Episode 100: La Vie Don King

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, April 22 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Our big hundredth episode coincides with the start of Summerzcool.  We take a look at the first two nights of the new tour.  (Cameo appearances by Jennifer and Lee.  Special yawn effects by Jacob.)  (The Roger Clyne podcast starts at 29:33.)

    02:17 - it was decided, a few weeks ago, in a FSGL team meeting, that we would continue podcasting at Zodiac year-round since the pizza is better and it's more centrally located.
    04:26 - Buffett World's Twitter story
    05:34 - twitter.com/buffettworld | twitter.com/buffettnews | twitter.com/WAOTNC
    06:43 - Buffett News's Bob Dylan story.  The full interview can be downloaded in PDF from Bob Dylan's official site.
    07:38 - for the record, Greg's comment is really about Savannah Jane.  I confused Savannah Jane's Thursday interview with Kristin's Saturday interview during the news segment, but this mistaken attribution was edited out.
    08:31 - thepiratebay.org
    12:24 - a reference to how Greg is incapable of downloading any kind of audio file on his work laptop
    14:28 - the boys mock me because I had to redo this announcement.
    18:43 - that would be Episode 70
    20:41 - as you probably already know, it's the beach ball that's purple
    23:57 - a reference to the giant cluster that ends Episode 84
    26:25 - I wish now that I'd said "schooled" instead of "scolded"
    29:54 - in our area, Roger Clyne and Peacemakers are playing Chicago on Friday, May 15; Ann Arbor on Saturday, May 16; and Cleveland on Sunday, May 17.
    33:35 - see Clement Freud tell the joke himself, at Boing Boing.net.  (And I guess that should be Boing Boing "readers" rather than "listeners".)

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