Episode 120: Ten Years After

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, February 10 2010 (10:30 PM - 12:00 AM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Latest headlines, some Super Bowl talk, the wrap-up concert roundup for Paris, and our top 10 songs of the decade.

    Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Once again the show is a little late this week, but I got caught up watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies last night.
    02:56 - Margaritaville chicken wings, announced at Buffett News
    03:05 - you can catch Mike and Scott sampling the chicken wings in our 2009 tailgate video.  Sadly, I was too busy videotaping to have any.
    04:35 - “Interview with Jimmy after Saints become NFC champs”, at Buffett News
    04:41 - Mike thinks the name Cox is worthy of invoking the double-entendre horn, but, no, that’s just childish
    04:55 - “Photos & Set List from NFL Owners Private Party”, at Buffett News
    05:49 - I was thinking of the scandal at Tyco and the two million dollar party CEO Dennis Kozlowski threw for his 40th birthday.  MSNBC’s news story includes video.
    07:35 - Buffett watching the Super Bowl, according to GAC,com
    08:58 - Chesney playing show after Super Bowl, according to CJDC Country
    11:16 - tech writer John Gruber was particularly critical of medleys here and here
    12:25 - Tuesday, October 21 2008, in fact
    16:08 - Kiss’s “Calling Dr Love” Super Bowl ad
    16:07 - Mini Kiss, at minikiss.com.
    18:15 - “Jimmy Buffett Fights To Protect Boozy Slogan”, via Buffett Info
    19:02 - WSJ provides the lawsuit in PDF form
    20:32 - “Legislator tries to switch Alabama’s state song to Jimmy Buffett tune”, from WHNT.com
    21:29 - Chicago show announcement at Buffett World and at Buffett News
    21:49 - I have to pick on Schmoe here, since he sent me an image of the ad yet apparently did not look at it in the process.
    22:42 - ringmaster
    24:11 - “Jimmy Talks about the Saints” on Radio Margaritaville, from Margaritaville.com
    24:42 - there is more news story we could mention.  It’s difficult to give serious matters their due when you’ve had a few drinks, so it’s probably best to mention this offline: here’s a follow-up on the story we first brought up in Episode 93: “Defendant takes stand in Steamboat Springs ‘Margaritaville’ fatal assault case”
    25:24 - Listener Ed provided the following links in his News Items list: Winning Vocal Event of the Year for 5 O’clock Somewhere (2003) | Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame October 2006) | Margaritaville in Glendale (April 2008) |Landshark Stadium (2008) | Jamming at Bon Jovi’s house (Labor Day Weekend 2009)
    37:00 - Live in Auburn
    39:04 - I was actually thinking of Roger Guth singing “Blue Guitar” on his album Scotch, which I’m tempted to say preceded Peter Mayer’s version on Romeo’s Garage (which, in turn, preceded Buffett’s version)
    49:11 - audio of Elizabeth Banks and Alec Baldwin from the “Anna Howard Shaw Day” episode of 30 Rock, which aired the night after our podcast session

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