he sent in this comment, along with a theme song suggestion:

I was just listening
it lacks somthing that was really good in the first one, ME!!
How about Everybody Wants to be Jimmy Buffett Sometimes - Eric Stone Boatsongs Volume III!

Steps have already been taken to move away from DAT and record to an SD memory card.  We used new mics this week too, incidentally.  Last week’s show was recorded with Core Sound binaurals and this week’s with Innovative Specialist mics.  Do you hear a difference?  Let us know if you have a preference.
    Schmoe and Mickey both spent time doing some preliminary work for this week’s podcast.  Schmoe sketched out topics for discussion and Mickey saw Hoot.  Mickey adds the following to his movie review:

I’ve read that some conservative columnists are upset with Hoot because of its strong environmental stance.  They call it “soft core eco-terrorism”, but there’s something even more insidious at work.  What is more noticeable is the main character’s obsession with a boy named Mullet Fingers.  From the moment Roy sees the lithe blond Mullet running down the street, Roy feels an immediate and suspicious attraction which occupies much of the film.  This is the movie’s true liberal agenda.  Take your children to see this at your peril.  Tomorrow they’ll be voting yes on gay marriage!

    Mickey’s memory failed him last week, and his eyes fail him this week.  Greg “Fingers” Taylor does join in on two songs of the Hoot soundtrack: “Werewolves of London” and the “Floridays” remake.  A reunion so monumental we’re surprised Mickey was unaware of it.  Evidently the liner notes he says he checked were for the Fingers-less “Happy Ending” instrumental.
    And Schmoe sends in an addendum of his own.

Correction from podcast:  Memorial Day is May 29, Mike’s b-day, as always, is May 30, which is the next day.

    Additional links:
    • Alpine Valley Music Theater
    • A more detailed memoir of that ill-fated Alpine Valley road trip
    • DTE Music Theatre (née Pine Knob)
    • Greg “Fingers” Taylor
    • Club Trini
    • Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine
    • Why is rum called rum?
    • Buckeye Lake State Park
    • Verizon Wireless Music Center (née Deer Creek Music Center)

    Late breaking news: our podcast is now on iTunes!

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Should Schmoe refer to the podcast as WANC ?
Yeah, why not
God, no!

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  1. I don’t know what Alpine Valley you went to, but I’ve seen Jimmy twice and several other shows at Alpine and I’ve always had a great time…  The parking lot rules, and the view/sound inside is good (it’s not like being inside a real theatre, but it’s lawn seating, and the quality is fine, considering that…)


    Posted by just jon on 09/15  at  06:48 PM
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