Episode 106B: Concert Concerto

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, July 15 2009 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “We finally get around to highlighting the last three June concerts.

    Notes: Voice-over was recorded on a cheap USB headset in a very noisy room.  Hopefully audio levels aren’t too bad; but considering all those clips, it was tough to keep the levels consistent.  Music beds are usually from the song Jimmy is in the process of introducing.  Song clips are quite often edited to fit in all the good bits in as short a time as possible.
    According to my Midomi phone app, the version of “One Love” played on the PA is from Playing for Change [Amazon link].  Sally Taylor is the daughter of James Taylor, and I should’ve known that seeing as she has her own career as a singer/songwriter.  I mixed up the “A Lot to Drink About” lyric: “Haven’t got a clue” is Jimmy’s new ad lib in “We are the Parents”.  No wi-fi at Prime Time yet but we can still use our phones for research.  And we can never stop teasing Greg over his old medley/melody confusion.
    The little postscript is from the Bungie podcast [RSS link].

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