Episode 114: Ukes on Thursday

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, November 18 2009 (11:00 PM - 12:30AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “The latest news, a new concert round-up for the first of the November shows, and a review of Jake Shimabukuro’s recent concert in Ann Arbor.  (Cameo appearances by Joe Maj, Lee, and Jennifer.)

    (Not to be confused with Episode 20.)
    00:09 - the blog to which Schmoe and Mike refer is our sister site, Tales from the North Coast
    00:42 - the clips from the Bruce Springsteen concert (Friday, November 13) come from here and here
    01:44 - the U2 clip is from my own recording, made Wednesday, May 30 2001
    04:11 - a How I Met Your Mother reference
    04:53 - in Episode 59
    05:44 - link to Goodbye Hello at Little Flock Music
    06:55 - Baz’s Bar: Buffett World’s write-up | Buffett News’s write-up (with links to the videos)
    07:01 - Le Select: Buffett World’s write-up | Buffett News’s write-up
    07:10 - Buffett News’s link to the video
    07:39 - Mac McAnally website | CMA Awards website
    08:01 - curiously the Radio Margaritaville page at Sirius.com showed five concerts for November while the front page at Radio Margaritaville.com showed only four.  (The latter was correct.)
    Here’s the Link for The Zac Brown Band; and here’s Buffett News’s write-up.
    08:38 - Land Shark Stadium performance: Buffett World’s write-up
    09:08 - I got the song title right in Episode 112, but Buffett World tricked me into saying it wrong now—grrr!
    09:30 - once again, the link to Boo-fay Hotel on Amazon.  And the link to the poll on our WAOTNC fan page at Facebook
    10:49 - I don’t know when Mike first heard Jimmy talk about Buffet Hotel, but the clip from Late Night is in Episode 107
    11:14 - Margaritaville Rum: Buffett World’s write-up | Buffett News’s write-up (and, yes, my saying “boo-fay” here was pure simple-minded gaffe)
    12:28 - evidently there was some fine-turning to Radio Margaritaville’s Thanksgiving schedule.  The Paris show was scheduled for 7:15 at “press time” but since got moved to 8:40 PM.  If you missed the concert due to this mix-up, you can catch it Saturday (11/28) at 6 PM and Sunday (11/29) at 10 PM (EST).
    17:32 - presumably the “top secret gig” is Jake’s performance with Bette Midler, before Queen Elizabeth, for the Royal Variety Performance 2009, on Monday, December 7, in Blackpool.
    20:26 - after all the Springsteen talk I couldn’t help underscoring how Jimmy got the day wrong throughout the concert.  It was a Tuesday.
    22:28 - a lyric update for “A Lot to Drink About”
    23:08 - Jimmy might have mentioned this before, but it seemed a “Get it On Paper” reference out of nowhere was worth keeping.  I also liked Jimmy’s off-hand “argh” during “Pirate”.
    26:30 - we only decided that morning to go, not that we decided to go in the morning
    27:09 - Grizzly Peak Brewing Company, in Ann Arbor
    27:59 - The Ark, in Ann Arbor
    38:16 - I couldn’t find it while searching “Jake Shimabukuro”, but I found it while searching for “Annon”.  Here’s the link to “Annon” on iTunes.  And the link to “Annon” in the Amazon MP3 Downloads store.
    38:16 - the setlist for Jake’s November 12 concert in Ann Arbor:

Blue Roses Falling
Me & Shirley T
Let’s Dance
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Sakura Sakura
Five Dollars Unleaded
In My Life
Norwegian Wood
Orange World
Bohemian Rhapsody
Ave Maria (Schubert)

    40:53 - Here’s a great video of Jake playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” (third video down), on The Adventure Life.org.
    43:08 - buy Jake Shimabukuro’s live album and other of his CDs at his online store
    44:05 - the interference is back, in the right channel, and it was caused by Jennifer’s phone
    44:59 - Shirley Temple: on Wikipedia and at her official site.  But I mean, come on, there are enough cable channels showing old movies that I can’t believe there’s still a need to explain who Shirley Temple or Henry Fonda or Jimmy Stewart are.  ...Kids these days.
    51:40 - Schmoe’s Cantina.com; no merch there, but the domain is ours

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