Episode 117: Aughts to Tweens

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, December 30 2009 (10:00 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “More news, another concert medley, and if you can figure out our rules for the next contest, you deserve a prize right there. (Special guests: Hud, Jennifer, Brian, Nathan, and Jocelyn.)

    I’ve listened to our discussion of the next contest four or five times and still can’t figure out what the rules are.  This however is what Scott had to say, when I begged him for some clarification.  “Here is what I came away with….  Our listeners pick their top 5 songs of the decade….. we each pick 10…. which we will narrow to 5…........  The listener who matches our 5 will then receive the glass…....  In case of a tie we draw out of a hat.”
    Got it?
    Send your top five Jimmy Buffett songs of the decade to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    And now the show notes: 
    00:46 - Scott was so hungry for popcorn tonight he gave Mike’s son money to go to the nearby party store for microwaveable popcorn and then had Dino heat it up for him.
    00:57 - Schmoe is discussing Zodiac’s New Year’s party.  You should’ve gone.
    01:51 - Guy Lombardo, in Wikipedia
    02:31 - Mike was quick to pick up his cue as this was our second take
    03:09 - that’s what they call foreshadowing
    07:53 - Billboard‘s End of Decade list
    09:50 - Buffett World’s story on PBI aviation departure procedures
    10:51 - Schou’s “Margaritaville Outdoor” page
    11:53 - Pollstar’s Top Acts of the Decade
    13:15 - WLUC’s story on the Island Grill.  The Detroit Free Press‘s article on the Island Grill.
    15:28 - Waking Ned Devine on IMDb
    15:40 - Key West on IMDb.  (You can’t Key West star Fisher Stevens hasn’t done much lately.  On March 7 2010 he won an Academy Award for producing the documentary The Cove.)
    23:39 - and it will look like this
    25:00 - NPR’s Most E-Mailed Stories podcast
    45:24 - as you might surmise, all this was recorded before we formally began the podcast

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