Episode 109: I Love the Then

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, August 26 2009 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Joe’s Prime Time, Brownstown MI
    “Highlights from the end of the fourth leg of the tour plus a look back at the 1987 Pine Knob concert, as season seven comes to a close.  (Special guests: Scott, Chuck, Jenna, and Danielle.)

    Warning: it’s a long one.
    00:11 - U2’s Joshua Tree concert at the Silverdome was Thursday, April 30 1987—their first stadium show
    00:19 - you can barely hear him say it, but the concert Chuck is talking about is Sammy Hagar at Cobo Hall.  He seems to have a Sammy Hagar fixation this show.
    00:22 - I never said, but for the record, my first concert was the Detroit Pops playing music from science fiction movies at Meadowbrook; and my first rock concert was Loverboy at Pine Knob in 1981
    01:17 - listen to the 1987 show we’ll be talking about
    02:23 - I still have my ticket stub, but what we’re reading off is the LADI34T 1987 setlist page
    05:46 - the video of which he speaks.  I’ll withhold comment about him likening Parrot Head tailgating to Sammy Hagar’s crowd
    07:27 - “Beautiful Swimmer”, as mentioned on Buffett News
    07:59 - GAC TV.com’s George Strait interview
    08:53 - New York Magazine‘s Blue Parrot write-up
    09:20 - that came out wrong.  What she said was that with her being from Texas, she’s very particular about guacamole.
    09:32 - Press of Atlantic City.com’s write-up
    10:50 - “[…] a compilation of live renditions of 13 tracks from his 1985 release, Songs You Know By Heart.”
    11:38 - AV Club’s article on B-52s
    12:06 - not to be confused with Something Awful.com
    13:00 - the July 17 post at Scott Kenemore’s Zombie Blog
    14:26 - Stub Hub’s Top 20 Rockin’ Cities
    17:03 - Cleveland was not in the top 20
    17:20 - I know: bugs have six legs, arachnids have eight.  It was an attempt at a joke.
    24:46 - the inevitable link to our waterlogged Episode 17
    33:28 - Greg forwarded his sister’s photos to us on Thursday, July 16 2009:

Hud, Schmoe, Mickey, and Larry are in there somewhere

Schmoe and Hud, at the gate

Schmoe & Greg in the pavilion, with Mr & Mrs Hud in the background

    43:34 - I took a stab at it, but the year was 1912.
    44:30 - and here’s Schmoe trying on his vintage 1987 concertwear.  I had my Cyber-shot for photos and Chuck took video with his cellphone:

Schmoe sucks in his gut

    45:41 - “Look confused”...

“Look confused”

Our hero

    48:41 - 2003’s Meet Me in Magaritaville I assume
    50:31 - the Raven Gallery in Southfield, now the site of Sweet Lorraine’s
    51:48 - Catherine Deneuve’s IMDb page
    53:08 - “La Kenta” is off the 1987 Club Trini CD Jubilee.  (Not, as I guessed at later, 1988’s Heat.)
    58:49 - we figure it out at 63:12
    61:01 - the ”>1987 setlist page has file sizes noted, for download purposes.  As far as times go: it’s 5:14 for the intro and 3:18 for the song
    61:22 - once again, my concert notes can be read at the bottom of the 1987 setlist page
    63:12 - what we should’ve been talking about at 58:49
    67:23 - at Jones Beach, Wantaugh NY

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