Episode 0: The Prequel

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, May 3 (9-11 PM) at Big Al’s in Gibraltar MI
    “Wherein Schmoe, Mike, Scott, and Mickey decide what to call the podcast, what format to use, what artwork to use, and who has to pay for the pitchers.  ...Oh yeah, and some stuff about Buffett too.

    With golf scores tallied and league affairs out of the way, the team of Schmoe, Mike, Scott, and Mickey get down to the business of hashing out podcast details.  Mere moments after Dan leaves, a name is decided ... yet we still keep talking for another hour!  Our waitress Meredith’s socks have “JB” on them, but this really refers to “Joe Boxer”.
    Buffett has indeed pledged to back a Jamaican Iditaod team.  According to Margaritaville Jamaica: “On December 8, 2005, Jimmy Buffett, international recording artist and namesake of the popular Margaritaville chain, announced his intent to sponsor the Jamaican Dogsled Team at a press conference held at Margaritaville in Ocho Rios.”
    The appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning (with Kelly and guest co-host Sam Champion), was also just an interview.
    JB is indeed playing May 6 at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, on the Acura Stage between 5:25 and 6:55 PM.  This marks his final date of the Spring tour.  (And Hoot does have 12 tracks.)
    Mickey is a giant nerd who against his better judgment cannot stop referencing fantasy and science fiction movies in conversations with women.  The snazzy embroidered SFG baseball cap sold originally for $15.  (Mike’s cap was damaged at the Dearborn Homecoming during the fireworks display.)  TV references work better, but only within the group: “Great Scott!” comes from the “Valentine’s Day” episode of The Office (US) originally aired February 9 2006.  “Big Gay Al’s” comes from South Park, but you already knew that.  Schmoe mentions the “Mr Plow” Simpsons episode, Mickey makes a lame Lost numbers joke, Mike reportedly imitates some SNL character.  And in regards to Arrested Development, Fox sucks!
    Mickey’s minimal research fails him.  Buffett’s last Michigan appearance was actually June 24 2003 (although Mickey did get the November 12 2001 date right).  Buffettnews.com has a thread about the 2003 concert—which Mickey should have known about since he commented about it!  Jimmy’s next performance will be May 26 on the Today show, and the Party at the End of the World Tour resumes June 2. 
    Big Al’s is not west of Allen, but east.  We could excuse Mickey since he was facing south when he said this, but Big Al’s isn’t on Allen Rd anyway—it’s on Fort St.  And Mickey listed artwork and chapter markers as characteristics of enhanced AAC files, but never got around to mention the third: embedded hyperlinks.
    Here’s the Hoot page on IMDb.  And this is the documentary Buffett is producing.
    Schmoe and Mike’s musical suggestions: The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and KT Tunstall.  Foreigner 4 was released in 1981 (with Double Vision in 1978), Asia and Diver Down were released in 1982, Hang On for Your Life was 1981, Somewere Over China in 1981, and One Particular Harbour in 1983.

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