Episode 107: NPR Weakened Edition

Show Notes:
Recorded mainly Thursday, August 13, and Monday, August 17
    “An odds and ends episode, collecting the latest headlines, concert clips from the most recent leg of the tour, and our live, on-the-scene report from the Pine Knob parking lot.

    Holy crap!  A new episode!
    02:16 - Walter Cronkite memorial: Buffett News’s write-up | Buffett World’s write-up
    02:56 - Coastal Marina: Buffett News write-up | Buffett World write-up
    03:15 - Stephen Talkhouse: Buffett News write-up | Buffett World write-up
    03:35 - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Buffett News write-up | Buffett World write-up (and rehearsal photos)
    03:50 - at least as I experienced on Brit Rail
    05:46 - Mac’s album on Amazon | Mac’s album on iTunes
    06:01 - T-Pain’s fight song, with video
    09:19 - couldn’t resist including this reprise of Walter Cronkite’s cameo, originally from the 1999’s Beach House tour
    11:26 - this clip was heavily edited for time, just to include Utley’s cool tack piano
    26:39 - recorded August 5.  We hadn’t officially started, which explains the TV noise in the background.  The webpage to which Scott refers is Greg’s Facebook profile.  And the page to which Mike refers is the Nothing But Monkeys site we created.  (The viewer total at this writing is 546.)
    29:41 - no one made a move to start podcasting so I didn’t even take the gear out, using my cellphone for an off-the-cuff recording.  Here’s a cellphone photo from that night (August 12), to prove we did assemble with plans to podcast  
    31:20 - the big tailgate video, viewable at Vimeo, Viddler, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.
    31:39 - sorry about the distortion; I held the phone up too close, not expecting it to pick up the sound as well as it did
    33:08 - I know.  That doesn’t make any sense to me either
    39:55 - what a rip-off!  He’s padding the book with duplicate chapters!
    41:22 - as discussed in Episode 106B—only the last episode. Schmoe!
    48:36 - not a still camera, but my full-sized Canon HV20 HD video camera (which was used to shoot the video mentioned at 31:20)
    52:15 - sorry we ended on a puke story, but that’s the way it went

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