Episode 119: Event Horizon

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, January 27 2010 (9:30 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Another fourcast, of the top JB events of the decade; plus a vacation report, some rants, and a roundup of the latest headlines. Special guests Patti and Hud. (Cameos by Jennifer and Lee.)

    Before we start, here are some hijinks recorded with my laptop, pre-podcast.

    The silliness continued as we started brainstorming other business ventures in which Jimmy could invest.  After restaurants and casinos, branching out into strip clubs seemed inevitable; and here are some of the names we came up with for such a Buffett-themed establishment:

A Pirate Looks at Forties
Bigger Than the Both of Us
Smart Woman in No Skirt
I Used to Have Money One Time
Cowboy in the Jungle
Whore Number Three
Lap Service
Defying Gravity

    With all that tomfoolery out of the way, here are the show notes:
    00:09 - wow, that didn’t take long.  Schmoe set off the double-entendre alarm already.
    00:45 - between our cold open and this part, Scott had left the room and is now returning.  He’s presumably talking to Jennifer, who was out in the main lounge.
    03:16 - “Martin Introduces XL Buffett Guitar”, from Buffett News
    04:43 - Hud is quoting from Role Models, the fact he also happened to be staring at bikini babes notwithstanding
    04:49 - jeez, the alarm is getting a workout
    05:11 - “Jimmy Asks for Your Help”, from Buffett News
    05:50 - UNICEF.org | WFP.org
    05:55 - Hope for Haiti Now, in iTunes
    06:42 - “Buffett to Attend Super Bowl Brunch”, from Buffett News
    06:53 - Buffett in Bora Bora: first show mention in Buffett News; second show, with setlist.
    07:35 - LandShark Stadium re-re-renamed, from Buffett News
    08:31 - “Margaritaville to Open in Niagara Falls This Spring”, from Buffett World
    09:10 - Buffett to Attend NFC Championship Game: Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention
    09:27 - Walking to New Orleans official site. Buffett News mention | Buffett World mention.
    10:22 - somebody’s photo of that shrimp-riding guy
    10:41 - “Bad Sign for Margaritaville Casino in Biloxi”, from Buffett World
    10:56 - “As long as the cranes were up I was staying optimistic, cause I knew it was costing them money to rent them. Now we have to wait and see” DOM Coon wrote us, January 21.  “That’s the gospel from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Fins Up!!”  He also passed along a link to the story at WLOX, The Station for South Mississippi.
    11:45 - Pitchfork,com’s “Twenty Great ‘Simpsons’ Music Moments
    12:12 - “Shary Bobbins”, but you already knew that, didn’t you (from the 8th season episode “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala[Annoyed Grunt]cious”)
    12:23 - “Bart to the Future”, Episode 17, Season 11.  Aired March 19 2000.
    14:00 - “Ticketmaster, Live Nation merger wins approval, despite opposition from lawmakers, fans”, from NJ.com
    17:01 - Buffett Info.com wants you to adopt a manatee for Valentine’s Day.
    19:07 - Save the Manatee Club.
    19:24 - “stuffed” as in plush.  I don’t want to be accused of the same animal abuse as was Schmoe.
    19:27 - well, you kind of do get a photo.  Here’s our manatee, Chessie.
    21:28 - the iPad was unveiled the very morning of this recording
    21:44 - Margaritaville Cafe Myrtle Beach | Margaritaville Cafe Las Vegas
    22:36 - a reference to a story Hud told before we started recording
    24:29 - a reference to our previous episode
    26:17 - I confess, there was such a big gap between this last segment and the next, the only way to disguise it was to cover it up with this little Tiki Bar TV promo
    26:48 - Listener Josh wrote us on January 17
    28:16 - I’m being overly generous.  Hud’s right.
    28:48 - yep, Listener Josh e-mailed us about the Pitcher Perfect EP back on May 21 2007
    30:01 - see 26:17, except now with a link to the Detroit Podcasters Network
    30:52 - the Buffett News timeline came in very handy in finishing our homework assignment
    31:24 - I said “numerically”, I meant “chronologically”
    37:54 - if “Every time Mike says ‘shellback’” and “Every time Mike says his guitar number” aren’t in the rules of the WAOTNC Drinking Game, they darn well should be!
    45:06 - The Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock from January 16 could have been included in our previous episode, but missed it by mere minutes.  Compare the comments to how Shaffer described the same incident last year, as heard in Episode 60.

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